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Speaking of spring and things popping up, please take the time to visit the MCM’s newly designed Web site ( It now has a brand new look and should provide more tools for MCM members to make their jobs much easier. In particular you will have weather, road reports, member contact information and the most up to the minute updates on industry events. Take a look let us know what you like and don’t like about the new tool. Hopefully we have made it functional enough that it will meet all of your needs and use it as your home page.

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We have completed our spring roundtables and they were a huge success from Kalispell to Glendive. While at times we may not have liked what we heard, we should be thankful that we live in a state where our regulatory agencies are at our finger tips to answer questions. While CSA 2010 is still up in the air nationally it is still in effect in Montana and MCM and FMCSA are still looking for ways to make sure that it reduces accidents and fatalities as well as being a useful tool for members to gauge the effectiveness of their driver training and safety programs.

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Motor Carriers of Montana (MCM) has served as the voice for Montana’s trucking industry since 1939. MCM is a trade association dedicated to the furtherance of the trucking industry’s goals and interests in Montana and the United States. Our membership is a very diverse group comprised of trucking companies, passenger carriers, garbage haulers, construction & excavation companies, and companies providing products and services to the industry. MCM serves these companies as a governmental affairs representative before legislative, regulatory and executive branches of government on issues that affect the trucking industry. The organization also provides public relations services, operation services and serves as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

For more information, contact MCM at:

Motor Carriers of Montana

501 N. Sanders #201 Helena, MT 59601

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Spring has also brought out the politicians, by the time you read this campaign season will be in full swing. When your local candidates knock on your door or stop by your business, do not be afraid to ask them important questions about their plans for the future of Montana and how they feel about the trucking community. If they need to be educated, do it, don’t let them get by with thinking we are the bad guys out there. More importantly if you find some one who is supportive let us know as well. Get involved in their campaign, give them money, support them at public meetings, put up signs and volunteer for their campaigns. Remember: The world is run by those who show up.

Barry “Spook” Stang

Executive Vice President, Motor Carriers of Montana


photographer MARK BRYANT


As we near the end of the first quarter of the year, it appears there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. In my travels, I am increasingly seeing more commercial motor vehicles on our roads and in our rest areas, a sure sign that spring is here and the economy, for some, is beginning to turn around.

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public relations assistant KELLY CARGILL

The World Is Run by Those Who Show Up


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