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34 May 1 - 14, 2010



Vote yes on Prop 300

by Sen. Jay Tibshraeny

The residents of the City of Chandler will be facing a crucial vote on May 18 when they consider Proposition 300.

Proposition 300 should not be confused with the statewide temporary Sales Tax Proposition that is also on the ballot. Approval of Proposition 300 will not raise taxes. Instead it will allow the City to use the revenues it is already collecting to fund critical city services. Since 1982, Chandler voters have approved the City’s

use of an alternative expenditure limit. Proposition 300 continues this practice. This has allowed locally elected officials and the residents of this community to make decisions based on our specific needs rather than on an outdated and artificial state-imposed formula. Without the approval of Proposition 300, service levels could be jeopardized.

As a lifelong resident of Chandler, I care deeply for this community and its ongoing success. Please join me in voting “yes” on Proposition 300.

Jay Tibshraeny, former Chandler Mayor

Annual awards highlight service heroes

by Councilmember Matt Orlando

For several years now, I have utilized this space to highlight a great group of residents who work to make the lives of those in our community with disabilities just a little easier. In February, the group presented its annual Disability Recognition Awards at a City Council meeting. It was during that presentation that I started thinking again about what a wonderful service these individuals do for Chandler.

The members of the Mayor’s Committee for People with

Disabilities volunteer their time and enthusiasm to ensure people with disabilities in the community receive fair treatment, while educating the community on issues related to the disabled. Since its inception more than 15 years ago, the commission has assisted the City Council on policies, rules and regulations related to the disabled community. These matters have included accessibility, education and employment.

This year’s awards again brought to light what wonderful people we have in our community.

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Cory Robbins and Valerie Gonzales are the 2010 Students of the Year. Cory has improved significantly in his academics and school activities since attending Perry High School. He even made the front page of the school paper upon receiving this award. As part of Perry’s vocational program, he spends a couple days a week working in the school cafeteria recycling program. Though Valerie was injured in an auto accident in 2005, it did not stop her from graduating from Chandler High with her senior class in May 2006. Valerie has met and exceeded rehabilitation expectations, resumed her academic pursuits as a community college student, and has found successful employment.

Diana Tweedy has earned Employee of the Year honors as a member of the Chandler Gilbert Arc Enclave that provides recycling support at Catholic Healthcare West. Her cheerful personality, attention to detail and excellent attendance make her an outstanding employee.

Once again, Bashas’ Corporation has been named the Employer of the Year. Bashas’ Corporation has a long history of community involvement – evident in its commitment to providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. During extremely tough economic times, Bashas’ has continued to honor its long-standing commitment to our community and this program. Volunteers of the Year are John Stewart, Ruth John and Darren Piersol, along with the members of the Chandler Lions Club. For the past five years, these folks have aided the cities of Chandler and Mesa in hosting the annual Mistletoe Magic Dance – a wonderful holiday social event that serves hundreds. As a habilitator for the last 18 months, Jorin Larsen has become a critical part of a young man named Matthew’s life through coaching and competition as a unified athlete. They have created a very strong bond – so much so that during this past Christmas break from ASU, Jorin provided extra support to Matthew when his grandfather passed away.

Finally, Travis Anderson is Chandler’s Educator of the Year for his 10-plus years as an adaptive physical education teacher for the Chandler Unified School District. Also involved heavily in Special Olympics with the City of Chandler, Travis has been seen chaperoning high school dances, and has recruited many peer facilitators and other high school students as volunteers for Special Olympics. I’m proud to say he is also a City employee and participated as a track coach at the 2007 Special Olympics in China.

All of the recipients, along with the members of the commission, should take great pride in their efforts with the City of Chandler. These awards are just one reminder of their continued success.


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