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I began my post-baccalaureate stud- ies at the University of Texas at Austin in August of 1999 in the laboratories of Professor Stephen F. Martin, resulting in the receipt of my PhD in December of 2004. After leaving Texas, I attended Stanford University to continue my work as a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow in the laboratories of Barry M. Trost. In the fall of 2007, I began my independent academic ca- reer as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Bio- chemistry at the University of Notre Dame. It is easy to identify the time I spent in Texas as the most formative in my development as a scientist. As I look back on my years as an un- dergraduate, graduate student, and postdoctoral researcher, I had the op- portunity to work with and learn from a number of outstanding chemists. As I continue to build my own research program here at Notre Dame, I realize that under the direction of Professor Martin at UT-Austin, I not only learned how to be a scientist, but also how to effectively instill a passion for chemis- try as an advisor to my own students.

Brandon L. Ashfeld Assistant Professor University of Notre Dame Stephen F. Martin Group

Since graduating from UT in 2007, I have moved to Washington and am working with R&D company and chemical supplier Moses Lake In- dustries, Inc. Here I research novel organometallic precursors and pro- cesses that provide thin metallic films for applications in semiconductor and microelectronic and photovoltaic de- vices. I enjoyed my time in the gradu- ate program at UT, notably in the labs of Professor Richard A. Jones, and re- ceived great experience preparing me for an industrial research position. Al- though I miss the nice, warm weather in Austin, I look forward to moving ahead with my program. Many thanks to Prof. Jones and the rest of the inor- ganic division!

Kyriacos Agapiou Richard Jones Group


I obtained my PhD under the supervi- sion of Allen J. Bard in May 2004. As a graduate student in physical chemistry in Austin, my work with Dr. Bard fo- cussed on the detection of cell metabo- lites from yeast and hepatocytes using scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM). Following a post-doctoral fel- lowship in J.-M. Savéant’s laboratory in France, I was awarded a National Sci- ence and Engineering Research Coun- cil of Canada University Faculty Award that I took up at the University of Que- bec in Montreal in 2005. Now tenured, my group’s work is focussing on instru- ment development of new biological SECM, production of shear-force na- noelectrodes and their use to quantify multidrug resistance in cancer cells.

Janine Mauzeroll Associate Professor Département de Chimie Université du Québec à Montréal Allen J. Bard Group

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