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LondonStudent · 1st March 2010

Candidates for London Student editor

Hilary Aked Current editor

Why re-electme?

Next yearwillbe crunchtime foruniversities, I thinkwe need progressive-minded media in the student move- ment. I also feel I’vemade good judgements this year in approachingnews stories – kicking up a fuss over things likedepartment closures,but showing sensitivity inhan- dling other issues.

I’m passionate about every aspect of London Student,

from News and Politics to the culture magazine Play, and have worked co-operatively and sup- portively with the incredibly hard-working editorial team. I’mproud of what our dedication has produced so far - I believe the paper has been very high quality. If you agree,VoteHilaryAked#1 and re-electme as editor!

This year I have: ▪Re-designed the paper and the website. ▪Kept LS a trustworthy, non-sensational ist source of news. ▪Secured high profile interviews with people likeNoamChomsky&Shami Chakrabarti. ▪Produced special issues for LGBT History Month&BlackHistoryMonth. ▪Put green issues on the agendawith the ‘en- vironmentality’ column and founded the ‘GreatDebate’ ▪Used ethical advertising & brought back crosswords!

Next year I will: ▪Make greater use of the Freedom of Information Act - a key tool for holding universities to account. ▪MakeLS into amultimedia institution: de- velop podcasts and videojournalism. ▪Ensure daily online updates by recruiting bigger website and news teams. ▪Continue to give prominence to student campaigns and provide a platformfor a range of opinions. ▪Organise more: academic comment articles; speaker events; researched, in-depth investigative articles.

Joinmy facebook group and visit

Joe Rennison LSE

I spent two years as London Student news editor and one termsimultaneously editing the news section for the LSE student newspaper. I joined the paper’s editorial board in my first year and received a ULU laurel for outstanding service to London Student at the end ofmy second year. I currentlywrite freelance articles forThe Independent, four regional papers and an online graduate employment web- site. I want to bring this experience back to London Stu- dent,making the paper themost professional it has ever been.

I believe in striving for impartiality. I also believe the paper should have a more unified

direction, such as comment articles reflecting what’s in the news and sport giving emphasis to studentmatches.

I will put in place regular, free training events for writers and ensure they receive feedback

on each article that theywrite.Having spent somuch timewith the paper I understand the im- portance of every individual that comes together to create it.

There are also important changes to be made from a management point of view. To im-

prove the finances of the paper I intend to utilise advertising space on the website and organ- ising speaking events by professional journalists. I will recruit amanagement teamto oversee these developments.

Lastly, I want to be clear that anymanifesto that I produce will be augmented by the ideas

of everybody who ends up working for London Student next year. Vote Joe Rennison for London Student Editor:

Emily Henderson King’s College

The London Student is not a national paper. Its primary purpose should be to provide information and support to students at theUniversity ofLondon and to represent the diverse views of the student body. It should not be used as a vehicle to push a sole political opinion.

If elected, I’ll put reporting news and providing infor-

mation that relates directly toLondon students at the heart of the paper and conduct investigative news reports to hold the heads of colleges and student unions to account for the changes that af- fect our degrees and universities.

I’ll support student activitiesby reporting their individual andsocietal achievements. Sportswill

contain in-depth coverage of college teams, whilst Play will hold listings and reviews of student productions. The paper will support the campaigns that affect the entire student body. I’ll widen the scope of the paper with more light-hearted articles and a ‘tea-break’ section. There will be increased reader-paper contact,with a ‘Letters to the Editor’ page.

I’ll expand the use of the paper’swebsitewith features broadcast online as podcasts and video-

clips. The paper will be redesigned to a broadsheet style by a graphics team and I’ll expand the number of sub-editors to eliminate embarrassing typos.

I’ve beeninvolvedwiththeLondonStudent throughoutmy degree and I’mcurrentlyFeatures

Editor. I’ve written for sections across the paper, on topics fromfeminismto the internship crisis and I haveworked in broadcasting at the BBC,withMore 4 and theGuardian online.


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