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GetYourHouse In Shape For Summer

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With summer vacations approaching,many of us are sweating it out in the gym trying to get in shape for that trip to the beach.As theweather is gettingwarmer, now is a good time to get your house in shape for the summer cooling season. While air conditioning is critical to the comfort of you and your family, there are actions you can take to conserve energy and improve the efficiency of your home and your air conditioning system. By following these steps, your house will be in better shape to handle those hot, humid dayswithout putting an extra burden on your energy bill.

• Set your thermostat to a higher temperature in the summer. Consider in- stalling a programmable thermostat. This is an excellentway tomatch the cool- ing needs of your home to your personal schedule. They typically offer savings of 10%–15% without compromising personal comfort.

• Replace filters on your air conditioner. For homes with central air, it is im- portant to change the filter before the start of the cooling season and on a monthly basis thereafter. Dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer and work harder, increasing energy use. Plug air leaks in your home.Weather strip and caulk any leaky doors and windows and install foam gaskets behind outlet covers.

• Check insulation levels. If necessary, add insulation in attics and crawl spaces. This will not only help to conserve energy, but will improve household com- fort.

• Use energy efficient landscaping. Leafy trees and shrubs properly placed on the south and west side of your home can provide shade during the peak day- time heat. You can also reduce heat buildup by keeping blinds and curtains closed on windows facing the sun

• Consider cooling alternatives for your home. Fans and dehumidifiers use less energy than air conditioners and can help to increase comfort by reducing hu- midity levels and maintaining steady air flow.

•When replacing air conditioners or other cooling equipment, choose energy efficient models. These may cost a little more, but can pay for themselves through lower energy usage over the lifetime of the equipment. See theAustin Utilities website at for more information about en- ergy savings and rebate offers.

Connect to the real you - look as beautiful as you feel

Connect to the real you -

look as beautiful as you feel

Owatonna Clinic and Albert Lea Medical Center

welcome Dr. Yao, with a fellowship in the Division

of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from Manhattan Eye,

Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City, NY.

Dr. Yao offers “head-to-toe” cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery of all kinds. He sees patients at Owatonna Clinic and Albert Lea Medical Center.

For a consultation please call:

507.451.1120 - Owatonna 507.379.2130 - Albert Lea

512 E. 7TH ST. ALBERT LEA, MN 56007

PHONE: (507) 373-4526 FAX: (507) 373-4527


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