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LondonStudent · 1st March 2010

LONDON LOVESwith Aferdita Pacrami

Charelle, 21

Statistics with Computing

Jakub, 20

I am(in three words): ‘Funny, talkative and confident’

Biggest turn-on: ‘Eyes’ Biggest turn-off: ‘Arrogance’ Best chat-up line: ‘I’ma swimmer, do you want to feelmymuscle?’ Did it work? ‘Worked when I was 15’

Dating etiquette varies tremen- dously from traditional courtship, arranged marriages, kidnapping and simple promiscuity; there is more than one way of getting things done. However you choose to ap- proach the problem at hand, the end result is always the same. Sex.

This is something that London

Loves has been severely lacking this year. So far all of the dates have ended amicably without any roman- tic inclinations of any kind, not even horny inclinations. Sure, sometimes I’ll admit it’s

been my fault but I did sincerely try at times. This time, for example, I had an accumulation of lonely and hungry student waiting to meet each other. I thoroughly examined each one and found that these two were the most compatible. I also decided to add a bit of spontaneity to London Loves. Waiting to be introduced to

your potential mate by a third party is very old fashioned. Instead, due to a spark of ingenuity on my part (and very bad time management causing me to be very late) I decided to have Jakub and Charelle meet each other. Waiting outside the restaurant ask-

ing everyone that walks by if they’re going on a date is a sure fire way to making the evening very exciting. Surely, this time I must have gotten this right.

The Date

Jakub’s Report

I will summarise the highlights of

my date in bullet points: -Spent three hours in the restaurant discussing everything and any- thing:pre nuptials in a marriage, the state of the British railway system, the- office, the olympics, going out in Lon- don, getting drunk, the economy.Time

Arts Administration

I am(in three words): ‘ Loud, talkative and crazy’

Biggest turn-on: ‘Nice eyes.’ Biggest turn-off: ‘Tattoos.’ Best chat-up line: ‘You must be tired because you have running throughmy mind all day.’ My ideal date would be... a drink & stroll by the river

just flew so fast. -Although so different in terms of de- grees so much in common terms of hobbies and views. -We just talked all the time. No silence. - That’s about it. Can’t write more.

The Date

Charelle’s report

The date went well, I was a bit ap-

prehensive before. I was worried that conversation may be really awkward and we would have nothing in com- mon. When I first saw him I hoped it was Jakub cause he looked nice and I was happy when it was. He was better looking than I expected. When he first saw me he wasn’t sure whether I was the matchmaker or the date. He seemed happy when I said I was the date. I suppose I made a good first im-

pression, it was a bit awkward since I was waiting for him but didn’t know

who he was. The restaurant had a nice atmos-

phere but maybe the waiters were coming over a bit too much. The food was really nice, particularly my choco- late brownie pudding. We had a lot to talk about: our

courses and ambitions, stories of par- tying, Jakub gave me a run down of student clubbing in London… oh and Prenups and ‘the game’. The conver- sation flowed really easy and there weren’t any awkward silences. I would say we had a fair bit in common. I really got on with him, but I

wouldn’t say there was a romantic spark between us. I think he thought that I was a friendly and easy to talk to. The date ended good. We realised it was half 10 and so had been talking for 3 hours virtually non-stop. He hob- bled me to the tube. I really enjoyed the date. Jakub was really friendly and easy to talk to. Good food and good company. Overall, it was a very enjoy- able night. He gave me his number so if it’s his real one then I would meet up with him again.

Jakub and Charelle went to Giraffe - laid back

restaurants with a world music feel and interna-

tional dishes. Give them a try!



Our cupid says...

I understand that I am supposed to use this section to comment on the date and give my worldly advice to the readers. However, I have decided todraw a picture to show how I think the date should have gone instead.

Lonely and/or hungry? Email Aferdita:

Seen a fittie in the library? Text 07974 461 307 to tell


‘You’re the blonde his- tory student who’s al- ways sitting in the english department. We love your smile and al- ways talk about you in rolls cafe x’

‘Blonde cutie with glasses, Billie Piper lookalike, give me a call, your Doctor Who? Quiz night in Queens’

‘To the ginger hottie in LSE library. I would like to make ginger babies with you.’



























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