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April 15, 2010 • Volume 6 - Issue 15

Serving the Derry Area




With its three sending

towns projecting declines in enrollment and new trustee goals calling for the school to remain a premier institution while maintaining a consis- tent population of about 3,000 students, Pinkerton Academy has announced it will pursue the possibility of entering into a contract with Auburn to make that town the fourth sending town. Auburn would send its 300 to 350 students to the school. Pinkerton is the state’s

largest high school. Trustee Vice President Robert Gorham made the announcement following a question by Mary Ellen

Hannon, superintendent of the Derry Cooperative School District, who asked for the results of the Pinkerton enrollment survey. Gorham said the survey has been completed and the school is investigating the possibility of adding stu- dents from other towns, specifically Auburn. Hannon asked whether the school had to negotiate that with the three sending towns, Derry, Hampstead and Chester. Headmaster Mary Anderson said that would occur only if Pinkerton were asking for 75 students outside of the dis- trict. But Anderson said she hoped to make Auburn part of the district.

Hannon said having a


PA to Pursue Adding Auburn

contract with Auburn was unexpected and was the first time she had heard about it. She admitted Derry was sending fewer kids to Pinkerton but was surprised by the announcement. Anderson said the school had a contract with Auburn 10 to 15 years ago but when Derry experienced a popula- tion boom, the school could no longer maintain the rela- tionship. She said each year she gets more and more requests from Auburn stu- dents that she has to turn down because of the current contract. She added that Auburn has always been part of the Derry community. Anderson said Auburn would ultimately have to

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Ambulance Contracts with Chester, Auburn, Pass 5-2



FIVE ALARM TRAINING T-Bones Restaurant chef

Matt Lazzarro gets some help from Ernie Houle, field technician with LRC Services, Inc., of Manchester on how to extinguish a fire at a training exercise last week behind the Derry restaurant. LRC Services works with the Derry Fire Department to con- duct yearly training for area businesses.

Photo by Chris Paul

Derry’s $5 Million Exit 4A Obligation Made Clear



——◆ —–––

Town Administrator Gary Stenhouse has made a memo available that offers the pub- lic a chronological order of events spelling out the Town of Derry’s obligation to Exit 4A.

On Monday, April 12, Stenhouse released a letter to council chair Brad

Benson that informs the public of the town council’s efforts to investigate the matter of Derry’s obligation toward the Exit 4A project, which dates back more than 20 years.

In the letter, Stenhouse

writes that when the town council, with assistance of special legal counsel, re- viewed the documents avail- able last year, they did not

locate a written agreement entered into by the Town of Derry concerning Exit 4A. However, the counsel ad- vised the town there were other actions that could be considered as a contractual obligation. According to Stenhouse’s

letter, in 1987, Derry, Londonderry and Boston North Associates received

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——◆ —–––

Despite the objection of

two councilors who say the residents of Derry are get- ting a raw deal, the town council voted to renew its Inter-municipal Agreement to provide transport ambu- lance services to Auburn and Chester for another three years.

The contract is

expected to generate almost $200,000 a year in revenue without adding any addi- tional services to the Derry Fire Department. Director of Emergency Medical Services Charles Hemeon brought the issue to

the town council at its March 16 meeting. After public input and discussion of costs, the vote to renew the contract for another three years was pushed off until the April 6 meeting. Derry has been provid- ing medical transport servic- es to Chester since the 1970s, according to a report filed by Fire Chief George Klauber, and has provided similar services to Auburn since 1990. The current con- tract is set to expire June 30. The contract fee for

Auburn and Chester in Fiscal Year 2009 was $46,500. This number will go up in the new contract.

The three-year contract will cost Chester and Auburn $47,250 for the first year, $49,612.50 for the sec- ond year and $52,093.25 for the third year. These costs are subsidies,which are paid to the town even if there is never a call all year in either town. There are also addi- tional costs for Chester and Auburn in patient transport fees.

Councilor Kevin Coyle

said, however, that the sum is not enough and that Derry could charge more for its outstanding ambulance serv- ice. Hemeon said he would love to charge more and earn

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