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laboration between the many disci- plines of research that are connected with charge transfer or ionic mass transport. Chemistry, engineering, and materials science all play major roles in even the most fundamental research going on today. A primary strategy to meet the CEC’s mission is to foster and support these connections among researchers in all aspects of electro- chemistry.

The CEC maintains a unique user elec- trochemical research instrumentation facility, allowing researchers from UT Austin and visitors access to instru- mentation and expert help in electro- chemical studies. In a single location, the facility makes available electro-

chemical instruments such as poten- tiostats, scanning electrochemical mi- croscopes, and impedance analyzers as well as spectroscopic techniques for studying intermediates on electrode surfaces and device test equipment. The CEC facility complements exten- sive nearby facilities available at UT- Austin’s Center for Nano & Molecular Science & Technology (CNM) and the Texas Materials Institute (TMI).

The CEC facility is primarily used by CEC research groups, and is also available as a user facility for other Texas universities and colleges. A full-time facility manager maintains the facility and assists visitors. Each CEC faculty member brings their own specialized expertise and re-

search interests to collaborative re- search programs in these fields.

The CEC seeks graduate students to take part in the many research proj- ects that are currently underway. There is much to be done on interest- ing problems that will make important advances in energy, health, chemical sensing and analysis, engineering and materials science. Working at the CEC prepares students for exciting careers in research and development.

d, Chris Bielawski, Alan Campion, Alan Cowley, Richard M. Crooks, Graeme Henkelman, Brad Holliday,

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