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Editor’s Note

Are you there goddesses? It’s me, Rachel.

i’ll admit it. When i was asked to edit this year’s issue of venus, i was a bit appre-

hensive. i didn’t know much about the magazine and its title alone was enough to throw me. “venus?” as in the antiquated claim that men and women are so different from

each other that they must come from separate planets? i, for one, am positive that i’m from planet earth. in fact, i’m fairly confident that

a well-meaning, though misguided, stork was en route to the most enchanting bassi- net in all of paris on that fateful 1985 evening. but when his Gps went out some- where over the midwest, he said, “to hell with it,” and plopped me into a practical south minneapolis crib instead. fact or fiction, i’ve lived life as an earthling with parisian tendencies and

minnesotan mannerisms ever since. nonetheless, the title’s concept got me thinking that all women do share a few

things in common. for example, many of us spend our youth proving that anything he can do, we can do better. and while that is often the case, as we grow older we learn that our gender can be enough to make us a target of narrow-minded thinking or even assault. We also share health concerns, such as risks of certain cancers and osteoporosis. and, perhaps most importantly, we are all privy to those unique bonds reserved for relationships between girlfriends, sisters, and mothers and their daughters. upon reflection, i was thrilled to join the venus team as we worked to incorporate

common threads of womanhood into this issue — as well as throw in a few pieces for varying interests. you see, the title “venus” isn’t meant to separate or define women, or suggest we hail from another planet. it’s just what we call this compila- tion of women’s stories, told by women writers to women readers. We at the magazine tend to imagine that venus herself, the roman goddess of

love, beauty and fertility, might find that refreshing. ladies, i hope you find something in this magazine that you enjoy and can relate to

— as well as something that you don’t and can’t. if each reader is thrilled with every story behind the cover... Well, the publisher would be ecstatic...but, it’d prove we are all one in the same, and that’s not what the magazine is about. i still don’t agree that women are from venus. all i know is that it’s 2010, and we can all make it to the moon. me, i’d prefer paris.


Crystal Miller


Editor Rachel Drewelow

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Venus 2010

Volume 5, Number 2

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