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Professor Stephen F. Martin and Fay Evans-Martin Pledge Presidential Graduate Fellowship

“The University of Texas has been good to me, and to Fay by as- sociation. If you can give back you should; it helps the department develop into a place that’s even better, and that’s really key. “ — Steve Martin

Giving to the university, and especially the department, is a win-win opportunity. Steve Martin and Fay Evans-Martin, BBA ’73, donated a piece of rental real estate to the univer- sity last December. The proceeds from the sale of the con- dominium will go toward a $100,000 Presidential Graduate Fellowship for a student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, with a preference for an outstanding incoming student who is studying in the broad area of organic chem- istry and its associated fields, though the fellowship is not restricted. The Martins intend to add further to the endow- ment, transforming it into a professorship in five years. Said Martin, “It would be nice to know the holder, so we want to make this happen in the near future.”

Evans-Martin, a Certified Public Accountant, explains the mutual advantage of donating their property to the univer- sity. “This was my condo that I purchased when I moved to Austin, and we rented it for a number of years after we were married. Donating this depreciated asset was not only good for us from a tax perspective, but it was also good for the department and the university.”

David Flaxbart is a familiar face at the Mallet Library be- cause he’s been helping students and faculty alike with their research needs as a librarian since 1992. Before com- ing to Austin, David graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in history and French. He then went on to get an MA at the University of Michigan. After finishing his MA he turned his attention to the library sciences and got his MLS at the University of Arizona where he also developed a lifelong passion for the desert and mountains. His first science-specific library job came in 1989 at the University of Arizona’s Science and Engineering Library where he says he “cut his science teeth.” His shift to a chemistry focus came in 1990 when he joined the University of Michigan as a Resident Librarian in their engineering and chemistry li- braries.

David says he thinks of the library as an “information shop.” “Librarianship today is all about saving the time of the researcher, and taking care of things in the ‘back room’ so that they don’t have to know or worry about the nuts and bolts. The library has to be there for them when they need it, and usually they don’t know they need it un- til they need it really badly and really fast,” David told me. “A good librarian is a good listener who is naturally curi- ous about almost anything, and willing to spend time delving into narrow questions.”


—Jeff Daily

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