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tics: Still the Future

The Research of Xiaoyang Zhu

What’s nice about solar energy is that when you make a solid material a different size you can tune the absorp- tion of different colors of light. Perhaps a more exciting prospect of studying nanomaterials in photovoltaics is the possibility of discovering new physical mechanisms for much more efficient solar-to-electric conversion.”

Zhu’s group is exploring fundamental mechanisms in photovoltaics based on polymers, organic molecules, and nanomaterials. Once the ba- sic science is understood, one can start to design materials to achieve solar-to-electric power conversion efficiency of 10% or higher.

In 2001, Zhu founded MicroSurfac- es, Inc. with his wife Athena Guo, who earned her PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry from UT Austin in 1992, (Advisor, Lawrence D. Ziegler). At printing a new application of plastic transistor research will have been released to the public: a plas- tic transistor-based paper that will enable the user to download con- tent and read it from the plastic pa- per as if it were a newspaper, then fold it up for storage and future use.

The future is still plastics.

Xiaoyang Zhu Louis Nicolas Vauquelin Re- gents Professor in Chemistry Director, Center for Materials Chem- istry

B.S. in Chemistry, Fudan University, 7/1984 PhD in Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, 12/1989 (Advisor: J. Mike White) Research Associate, University of Texas at Austin, 1990-1992 (Advisor: J. Mike White) Postdoc, Fritz-Haber-Institute, 1992- 1993 (Advisor: Gerhard Ertl, 2007 No- bel Laureate)

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