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4 - May 21, 2010

Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

Some Clearing Up

With regard to the issues discussed by W. Klessens, Mike Glander, and myself, some clarification is needed and facts cleared up. Sarah Palin exposed her own shortcomings in the various interviews that revealed her to be devoid of common, every-day knowledge—so important to anyone who was striving for the second highest office of the land. Ultimately, perhaps Mr. Klessens could have more artfully described her as “uninformed.” His adjectives, however, were not far from reality, as Ms. Palin has demonstrated many times since, the most egregious being that she had foreign policy experience because Alaska is between Russia and Canada. Regarding references as to who brought about

civil rights, much needs to be cleared up. Let me start with this very apt quote: “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all lessons that history has to teach.” Space is limited, so I will try to be concise. First, the South once was mostly Democratic because it believed in “States Rights” and the lifestyle enjoyed by owning slaves—in short, its zeitgeist. The North believed in a strong central government. Then came the Civil War, followed by the Reconstruction Era that saw serious exploitation of the South by Northern Scalawags and Carpetbaggers. The South remained strongly Democrat until Barry Goldwater, a popular Republican, opposed the Civil Rights Acts, and the South gradually began to find more comfort in the Republican Party. When LBJ was successful in getting Civil Rights passed, he uttered the now-famous words (paraphrased) that the South would be lost to Republicans for decades to come, proof that Republicans opposed Equal Rights, and proof that Southerners were ideologically within the Republican party for its general opposition to Civil Rights.

A bit more proof of which party has done more for minorities is evident in the support of Affirmative Action by Dems and consistent



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opposition from Republicans. And what can one think when Republican Senators talk about activist judges who usually rule in favor of Equal Rights? Republican senators don’t want liberal judges bringing more equality to the races. The hearings for Judge Sotomayor certainly reeked of concern for her liberal views towards races. Strange are the ways of politics: the once-solid Democrat South is now as red as can be, and the motives are apparent to all who can see through human machinations designed to benefit and protect the ethos that has dominated the South for centuries—albeit a bit less dominant today, but nevertheless apparent when states insist on flying the Confederate flag.

Dante Ippolito - Norwell, MA

Relay for Life Thank-Yous

I want to take time to give a special thank-you to all the members of the Already There Band that performed at the Relay for Life/Salem Survivors and Caregivers Concert on Sunday, May 16. The music was lively and very much appreciated. The band was extremely helpful with setting up both for themselves and for the Relay Committee. They also gave a generous donation to the RFL/Salem June 19 and 20 event. I also want to give a special thank-you to the Town of Salem Recreation Department and the owners of the Field of Dreams for allowing us the use of the facilities for our event. A final thank-you goes to the Town of Salem Police Department for helping out with crossing Geremonty Road—both before and as the concert ended. Thank you all for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Susan M. Abbott, 2010 Chairperson, Relay for Life/Salem - Salem

Correction to Salem Senior Safe Night Announcement



In my Letter to the Editor in last week’s edition of the Patriot, I provided an incorrect e-mail address for Patti Frydryck. Her correct address is

Frank Stewart - Salem

Obama Laws

President Obama, after

ramming unwanted Obama healthcare down the throats of the American people who, even now by a margin of 69 percent, still think it was a desperate, foolhardy move. This move has become clear to help secure a foundation as socialist society in America. He was told last week by the Congressional budget committee that the bill the Democrats passed will be underfunded by over $100 billion, bringing the total over

a trillion dollars or more. One must ask if that same, unread, 2,200-page bill put through by our local officials and this socialist President would have passed if the Americans realized these even larger costs (the big lie). Remember that 90 percent of the people directly around the President have never held a job in the private sector—just government appointments. These jobs do not require accountability to expenses— they just spend your tax money! The increased future taxes and the rationing of benefits, especially on older persons, appear to be a disaster in the making. When they really find out where the brunt of the costs will hit, those on fixed income will have nowhere to turn, except to go deeper into debt and beholden to the socialist government handouts. Obamacare is a fraud and sells out to the health insurance companies as they pick up more customers. In the future (the worm will turn), the federal government will nationalize all private health companies under the guise of better financials for the people by the government! A socialism or communism foundation!

Obama does not enforce the immigration

laws because it means democratic votes. This president is all about politically expedient situations to move forward a welfare-dependent state and helping liberal, Democratic politics, not protecting American citizens in this country. (Perfect example in Arizona.) He does not enforce the Constitutional law as the state is trying to protect its citizens against illegal aliens crossing the borders from Mexico—now over 400,000! Make no mistake—we are not talking about legal, hard-working immigrants (we all welcome to America) that want the American dream, and pay their dues with time spent and through a legal process outlined by the federal government established over 100 years ago. These other crimes that illegals commit will cost

every American (even liberal Democrats). Tax burdens, diminished health care professionals, increased costs in insurance, and long lines with less care. Because they cross the border illegally in violations of federal law, they will continue the crime, taking jobs from Americans; bringing in drugs; driving on highways, killing innocent American people (one in every 60 accidents are

with an illegal alien); getting free housing; and getting free welfare, college schooling, and drivers licenses—many returning war veterans do not receive these benefits. Illegals then are sending back many millions of American dollars times 18 million aliens to their former countries weekly. The promise by American liberal progressives to illegals (you take care of us, and we will protect you by not enforcing the immigration laws). Every politician should be thrown out of office at election time for protecting and coddling illegals. Tell these low-life politicians and killers of good God-fearing, hard-working, taxpaying American citizens, we are going to stop them! Speak up! We can take back America!

Ed Brooks - Salem

Military Appreciation Month

In recognition of Military Appreciation Month

(May), the US Family Health Plan, a Department of Defense-sponsored healthcare plan that serves military families in this area through the not-for- profit Martin’s Point Health Care system, asks that everyone in our community support, befriend, remember, and appreciate military families. Times of conflict overseas are especially difficult for military families, but helping them can be as simple as mowing their yard, inviting them to lunch, or lending an ear. These acts require little sacrifice on our part, but can mean so much to military family members, all of who make sacrifices every day in support of our nation’s welfare. Having delivered health benefits to military families for more than 29 years, we see firsthand the contributions these heroes make, and we ask you as neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens to express your gratitude. Military families are strong and resilient, but they face ongoing challenges and are grateful for the friendship and admiration of community members who appreciate their sacrifices. During Military Appreciation Month and always, we thank you for reaching out to our heroes on the home front, as well as their loved ones overseas.

Dan Wasneechak, Director, US Family Health Plan - Portland, ME

An Open Call to All Musicians

Watch for a Special Salute to our Veterans in the May 28 edition. Call to be involved and pay tribute to those who serve. Call the Area News Group for More Information: 603-880-1516

submitted by Lorrie Determann

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5/5/10 4:28 PM

television, Websites, and even during Fisher Cat promotions, the time was right for this fun “open-call” to all the creative talent that exists. With the trend of the top reality television shows focusing on the musical talent of “unknowns” all over the country, such as American Idol and America’s Got Talent, and the staggering number of listeners/viewers that get involved by voting for their favorite talent, Tom Boucher, owner and CEO of the popular T-BONES and Cactus Jack’s, loved the idea of reaching out to the community in this manner: “We constantly hear such great feedback from our customers about why they love our restaurants that we thought this would be a great way to let them express their feelings about us in this unique and fun way.” The current jingle can be heard on the Website, along with complete rules and guidelines for jingle entries, which cannot exceed 60 seconds in length. Since Boucher feels that his restaurants’ key to success is their ability to provide a huge, made-from-scratch menu, the jingle entries must include these words: “T-BONES ... come on in, your table’s waiting. We’re serving up a taste of whatever you’re craving. T-BONES, always made from scratch.” For more information on the “Made-From-Scratch” Jingle Contest, visit

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