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60 May 1 - 14, 2010


SanTan Sun kids have talent! In the first issue of every month, the SanTan Sun News prints the best entries from kids in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade in a variety of categories. Congratulations to this month’s winners!

Note: If a great entry doesn’t make it into this issue because of space considerations, we will hold it over to run in a future issue. Submissions are minimally edited to preserve the writer’s voice. If your submission appears in this section, compare it to your original to help improve your writing skills.

Kids: Write your way to the circus!

The Twilight Star

by Emma Pudoka,

Jacobson Elementary School, Grade 3

The sky glowed many colors as Janie Hergal ran across the road to her friend’s house, William Bites. Instead of going to the front door, she ran to the pale gray wall and climbed over it. Janie climbed under a bush and met William in a small room. The room was filled with sofas, a desk, tables, chairs, a small TV set, a bookcase and spyglasses.

“You finally got here,” William said, while nervously banging himself against the wall, “What’s the pro-...” CRASH!

Before Janie or William knew what was happening, they were on the surface but the bush entrance was gone. In the sky, a woman appeared with black hair like Janie’s, except she was in a black dress instead of normal clothes and she was hovering in the air.

“Come young vampire William and help me rule the universe!” said the woman.

“When this woman is gone, William, you are so dead,” said Janie. “Before you kill me, can we stop her?” asked William. “Sure. As long as you don’t suck my blood,” Janie replied. “I won’t.”

Just then, the woman vanished in a flash of brown light. “Look Janie, she is going to get the Twilight Star, and it is on Mercury.” In a flash of brown light, Janie and William were on Mercury, too. “How?” began Janie.

“If a vampire transports a person with them to a planet, they can both breathe,” William replied.

Suddenly, the woman appeared again and sang, “Hail Bleek, the to-be queen!” She ran off with William and Janie on her trail. They soon found her in a cave.

“The only way to get me away from the star is to beat me in battle, and I haven’t lost so far!” shouted Bleek. Janie ran up to her and yelled, “Bring it!”

Bleek raised her hand, but before she could cast a spell, William threw a stone at it. Bleek raised her other hand, but once again, before she could cast a spell, William threw a stone at her other hand.

Now that she couldn’t cast spells, she picked up the Twilight Star. Just as she did, Janie grabbed the Star and put it back in its place. Bleek disintegrated into dust, and Janie and William got transported back to Earth. “So Janie, are you still going to kill me?” asked William. “No, I was just really surprised,” replied Janie. “So we’re cool?” “Yep.”

Then William went to repair their hideout and Janie went home before her parents freaked out.


For a chance to win two adult and four children’s tickets to the Shrine Circus, all students have to do is enter their written, drawn or photographed works in the Kids Opportunity contest. Fifteen sets of six tickets will be given away via a drawing held Sept. 1 from all of the Kids Opportunity entries submitted between April 17 and Aug. 15, so the more entries children submit, the greater their chances are to win.

Note: Although the drawing is held Sept. 1, children’s works of art and written masterpieces will be printed throughout the year until all print-worthy pieces have been published. A printed piece does not necessarily indicate a drawing winner.

How to enter

Visit, click on Youth and then Student Writer Permission Slip to download a submission/permission slip. Complete the form and have your parents sign it so we have their permission to print your material with your byline. Then, email your submission/permission slip and writing or cartoon to as a Word file (if writing) or JPEG (if art) or pasted into the email. If you don’t have access to email, or prefer to send your submission on disk, you may send a hard copy of the form with your entry in a Word file or JPEG on a CD via postal mail to Lynda Exley, Kids Op Page, SanTan Sun News, P.O. Box 23, Chandler, AZ 85244-0023. For more information on the Kids Op page, email

About the circus

The El Zaribah Shrine Circus is held Sept. 17, 18 and 19 at WestWorld, 16601 N. Pima Rd. in Scottsdale. One boy’s and one girl’s bicycle will be given away at each performance, and elephant and pony rides are available for children at each performance. At 10 a.m. Sat. Sept. 18, there will be a display of all Shrine unit and club vehicles, with a Grand March by all Shrine unit and clubs at the 3 p.m. Sat. Sept 18 show.

A proclamation signed by the Scottsdale mayor Manross proclaims the weekend of Sept. 17 through 19 as “El Zaribah Shrine Circus Weekend.”

Adult tickets are $15 each. Children younger than 12 years are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. Tickets may be purchased at the gate one hour prior to each show. There is no reserved seating. For information, call Jack at 480-946-3696 or 602-469-0771.

Children who either live or attend school in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek or surrounding areas can win free tickets for their families to the El Zaribah Shrine Circus held Sept. 17, 18 and 19 at WestWorld in Scottsdale – plus have their articles, stories, poems, editorials, photographs and illustrations printed in a future SanTan Sun Kids Opportunity




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