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CEC: The Heartbeat of Electroche

Electrochemistry has itself undergone a renaissance as a tool in the analysis of chemical and biological systems. Re- cent developments in ultramicroelec- trodes and scanning electrochemical microscopy, developed at UT Austin, have allowed new insights in chemistry with unprecedented temporal and spa- tial resolution and are just beginning to have an impact in studies of processes in living cells.

New methods for nanoparticle synthe- sis and new materials for electrodes are revolutionizing the field of electro- catalysis. Electrochemistry is key to sustainable energy technologies, such as fuel cells, solar energy, high energy density batteries and supercapacitors.

In the field of health care, the most widely used home diagnostic systems are electrochemical. Similarly, in clini- cal analysis, electrogenerated chemi- luminescence, largely developed at UT Austin, is now used worldwide. Elec- trochemical science is the foundation for new chemical sensors needed for homeland security.

Industry alone cannot deliver solutions to these technologies without academ- ic research and development to pro- duce the fundamental breakthroughs required to advance the field.

The Center for Electrochemistry (CEC) was established in 2006 to capital- ize on a half century of excellence in

electrochemistry at UT Austin to foster collaborative research programs in the electrochemical sciences. The mission of the CEC is to advance research and solve problems, fundamental or ap- plied, related to transfer of electrons or ions at interfaces. The CEC offers a strong coupling between fundamental electrochemistry and materials sci- ence, fields that are the foundation for widespread applications in diverse fields such as energy and health. It is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of more than 250 faculty, staff, and stu- dent researchers spanning the chemis- try, materials, and engineering aspects of electrochemical science.

The CEC was founded in a spirit of col-

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty Members of CEC (left to right): Director Allen J. Bard Richard Jones, C. Buddie Mullins, Keith J. Stevenson, Xiaoyang Zhu

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