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Salem Community


Salem Community

U.S. Soldiers


Honor Vicki Krikorian

by Robyn Hatch

Salem Community


Since October 2009, Vicki Krikorian

of Postal Center USA at North Broadway Crossing has been shipping items to soldiers to Afghanistan, which was started because of local Army Specialist Keith Stickney. The response was so huge and so much product was collected that they were told they had to channel it to other troops. She had collected to a unit of Marines, led by Master Sergeant Victor Greenfield, through a friend, and has been sending supplies to HMLA-367, Avionics, “Scarface” in Afghanistan. “The community has been wonderful in bringing in hand sanitizer, protein bars, hand-warmers in winter, and many other goodies; some have also contributed to cover some of the postage.” The Marines wanted to show how

submitted by Paula Patten, President, Fisk PTA

Lake Street Garden Center has helped


much they appreciated Vicki’s effort, with the help of the community, that they sent her a Certificate of Appreciation and a U.S. Flag from the War Zone. “I was in shock, teary eyed, and could not believe what they did.” She said this was sent to her, and she thanks the community of Salem for helping her do what she finds immense joy in doing—thanking the troops for doing what they do so she can do what she does.

Salem Community

the Fisk PTA honor Mrs. Seastedt, a beloved second grade teacher. After many years of teaching our children, we say goodbye to Mrs. Seastedt at the close of this year when she retires. While we are very excited for her to join her husband in the blissful relaxation that retirement brings, we will miss her dearly here. I am happy to say that she has agreed to come back and help us move her much-loved butterfly garden, if/when our renovations happen! Thank you to Tim at Lake Street for donating the beautiful crab apple tree and coming out to help Mrs. Seastedt and her class plant it. Even while outside planting, Mrs. Seastedt took the opportunity to teach the children about the wonders of the earthworm! From the bottom of our hearts, thank

you, Mrs. Seastedt, for all that you have done for so many classes of second graders throughout the years. We’ll miss you, but think of you with love as we watch your tree grow each year.

Mrs. Seastedt Vicki Krikorian with her gifts Soldiers

with actual packages mailed by Vicki

Krikorian receives updates from “her Marines” on a weekly basis through e-mails and cards and all the letters they write. “Some of the things they write to me is so touching—how can I not help?” She has vets from several wars who have told her to keep up her efforts because being in a war zone and receiving letters and packages from the states is a feeling you only know if you have been there. Some customers come in on a weekly basis and tell her to “add this to your Troop Donation Envelope,” she humbly states. “All I can say is thank you, Salem, and I have a new list of troops going out there in May, so the campaign continues!”

Tim from Lake Street (back, center), Mrs. Seastedt (back, far right), and students

Family and Friends Enjoy

Tribute to Woody Chmieleski

by Robyn Hatch

A well-loved Salem resident, Woody Chmieleski, who passed away

on March 6, 2010, was recently honored at Salemhaven. His wife, Helen, was present with her daughter, Mary, and Mary’s husband, Rob Medina. Woody’s brother, Raymond, was seen walking the halls, along with many of Woody’s friends. Helen received many flowers from Salemhaven and the Ladies Auxiliary, and she was also given a lifetime membership to the American Legion Auxiliary. Because Woody and his family were big Elvis fans, a great Elvis impersonator from Stan Jr.’s Super Legends entertained the crowd. A huge, strawberry- decorated cake helped to feed the packed house. Woody was a real gentleman, and will be long remembered.

Left: Elvis of Stan Jr.’s Super Legends

Stephanie from Salemhaven, and a representative from the Ladies Auxiliary, all with Helen Chmieleski

Salem Expands Full-Day

Kindergarten Program

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz

Plans to expand an optional

full-day kindergarten program from one class to two will be in full swing this fall. Originally, the school district made plans to offer an optional full-day kindergarten class at the Lancaster School that would serve the entire district. The maximum class size would be 17 students. Since February when the decision was made, the school district filled that class to full capacity, leaving a waiting list for seven more students. Last week, the School

Board voted to add another class, which will be located at the Soule School. Michael Delahanty, Superintendent of Schools, felt that a decision had to be made, due to the demand of people who needed all-day day care for their kindergarten-aged children. The full-day kindergarten

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program is available to parents for a fee. Parents who register their children for full-day kindergarten will be required to pay a $400 deposit, followed by a monthly fee of $267 per month. Having the second class opened 10 more spots available to students. As of recent, the numbers are now at 12 students per class, but maximum capacity is still at 17 students per class. There are currently 24 students

registered for the full-day program coming this fall. Edith Soley, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, says that more classes may be added if there is an even bigger increase in demand. “Right now, we have voted on adding the second class. If the demand of students increases, we will add more. The fees will not increase or decrease, but as many classes as needed to meet the needs of parents will be added if registration numbers go up for the full- day program.” However, the school district would like to see the numbers go higher. When asked if private kindergarten programs will feel an impact or loss in enrollments, Soley said that she did not think they would. “There are always parents who want to use private kindergarten programs to suit their needs, or because they had other children have success in these private programs.”

A public option for kindergarten was made mandatory by the state last fall, but school districts are not required to offer a full-day program. To register students for kindergarten or first grade, contact the Superintendent’s office at 893-7040.

PTA, Lake Street Garden Center

Honor Retiring Teacher

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