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Countertops • Granite, Corian & Formica

We Have A Big Selection Of Cabinetry and Countertops For The Kitchen, Bath, Office, Study, Laundry Room & Garage

Our Design Team Can Work With The Builder To Create Your Dream Kitchen – New Home or Remodeler.

We Offer Installation!

995 Kentuck Road, Danville, VA 24540

You Can Have Both; Best Quality, Best Price!


Just can’t handle doing the laundry anymore? Call us for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

Riverside Shopping Centre

Beside Subway


Wash • Dry

Fold • Alterations Smoke & Water Damaged Clothes

WANTED Lawn tractor, working or not, 10yr old son wants to take apart and put back together to learn. 434-836-1829


Cubic Feet or Ice Cream Dipping Case 336- 939-9219

HOME, HOUSE, RENTAL Want to rent

3BR house, in county that allows small dogs $500/mo Max call 434-334-8506 or

WANTED: dehumidifier, 25-75 pints, newer unit preferred, must be reasonable & run very well, serious inquiries only 803-542- 1783

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• “To get the kids involved in unpacking after a recent move, we used this fun bribe: After each box was emptied, the kids would be able to add it to a collection in the back- yard. When they realized the fun they could have with these gigantic build- ing blocks, they were VERY helpful.” — O.A. in Washington • “To keep my stored linens smelling fresh, I tuck a fabric-softener sheet between folded blankets, sheets, etc., in the closet.”— R.A., via e-mail • When frosting a cake, line the out-

side edges with strips of wax paper. Lay the cake on top and frost. When you are finished, gently pull the wax paper strips out, and pipe around the bottom edge for a clean, beautiful pre- sentation. • Keep old, clean pantyhose around.

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They have a million uses. Here’s one that recently came up for me: Strain old, potentially clumpy paint through a leg of pantyhose. No clumps on the wall, and a nice finish to your paint. • “Our family goes to the beach

often during the summer. We pur- chased a lightweight wheeled cart that is appropriate for groceries. We attached a piece of thick plastic sheet- ing near the wheels with zip ties. It flips up and is secured with Velcro near the handle. When we are walking down the street, we use the wheels. When we get to the sand, we flip the plastic down under the wheels, and it makes the bottom into a slide of sorts, which can be dragged easily across the sand.”— B.J. in Florida • Ever popped off the pull tab from a zipper? In a pinch, use a paperclip. Thread it through the hole and pull.

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KITCHEN TABLE I’m looking 4 a kitchen table, coffee table and 2 end tables for my appt. 434-688-2253

QUEEN BED FRAME want to buy wooden queen size with head board and foot board reasonable price 434-942-8578


tween $50-$100, 434-713-2435


washers, dryers, refrigerators, lawn mow- ers. Give best prices. Any kind of metal. Willing to clean out storage units or attics, 434-713-2435

FARMALL SUPER A wanted for a parts tractor, any condition will be considered. 434-251-2505


hair dryer 434-548-0324


reasonable price. Call 434-228-3023

WANT TO BUY real cheap car that runs, 434-728-4376

WANTED (4) P215/70 14, white letter pas- senger car tires, at least half tread, need 4 good tires, 434-728-2897

WANT TO BUY treated posts &/or tele- phone posts, 434-429-7746

LOOKING FOR 21cu ft chest or upright freezer, must be in good condition, 434- 792-6773


Silhoutte Van. 434-724-2728

WANT TO BUY rolls of wire fencing for chicken & chick netting, do not want chain link, 434-429-7746

WANT TO BUY range & refrigerator in good condition, reasonable price, 336-388-2636

WOULD LIKE SOMEONE with tractor to

plow for me on Holland Rd, 434-429-7746

LOOKING FOR VA & NC vehicle & motor- cycle license plates issued before 1970; also Danvillle city tags, 434-685-3704


ate need of extremely cheap mower! Please call 336-398-6738

NEED VEHICLE! Very limited income! Thank you & God Bless! 336-398-6738

WANTED lawn mower engine, 19-20hp, prefer Briggs & Stratton, 434-250-4515

WANT TO BUY 2 tires 245/70 R16, 434- 250-9771

LOOKING FOR queen size bed frame only, 434-250-9771

WANT TO BUY - 2007-2010 Yamaha Griz-

zly 700 4x4. 434-251-2028

WANTED: 2cyl Onan motor, at reasonable price, 336-388-5723

WANT TO BUY transmission & long bed for 1995 Dodge 2500 pickup, 336-388-5723

WANT TO BUY used farm equipment at reasonable prices, 434-489-1062

WANT TO BUY riding lawn mower & push mowers, running or not, 434-685-1433

LOOKING FOR pier fishing pole, size 12ft, 14ft, 16ft long, call after 5pm 434-822-0179

LOOKING FOR small fishing cart, call after 5pm 434-822-0179

NEED SOMEONE carpenter help on small jobs, for reasonable pay, call after 10am 434-793-0107

WANTED good used hay conditioner, needs to be 7ft or 9ft, good condiiton, reasonable price, 434-724-2079

PAINT “cash for cans” oil based exterior (or alkyd), partial or full gallon cans, any age, any color, 434-489-2073.

WANT TO BUY 2007-2010 Yamaha Grizzly

700 4x4. 434-251-2028


flowers, hedges, small bushes, etc. Will dig up or transplant for free. 434-822-0760

DISHWASHER extremely cheap! Please leave message if no answer - 336-398- 6738

OLD BARN/BUILDINGS Wanted old barns to tear down and remove. For more infor- mation call 434-222-7527 or 434-251-1306

LOOKING FOR Waverly magnolia pat- tern curtains and or valances, once sold at Lowe’s. 432-2014 or 770-2902

WOULD LIKE TO BUY USED stock pontiac

400 or 455 engine for parts 434-797-4407


and carry off, for $60. Call after 12pm 434- 685-7231

WANTED: Mossberg Maverick 12 gauge pump shotgun, preferably police shotgun model, must be reasonable price, no hot guns, valid photo id required on purchase, & receipts, serious inquiries only 434-549- 2272

WANT TO BUY nebulizer with battery back- up, 434-791-4326

NEED SOMEONE to replace sideboards around my gutters, they have rotted out, 434-793-5732


Jill Cataldo saves hundreds on groceries by making the most of the common coupon. You can, too. Here’s how.

Reader Mail: Bright Ideas for Stockpile Storage

By Jill Cataldo CTW Features40

This week, I’ll answer two e-mails from readers with stockpiling is- sues.

Q: “I enjoy your weekly column and am fascinated by all the deals you manage to put together. Do you have any advice for the single people who don’t cook for large families or who don’t have the ca- pacity to store multiples of products as the current coupons require? Any thoughts on couponing and the single lifestyle?”

Q: “I live in Southern California and the summers are very hot. I can’t store canned goods in the garage because the heat causes the cans to bulge. A basement would be nice, but out here we just don’t have them. Do you have any ideas for us out here in hot country?”

Sure! Stockpiling groceries at home is a fantastic way to “beat” the price cycles at the grocery store, which typically run on 12-week cycles. When you know that an item you would like to buy will not be at its lowest price again for almost three months, buying enough to last your household three months ensures that you won’t have to run to the store and pay a higher price. You’ll “shop from home” by using items from your stockpile, and the next time a sale comes around again, you can stock up once more.

But what do you do if you’re space-challenged? Believe it or not, stockpiling can be easier if you’re a single person. While living in a smaller residence may limit your storage space, the upside is that stor- ing three months’ worth of cereal for one person is going to take up a lot less room than three months’ worth of cereal for an entire family would. And, when household cleaners go on sale, you could easily get buy with buying one or two instead of four or five – again, you’re going to base your stockpile on your usage needs.

Now, where do we put all of this stuff? My cousin started Super- Couponing last year. He is single and lives in a one-bedroom condominium where space is at a premium. I’ve watched with great interest as he has come up with some of the most creative places to store his stockpiled items! He’s utilized under-bed boxes and drawers for everything from cereal to canned goods. Another often-overlooked place that he’s embraced is the space above his kitchen cabinets. If you have open soffits, there is a lot of space up there that just sits un- used. As a single guy, he doesn’t mind the visuals of having jars and bottles stored on top of his cabinets. If this bothers you, you could always camouflage them. Someone in a recent coupon class told me that they keep silk plants on top of their cabinets for aesthetics and for a very practical reason. Behind the plants are cans of soup and jars of peanut butter!

Furniture can be a great place to “hide” stockpile items. Many people have re-appropriated old armoires, china cabinets or buffets to store stockpile items inside. Kept in the dining room, they’re still close to the kitchen and can give you some overflow space to store more items.

Don’t feel like your stockpile items have to be limited to the kitchen area. During one good sale, a friend of mine filled her son’s bedroom closet shelves with boxes of cereal. I know one couple that decided to keep their sheets and towels in their master closet to free up the linen closet for use as a pantry. Clear plastic storage totes are good places to store stockpile items, too. They stack well and can sit on the floor of a closet.

Even in a warm climate, you can store non-food items in the garage. Paper products such as paper towels, plates, toilet paper, facial tissue and napkins all store well on garage shelves. The key to stockpiling in any situation is to stop stockpiling when your allotted space fills up. Sales do come around again and again. It can be easy to get lured in by a great sale and take home much more than you need or use. If this happens, remember your local food pantry! Pantries will take food items, personal care and cleaning products. This is a good way to prune down your stockpile too if you find it’s starting to get too large.

© CTW Features

Jill Cataldo, a coupon-workshop instructor, writer and mother of three, never passes up a good deal. Learn more about couponing at her Web site, E-mail your couponing coups and questions to


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