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adidas Supernova Glide 2 $100

In its second outing, the Glide takes a direct aim at performance without sacrificing the quality of the original. The upper uses a very breathable, engineered mesh that’s constructed with openings in some areas and is more solid in others. The midsole has a little softer feel—still quite flexible, but more solid. Thanks to the multiple layers of midsole/innersole materials and the Strobel board, the shoe has a cushy feel while still being resilient and responsive—a fine line that this shoe negotiates well. The new blown rubber forefoot has a little better traction than the original Glide did, and a rubbery, resilient bounce. The fit and ride will be familiar to adidas fans.

“Great glovelike fit, but enough room in the toe box towiggle toes!Wore them on long runs, were great on the hills. They were definitely bouncy and squishy. Very comfortable and holding up well.”

Updates the Supernova Glide • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild over- pronation • Sizes: Men 6.5–13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20;Women 5–12 •Weight: Men 13.3 oz. (size 11);Women 11.3 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved to curved

Brooks Glycerin 8 $130

Brooks introduces a new technology with its flagship neutral shoe. DNA is a rubbery cushioning element with the unique ability to respond according to the force applied to it—softly when a little pressure is applied, more firmly when more pressure is applied. DNA not only outperforms Brooks’ longtime HydroFlow technology, it’s also more environmentally friendly. The upper closely mimics the familiar fit of the past few iterations, with open mesh and a supportive saddle design. The midsole retains much of the feel of its predecessor but with a little better transition and a more responsive feel. Minor adjustments to the shank and outersole maintain the Glycerin’s support and durability, and sports the inscription in German: “Laufen ist in meiner DNA” or “Running is in my DNA.” The performance, upgraded materials and execution earned the Glycerin 8 our Best Renovation award.

“The fit is familiar: secure with a good feel around the ankle collar and roomy in the toes. The cushioning is quite good, but the rebound and responsiveness are a big improvement. I was certainly impressed.”

Updates the Glycerin 7 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 8–13, 14, 15 (B, D, 2E widths);Women 6–12 (2A, B, D widths) •Weight: Men 14.6 oz. (size 11);Women 12.7 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved

K-Swiss Keahou II $100

The K-Swiss line has expanded to six serious shoes; the Keahou is the quality neutral model. The upper is a low-key combina- tion of quality components, including air mesh and synthetic overlays, which draws attention purely by performance: It fits and supports the foot. The midsole is single-density EVA with a couple of nifty dampening inserts of Superfoam in the heel and Strobel board, and GuideGlide in the forefoot, all providing a responsive, cushioned ride. The blown rubber forefoot, TPU shank and carbon heel are expected and best practices, but they’re done well in the Keahou. The combination of ride, execu- tion and value earned the Keahou II a tie for our Best Neutral Shoe award.

“Roomy fit up front, but nice and snug in the heel. Premium shoe. The quality really came through with its consistent, protective cushioning and design. It performed verywell for me.”

Updates the Keahou • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 6.5–13, 14, 15;Women 5–11, 12 •Weight: Men 13.5 oz. (size 11);Women 11.5 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved

Puma Complete Ventis $100

The new Ventis is a sibling to last season’s Velosis and is a surprisingly plush addition to the lineup, especially considering the price difference between the two. The upper is open mesh, which effectively handles the job of securing the foot while keep- ing it cool, along with well-placed synthetic overlays for support. The midsole is responsive, combining DuoCell and ldCell components with the polyurethane innersole and EVA Strobel board for good, step-in comfort, as well as overall cushioning. The outersole of carbon rubber in the heel and blown rubber in the forefoot is well-designed for flexibility and smooth transi- tion from heel to toe. A solid shoe for neutral runners, the Ventis offers another fit option, as well as Puma’s unique look.

“Fit great in the heel, enough toe room, though on really long runs the overlays across the metatarsals rubbed a bit. The cushion- ingwas very good; no sore feet evenwith half-marathon training.”

NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 7–13, 14;Women 5.5–12 •Weight: Men 14.0 oz. (size 11);Women 12.0 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved

Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7 $130

The Triumph 7 makes several gains over the Triumph 6. The step-in comfort and cushioning are noticeable right out of the box. The upper sports a few more millimeters of memory foam in the ankle collar, which provides a very plush feel, and a soft, moisture-wicking lining that adds to that sensation. Though reworked, the midsole is familiar and suited for high mileage and protection. The outersole is a new configuration of blown rubber under the ball of the foot, which is a little more durable with- out sacrificing cushioning. While some of the shoes in this category have pared things back, the extra weight and price here make a significant addition to the Triumph’s deluxe fit and feel. The blend of design, componentry and comfort earned the ProGrid Triumph 7 a tie for our Best Neutral Shoe award.

“Nice fit, supports the middle of my foot; toe box adequate; heel snug, but not too snug. These are comfortable shoes and my foot feels protected from feeling rocks/pebbles underfoot. Good compression of themidsole, but [does] not get bogged down in too

much cushioning. I like these!”

Updates the ProGrid Triumph 6 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 7–13, 14, 15;Women 5–12 •Weight: Men 14.4 oz. (size 11);Women 12.9 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved

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