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LondonStudent · 1st March 2010

Sport · 27

Cheer yourself fitwith Charlie!

As I arrive, late and flustered at 52 Gower Street gym, I am aware that I will have to ask directions at the desk. “Excuseme,” Imutter, trying to attract as little attention as possible, “do you knowwhereCheer Fit is tonight?”

“The Cheerleading?” bellows the

man at the desk, causing me to flinch with embarrassment. I nod. “Through the turnstile, end of the corridor.” I anxiously head towards the room when suddenly I’m met by a beaming

Suddenly I’m met by a

beaming blonde woman in hot pants

blonde woman in hot pants. “Are you Charlie?” she asks with a huge smile. I make fumbling apologies for being late. “Don’tworry,we’re running late anyway, I’ve forgotten themusic! I’mSam.”And so I amintroducedtoSamanthaRea, the founder ofCheerFit, a class opento any- one, from students to solicitors, who wants to get fit in the most glamorous way of all... cheerleading. The room I enter the isfull of girls similarly attired

and I feelhorrendously out of placewith my jeans and rugby shirt and Y Chro- mosom. I set outmy area asSamstarts to hand out the pompoms to the girls as they put on their “compulsory” leg warmers. Thewarmup starts and I step and punch the air with my pompoms, generally well out of time and in the wrong order and feeling very aware of it. But as the class continues at break-

neck pace I begin to relax and Sam’s in- fectious optimism and constant encouragement wears down my early

anxiety. We’re rehearsing for the St Patrick’sDay Parade and there are defi- nitely Irish tinges to the routine; even I can see that.By the end of the hour long session I’m tired and in the mood for a drink. Thankfully so are some of the cheerleaders and we gravitate to a local pub where I’m aware of the envious glances I’mgetting as I sit with four at- tractive cheerleaders discussing hot pants and dancing. Sam has been cheerleading for years now, enjoying stints at Harlequins and

Saracens rugby clubs and the basketball team London United, but Cheer Fit is something different. It doesn’t take part in competitions so it’s never pushing its members too hard. Instead it’s a fitness group and the main aim is enjoyment. “We do shows at charity events and on parades,” explains Sam, “HydePark, the ParisFestival onNewYear'sEve andSil- verstone’sFormula 1 racetrack.Wewere recently involved in a Kissathon with ITV to raise money for Haiti and we marchedintheNewYear’sDayParade.”

Sports Editor CharlesWhitting dons his pompoms and explores theworld of cheerleading as a fitness regimewith Cheer Fit


The last statementprovokes a fewgroans fromthe others as they recall cheerlead- ingwiththeusualNewYear’sDayhang- overs. Sam’s got all manner of different

‘We’ve never had an injury

at Cheer Fit... touchwood!’

Samantha Rea

outfits inher flat for these events: casesof pompoms (whichdon’t come cheapat an average of £40 a pair!), as well as every colour legwarmer under the sun. Because they don’t compete Samhas

seen a remarkable disappearance of in- jury in one of the world’s most danger- ous sports. “I’ve been in lots of cheerleading groups and they’re always pushing toomuchtoo fast andultimately people are going to get hurt.But herewe go stage by stage, as slowly as necessary, and so we’ve never had an injury at Cheer Fit... touch wood!” Instead they concentrate on supporting their numer- ous charities, including Breast Cancer Care and theBritishHeart Foundation The evening endswiththe girls invit-

ing me to their shows, or even another session. I see no reason to refuse!

resultsresultsresultsresultsresults leaguesleagues

Men’s Rugby 17th Feb

Royal Vets 1s St Barts 1s UCL 1s KCL 1s

Middlesex 1s Grnwich 1s QMUL 1s

Arts 1s Imp 1s

3-34 72-8

10-10 22-8 5-61 31-8


Imp Meds 3s 12-29


Lndon Met 1s 21-15


Imp Meds 1s Medway 1s

Cantrbry 3s Imp 4s

46-5 34-0

58-7 20-0

Royal Free 3s 24-7 Imperial 1s

Roehmptn 1s Sussex 1s

17th Feb

0-6 6-0 5-3

Imperial 2s Herts 1s

Essex 1s

Imp Meds2s LSE 1s

UCL 2s

Cantrbry 1s

Kingston 2s


UCL 3s


Prtsmth 1s

LSE 2s

LSE 3s

Herts 2s

St Barts 2s

Women’s Football

Middlesex 1s



Men’s Football 17th Feb

UCL 1s Imperial 2s

Royal Free 1s Essex 4s UCL 4s LSE 3s

0-0 3-4 6-1 1-1 1-4 1-1

Essex 2s

Cantrbry 4s Grnwich 3s

KCL 1s

Kingston 4s

KCL 2s


17th Feb


Cantrbry 1s Sussex 1s Kent 2s LSE 1s

Reading 3s KCLMS 2s Imp 2s

Cantrbry 2s RHUL 2s

KCLMS 3s Arts 1s

12-0 4-0 2-4

15-1 2-2 5-1 2-3 2-1 2-2 7-0 2-3

Reading 1s

Royal Free 1s


KCL 1s

Barts 1s


Imp Meds 2s


UCL 2s Imp 3s

LSE 2s

UCL 3s

Women’sHockey 17th Feb

Brunel 2s UCL 1s

Reading 2s

Royal Vets 1s KCLMS 2s

LSE 1s

Roehmton 1s UCL 2s

Imperial 2s Bucks 1s KCLMS 3s

Imp Meds 3s KCLMS 4s

2-3 3-1 0-4 1-2 0-5

4-0 2-3 1-4 0-3 1-1 2-1 2-7


KCL 1s


Royal Free 1s 55-28 Imperial 1s LSE 1s UCL 2s

Imp 1s

Essex 1s


Imp Med 1s

Royal Vets 2s Portsmth 2s

KCL 2s

Arts 1s

Sussex 2s

Imp Meds 2s

Royal Free 2s Portsmth 3s

Brighton 3s

Women’sNetball 17th Feb

St Mary’s 1s UCL 1s

32-51 Middlesex 1s

41-22 32-22


Bart’s 1s

ULUMen’s Football 1st Division

Pos Team

1 2 3

UCL 1s LSE 1s


UCL 2s UCL 3s LSE 2s

10 8 9

4 Royal Free 1s 9 5


6 Imperial 1s 10 7 8 9

10 9


10 St. Barts 1s 11 11

RHUL 1s 12 QMUL 1s RHUL 2s

7 8


13 Imperial 2s 11 14

P W D 9 8 7 6 6 5 5 4 3 2 2 2 2 0

1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 2 1 1 1 0

L 0 0 2 2 4 4 5 5 5 7 4 5 8 9

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