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LondonStudent · 1st March 2010

ULU Elections · 13

Vote:ULUElections 2010

Candidates forULUPresident

Ghazi Aftab Rahman QueenMary

A knowledgeable and enthusiastic President is vital for success.My current position as QueenMary SU Trustee/Governor has providedmewith awide range of knowledge about the dynamics such of SUand op- portunities available.

My previously elected roles as International Student Officer and my role as Business Management Student Rep

for 3 years consecutively has undoubtedly provided with me with a extensive array of expe- rience in how to satisfy student needs.

My consistently active student life, participating in a diverse range of societies, has given

me the ambition to cater for the needs of a diverse student population. I believe can best achieve this through, cultivate ULU, facilitating success and make it a central element of the exciting and rewarding university experience for all UoL students.

Pledges: ▪ Increased cohesion/awareness in UoL. ▪More support and advice for students. ▪ Promote more job fares for graduates ▪More student representation ▪ Ensure maximum student experience. ▪Make ULU ‘greener’. ▪ Lobby for bigger budget for ULU. ▪ Fight apathy. ▪ Continue current flow of success of ULU.

Why me: ▪ Course rep for consecutive 3 years in Business Management 07-10 ▪ QM's International Student Officer - 2008/2009 ▪ QMSU Student Trustee/Governor - 2009/2010 ▪ Trustee sub-committee for scrutinizing finance of QMSU - 2009/2010 ▪ Enthusiastic, Approachable, Excellent Management Skills ▪ An active and dedicated member of different clubs and societies of ULU.

I hope I can count on your support so we can continue and enhance the success of ULU.

Clare Solomon SOAS

Students acrossLondon need a strong and dynamic campaigning union to defend themselves against the savage cuts in education and across public serv- ices threatened under Labour and Conservatives.

It's obscene that students and those relying on so- cial services andworking hardest are beingmade to pay

for the bankers' greed.Higher education will suffer cuts of £449mbecause of the crisis. ULU must be at the heart of a London-wide movement which uses the strengths, talents and ex- perience of all students in the city in the fight for adequate funding.

A real union ismore than gymmembership.ULU’s excellent facilities will be a hub of ac-

tivity, accessible to every student. From two years’ experience as SOAS Finance and Com- munications sabbatical, I knowstudents feel part of the unionmostwhen it is active, effective and visible.

TheULUPresidentmust project student voices to the outsideworld and campaignswork.

We occupied our colleges when Israel invaded Gaza last year, killingmore than 1,300 people. Thousands protested against wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.We cannot let Islamophobia bol- ster the Nazi BNP.

Climate protests have made governments across the globe take notice.Miss University is

not returning to our campuses becausewe protested. I have been active in all these campaigns. London is expensive. SOAS Justice for Cleaners campaign delivered the London living

wage for SOAS staff and helped launch successful campaigns across London. I will continue to fight for a London LivingWage for all staff and students.

Candidates for StudentTrustee

Maham Hashmi SOAS

I am running for the position of student trustee

because I believe in the importance of a democratic system that is held accountable by the members of its constituency.

I stand for the rights of students to be fairly represented and not to be underminded by external in-

terests. I think of students as students and not as clients. I am currently a trusetee for SOAS student union and believe a Trustee should not

block political decisions made by the students. I will fight for ULU as a campaigning organisation, in which the will and beliefs of the students are represented by their elected officers.

I want to put an end to decisions made by the elcected senate overruled by the external trustees.

Daniel Valentine King’s College

Daniel Valentine is a post-graduate student in the de- partment of theology and religious studies at King’s College London.

As a ULU Trustee I would bring the dedication, de-

termination, and experience necessary to ensure that the Union acts within its financial and legal duties, and always acts in the best interests of students.

I have a good understanding of the role of a trustee as set out by the Charity Commission and

I will ensure that ULU fulfils its legal responsibilities under the Charities Act 2006, particularly ensuring that the actions of the Union fall within the definition of charitable purposes. Many students have not heard of ULU and it is ULU that needs to take responsibility for changing this, to ensure that all students have access to the services that ULU provides.

I will represent all students including postgraduate, mature, and international students.

ULU should not be dominated by a small group, but must serve the entire student population, providing quality services for everyone. I welcome feedback from students throughout the year regarding the cost efficiency and quality of services provided by ULU. Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4  |  Page 5  |  Page 6  |  Page 7  |  Page 8  |  Page 9  |  Page 10  |  Page 11  |  Page 12  |  Page 13  |  Page 14  |  Page 15  |  Page 16  |  Page 17  |  Page 18  |  Page 19  |  Page 20  |  Page 21  |  Page 22  |  Page 23  |  Page 24  |  Page 25  |  Page 26  |  Page 27  |  Page 28
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