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(L-R) McKinny, Roullier and Dunn


Safety, Service and Even a Little Profit in a Recession

Jim Dunn, Jim McKinny and Bob Roullier, co-owners of Davis Transport, Inc.


Contributing Writer

“We’re going to move freight, we’re

going to earn a profit, and we’re going to do it safely—safety, of course, is key to the whole thing.” That’s what CEO Bob Roullier jokingly admits has been adopted as the Davis Transport, Inc. motto. With profits during the worst recession since the Great Depression and another national safety award under its belt, Davis Transport is living


up to its reputation. Don Davis started Davis Transport, Inc.

in 1960. He set out to acquire a stellar staff, which eventually included Jim McKinny, Jim Dunn and Bob Roullier. Some 20 years later, McKinny, Dunn and Roullier would become co-owners of the Missoula-based company, promoting safety and continuing with Davis’ focus on customer satisfaction. “Don was a great guy,” Davis Transport president Jim McKinny said. “One of the

things I always admired about him, he had a way of knowing everybody. He just had an engaging personality and was a really sharp business man. As the firm was really starting to grow and expand, Don was pretty fair to tell us he didn’t have what it took to run a company so large, personally, but he was intent on hiring the right people—he didn’t have an ego.” McKinny was the first to be hired by Davis Transport when he began work in February

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