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6 - April 30, 2010

Salem Community Patriot

Obama’s Financial Overhaul

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

It’s going to be a far, far tougher nut to crack for the GOP in Washington to battle President Barack Obama’s proposed federal oversight of our financial institutions than it was to spread fraudulent “facts” and arguments against the new universal healthcare policy. The infuriating record of malfeasance that came to light during the past decade, necessitating bailouts by both former president George W. Bush and Obama for AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, et al, incensed most Americans, as we saw the Fed funnel astronomical amounts to the tune of hundreds of billions of TARP dollars to rescue these organizations. Much of Obama’s bailout package consisted of loans to the corporations, and most of that money has thankfully been paid back with interest, as these institutions, as well as automobile icons GM and Chrysler, had a vested incentive in reimbursing the federal government as soon as possible, to extricate themselves from the stringent rules governing transactions, officer bonuses, etc., that Obama placed on them. And afterwards, we all watched as many of these sustained corporations and banks went right back to their “old ways” of gigantic bonuses, punctuated by extravagant employee parties, that helped get them in their predicament—a real slap in the face to us all. The new White House proposals include creating

mechanisms to liquidate large firms that are failing before they take their subsidiaries down with them, a council charged to monitor system-wide economic health threats, a consumer protection agency to police bank lending (this really would’ve been nice to have before the housing-loans meltdown), among other measures. The House of Representatives already passed its version of this legislation last December on a 223-202 vote, with not one vote from the “Party of No.” And the Senate is beginning to take it up this week; as usual, under the threat of another in the long line of Republican filibusters. The decidedly anti-Wall Street political climate, intensified by last week’s SEC suit against Goldman Sachs, is going to make it tough, if not impossible, for the Republican Party to slap the “socialism” moniker on the new federal initiatives. Just a perusal of the facts re: the money delved out to preserve our economic structure since 2008 (the recovery looking better and better as time goes by) has been enough to get most citizens over to the “revamp Wall Street” corner, chiefly because why

would any of us want to worry about having our tax dollars used to rescue them again, especially as most of their financial quandaries were due to their own mistakes and lawbreaking? But leave it to Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans to throw their usual delaying tactics into the discussions. McConnell has already promised a filibuster vote this week to stop debate on the bill, despite several Republicans like Maine’s Olympia Snowe and Iowa’s Charles Grassley voicing their approval for large segments of it. And even with Democrat Chris Dodd’s capitulation to the GOP by eliminating several contentious segments that Republicans disagreed with, the reins of all 41 Republican senators have been successfully held in – so far, anyway – by McConnell. This time, however, the GOP’s obstruction thing contains a possible steep political price, as if there’s one thing Americans on both sides of the aisle don’t want, it’s government using our money to bail out affluent institutions that, for better or worse, are looked upon as “fat cats” by many voters. There is little room this time for their campaign of ignorance that was employed during the contentious healthcare debates, especially with the Goldman Sachs imbroglio that couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for the Democrats. And hopefully, the Senate GOP understands this

as America’s next ideological battle begins.

William F. Klessens - Salem

Simply Enlightening

What an enlightening comment made by William

F. Klessens in his April 23 Letter to the Editor. In his weekly letter, Mr. Klessens wrote that Sarah Palin looks like a “middle-school cheerleader, minus the pom-poms and short skirt.” Really, Mr. Klessens? What, exactly, does a middle-school cheerleader look like without pom-poms and a short skirt? I’m sure this is something you’ve envisioned many times, but maybe you could enlighten the rest of us. If I were to suggest that Mr. Klessens looks like

a clown, but without the red nose and makeup, would that analogy make any more sense? Or is Mr. Klessens simply referring to the fact that Ms. Palin is an attractive woman? And as an attractive woman, she must be stupid—right, Mr. Klessens? What an enlightening comment coming from someone who represents the party of “women’s rights.”


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Just to affirm that this is, in fact, his opinion, Mr. Klessens mentions that Ms. Palin gave a speech in New Hampshire, in which she stated that we were part of the “Great Northwest.” Surely, it was a simple case of misspeaking, no? Not to Mr. Klessens. His opinion seems to be that Sarah Palin is so stupid, she doesn’t know geography. Remember when she refused to name which newspapers or magazines she reads when asked by Katie Couric? Well, that must be because she’s so stupid, she can’t read! Right, Mr. Klessens? And when she mentioned that she can see Russia from her home in Alaska, she wasn’t simply pointing out her state’s unique proximity to the Asian continent. No, she’s just really stupid, and doesn’t understand the complexities of foreign policy. Are you with me, Mr. Klessens? Later in his letter, Mr. Klessens smears those

who dare to speak out against the government by claiming they, too, are stupid. They’re so stupid, Mr. Klessens points out, they don’t even know that Glenn Beck spells his name with two “n’s.” He then expresses amazement that these lowly peasants managed to assemble peacefully (unlike the usual protests from the left). When will liberals learn that it is their profound arrogance and condescension that alienates them from the rest of the country? The entire liberal philosophy begins with the theory that people are stupid, and therefore must be led by an intellectual elite, who will be trusted to do what is best for them (as they are too stupid to make their own decisions.) This liberal elite will decide how we spend the money we earn, where we send our children to school, how we save and invest for retirement, and how we plan for our own healthcare. Because we are too stupid to make these decisions ourselves. Thank you for a very enlightening glimpse into the mind of an average liberal, Mr. Klessens. Keep those letters coming.

Mike Glander - Salem

What America Has Become

What has America become? The land of propaganda. It was clearly in evidence in the articles last week by Mr. Klessens and Jane Lang’s In My Opinion column regarding the Taxed Enough Already Party. The fact these two individuals, and their political party, would castigate their fellow Americans for standing up and being passionate about the tyranny being put forth by the political elite in this country demonstrates how the elite have co-opted the media with falsehoods. As Mr. Klessens asked, I went to YouTube and




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Tread On Me” flag is an insult to America—not the icon of our history that it is. It is this level of propaganda that has the opinion writer “fearful” of the people she encountered. If one Googles the phrase “Tea party violence,”

you discover that the only violence surrounding Tea Party protests is that of agents of SEIU and ACORN, and other supporters of our new King. Whether it’s the old man who had his finger bitten off in Florida, or beating the black man handing out American flags in Minnesota, it’s all the supporters of the intimidating thugocracy that supports the White House today. For the first time in recent memory, the taxpaying

workers, who have been stretched to the limit by the spending of the political elite at all levels of government, are taking time out of their busy lives raising families and working two and three jobs to pay their “fair share” to say enough is enough. When the unions have “negotiated” (i.e., intimidated through strike threats) pay and pensions that dwarf what regular Americans in the private sector make, then indentured servitude has returned to America for the first time since slavery was ended. When illegal aliens have more rights to housing and jobs than Americans out of work, it is time to protest. When Obama’s aunt is being kept on the dole as an illegal alien in Boston and it never makes the national news—something is way out of whack here.

I bet these same critics are all for the illegal

immigrants rioting in Arizona for their “rights,” throwing beer bottles and breaking things. Or the Amnesty International and G8 protesters in Seattle a couple of years back breaking windows, burning cars, and causing mayhem to make their point. Even better, the SEIU protesters attacking Tea Party members at rallies to make the claim these are violent protesters. Or the SEIU and ACORNites protesting and threatening bankers at their homes at night … I wonder if that might bring fear to these two writers. The fact that passion causes people to laugh,

yell, and overrule the manure emanating from condescending hacks like Barney Frank and Carole Shea-Porter is extremely American. It is belief in freedom of speech that Tea Party people hold so dear that has allowed them to sit silently by over the past decades, watching minorities and Bill Ayers followers cheered by the media as they violently rip up cities and fight police in the name of protest. The fact is, the Tea Party protests are the largest protests ever held in America. Over 1.5 million people protested in over 1,000 rallies across the nation in April 2009. The largest, held in Washington, DC, was declared the most peaceful and cleanest ever held by the park police. Yes, being Tea Partiers means cleaning up on the way out. Unlike the 100,000 person Million Man March protest, or the others that have been held there.

So what is to fear? Those who would destroy

America and make it another Greece through bankruptcy.

Bill Weimar - Salem

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