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May 7, 2010 - 5

2010 Town Budget On Track

by Barbara O’Brien

“It’s still very early in the year,” Assistant Town Administrator and

Finance Director Dana Call said, “but things look on track.” What Call was referring to was the status of Windham’s 2010 operating budget; one-quarter through the year. Call met with selectmen to review the situation during their board meeting on April 26. “Everything is in line where it should be,” Call said, looking through individual departmental budgets. “We’re pretty well- staffed—except for the police department,” a situation that is impacting the amount of overtime being paid. Current vacancies in town government include one remaining patrol position, which was created when Mike Caron was promoted to captain earlier this year, as well as several previous retirements. One patrolman continues to be out of work due to an injury. One highway department employee also remains off the job due to an injury.

As for incoming revenue, Call said that “most line items are in line with expectations” for the first quarter of 2010. That revenue, however, due largely to the poor condition of the economy, continues to be less than in years prior to the current recession. Call said that Rooms and Meals revenue might be less than was budgeted this year. Selectmen’s Chairman Charles McMahon, who also serves as one of Windham’s representatives to the State Legislature, said that municipalities won’t know definitely what the impact will be until June 30, which is the end of the current fiscal year. “The State budget deficit will certainly have an impact on Rooms and Meals revenue,” McMahon said. “And that impact will be significant.” Cable Franchise fees are also expected to be less than they were during 2009, due to last year’s one-time adjustment by Comcast, from an annual payment to quarterly payments. Interest revenue continues to be down, Call explained. However, due to a recent $4 million investment at Centrix Bank, it is about

$8,000 higher than it would have been if the money had been left at Citizens Bank. “We were very lucky to have found a bank that gives one-percent

interest,” Call explained. The current interest rate at Citizens Bank is .18 percent. Call said that she was uncertain how long Centrix Bank would be willing to offer the higher annual interest rate. The federal SAFER grant, which helped Windham hire four new firefighters two years ago, continues to decrease in amount as the town moves further into the five-year grant period. When the five- year term has fully elapsed, Windham taxpayers will be responsible for paying the entire cost of these firefighters. As of March 31, 25 percent through 2010, 22.9 percent of the $2,735,213 fire department budget was spent; 26.2 percent of the $509,066 administration budget was expended; 21.5 percent of the $482,370 general government building budget was gone; 12.2 percent of the $52,400 legal budget was spent; 22 percent of the $2,364,094 police department budget was expended; 26.2 percent of the $470,690 dispatch budget was used up; 23.7 percent of the $462,130 community development budget was spent; 16.8 percent of the $1,300,271 highway department budget was spent; and 17.9 percent of the $881,899 solid waste department budget was gone. The Nesmith Library’s $975,260 operating budget was 24.5 percent expended a quarter of the way through 2010, and the Recreation Department had spent only 10.2 percent of its $166,615 allocation for this year.

Of the total $13,444,333 appropriated for the Town of Windham’s

operating budget for 2010, $2,605,137 had been spent by March 31, leaving a balance of $10,839,196 for the remaining three quarters of the year. The amount of money appropriated for 2010 was actually

somewhat less than that which was approved by voters for the 2009 town operating budget.

Fire and Police Get Grant Money

by Barbara O’Brien

During the April 26 board meeting, Windham selectmen approved the acceptance of three grants, including two that will benefit the police department and one that is earmarked for new gear for local firefighters. The first grant accepted came under the auspices of the Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance-Bulletproof Vest Partnership in the amount of $7,200. This money will be used to replace a number of the ballistic vests currently used by Windham police officers. These vests need to be replaced on a routine basis, due to deterioration caused by the daily wearing. Each vest must be fitted individually for the officer who will be wearing it. This grant pays for 50 percent of the total cost of the vests.

The remaining money will be taken from the police department budget. Selectmen approved acceptance of this grant by a vote of 4 to 0. Voting in favor were Chairman Charles McMahon, Roger Hohenberger, Ross McLeod, and Vice Chairman Bruce Breton. Selectman Galen Stearns was not in attendance at the time the vote was taken. The second grant comes from the State of New Hampshire and will be used toward the purchase of a new emergency generator for

the Windham Police Department. As the generator has already been purchased and installed, this money will be used as a reimbursement for that expense. This grant, which totals $16,217, covers one-half of the cost of the equipment. Selectmen also voted 4 to 0 to accept this state-funded grant. The old generator had to be replaced after it failed to operate properly during a routine test last summer. Selectmen said that the approximately 10-year-old generator engine seized due to a sudden loss of coolant. Although repairs were made, town officials did not feel that the old generator was dependable any longer. The third grant accepted during the meeting totaled $37,145, and

was supplied by the Federal Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Program. This money will be used toward the purchase of personal protective equipment for members of the Windham Fire Department. “The gear we have now is in desperate need of replacement,” Fire

Chief Tom McPherson said. When told that the town would only need to come up with $3,000 of the money that is required to purchase the needed protective gear, Selectman Roger Hohenberger simply responded, “Sweet!” Selectmen also voted 4 to 0 to accept these funds.

Windham PTA Awards Lump Sum Grants to Schools

submitted by Rosemarie Kelly, Windham PTA

The Windham PTA has presented their yearly grants to each of the Windham elementary schools. These funds come directly from the PTA budget, and the amount is based upon the membership dollars collected during the school year. In the past, grants to the schools have been used for purchases like new playground equipment; new electronics, such as cameras for school- wide use; and other items that are not covered in the school’s budget. These grants are only achievable through the generous donations of our members, and they benefit all the children in the Windham elementary schools. The Windham PTA would like to extend a huge thank-you to its members who make it possible for the PTA to make this donation to the schools on a yearly basis. On behalf of the Windham Center School, Principal Andy Desrosiers (pictured with Mrs. Bethany Pellerin’s third-grade class) accepts the 2010 grant from PTA Board Members Jen Knight and Krissy Letourneau.

Guest Speaker Brings Spring to April Meeting

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Reduce Marine Debris

Did you know that it takes over 500 years for monofilament fishing line to decompose? Meanwhile, that discarded line can tangle itself around your boat prop or worse yet, marine life. The Boat U.S. Foundation and the Boat U.S. Angler Program

invite you to join with us in helping to reduce marine debris. We are building a nationwide network of monofilament recycling locations to make proper disposal of monofilament more accessible. Volunteer to install and maintain a monofilament recycling location at a fishing spot near you. The Boat U.S. Foundation will provide the pre-made outdoor recycling bin and some funding to cover installation materials. You install the bin in a high-traffic fishing area and agree to empty the bin, separate any trash, and send the collected line to Berkeley Conservation for processing. We also ask that you keep track of the amount of line collected. If your group would like to be considered for hosting and maintaining a site, see Monofilament.

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Seeking Members to Serve on Windham Economic Development Committee

submitted by Laura Scott, Community Development Director, Windham

At the May 3 Board of Selectmen’s meeting, the Board voted to make the Windham Economic Development Committee (WEDC) an official committee of the town. In doing so, we are seeking eight members of the business community (a person who owns, manages, or works for a Windham business) or residents to serve on the WEDC for one-, two-, or three-year terms. The Mission of the WEDC is to enhance the vitality of the local economy by supporting existing businesses and attracting new businesses to Windham, encouraging economic development consistent with the Windham Master Plan, and promoting the spirit of the Town Motto: Old Values, New Horizons. The Board of Selectmen will be interviewing those interested in serving on the WEDC on June 7. Letters of interest should be submitted by May 28 to David Sullivan, Town Administrator, PO Box 120, Windham NH 03087, or dsullivan@windhamnewha If you have any questions or need any additional information, contact Laura Scott, Community Development Director, at 432-3806 or


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Back row: Mr. Desrosiers, Jen Knight, Mrs. Pellerin, Mrs. Kim Bail (instructional assistant), and Krissy Letourneau

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