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Buying more romance-inspired books than any other city in Canada, Saskatoon has been deemed by online retailer to be the “most romantic” city, followed closely by Calgary, Victoria and Regina, which ranked fourth overall. Ryshia Kennie, a Regina romance author with two published romance novels to her credit, including her newly-released novel, Ring of Fire, says she stumbled across the information in an article that was published right before Valentine’s Day. “They had done a survey based on the buying habits of customers and

it came out that basically as far as movies, books and anything with a romantic theme was concerned, Saskatoon ranked as the number one consumer of romance materials,” says Kennie. “With a ranking of one and four in our two major cities, that pretty much makes Saskatchewan one of the most romantic places in the country.” For Kennie as a writer of romance, she says it’s a good feeling to know she has a target audience right in her own backyard. “Basically, it wakes you up to the fact that

it’s all around you. When you pay attention to what people are reading or watching, you start to notice as you’re walking down the street and you see someone reading you suddenly notice that they’re actually

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Sask. is the most romantic province

reading a romance.” As to why the romance genre is so highly sought after in Saskatchewan, Kennie says she has her own theories.

“I think it has to do a lot with the prairies, and where our roots came from. We’re still such a young province and we’re still really big dreamers with really huge horizons. It’s just the real sense of hope that Saskatchewan people have.” It was a sense of hope Kennie was able to dive deeper into when she undertook research for her first book, From the Dust, set in Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley and based during the time of the Great Depression.

“When I would talk to some of the

oldtimer’s around here, that’s a lot of what they would talk about when they spoke about the Depression. They would talk about the hope and the love, and of when they were young newlyweds,” says Kennie. “Despite the economy of the time, there was still a lot of hopefulness and dreaming of that happy ending, which romance kind of helps to provide. It’s that happy ending that we all really look for, whether or not we admit it.”

As for the other parts of the country that may be slightly more jaded about romance, Kennie says, “They probably like romance just as much, they probably just won’t admit it like we will.”

Film festival/trade fair will try to push local talent


It’s been a difficult year in the Saskatchewan film industry. Matthew Todd Paproski, president of, says, “In the wake of what may be the most disastrous year ever in Saskatchewan film industry history, our timely festival is now also holding a trade fair in a bold effort to stimulate production.” Not only has production volume been dwindling, but provincial broadcaster SCN is being closed down. Without an SCN broadcast license, it is

difficult for producers to trigger funding. “Our company and most filmmakers in Saskatchewan owe a debt of gratitude to SCN for nurturing us. In its absence will be havoc and even bankruptcy to many in our independent filmmaking community already fighting a difficult battle in the new

media world. We need to support this visual art and involve special needs groups such as youth and people with disabilities”. Manager Frank Sirianni of the Kindersley Inn says, “upon hearing Matt’s plans to stimulate business, like parking a race car indoors, I got the idea it was like having a trade show. As the highest profile hotel in town, it is only fitting we sponsor it and do what we can to boost tourism. We are very pleased to host this trade fair and provide our ballroom with refreshments and snacks, our Dogghouse Lounge, production office support, discounted room rates for festival guests and a shuttle bus to events.” According to Paproski, “the festival is getting such strong support we wanted to add exposure at a Trade Fair as an extra benefit for sponsors. Besides our sponsors receiving media, advertising and passes,

they can also have displays and network with local people, tourists and filmmakers. The Trade Fair is 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on April 30 at the Kindersley Inn. Advance tickets to films and workshops are on sale at the event. All those dressed up for the Town’s proclaimed Dress as a Celebrity Day may get pictures taken on a red carpet and ‘youth’ in town are holding a Best–Dressed Celebrity Contest with prizes like limousine services.”

Kim Edmunds, executive director of West Central Abilities says, “We can all help promote what this town has to offer at this event, not just its energy and resources but also its heart. WCA was founded in 1972 to provide services to people with cognitive disabilities. Today we have an activity

centre, group homes, and an independent living program. We operate the SARCAN depot in Kindersley and have a waste management business. Now we are launching a supported employment program and we see this as a good opportunity for our clients to show employers they are loyal, hard working and capable individuals by running the concession for the festival.” The Film Festival, which runs from April 30 to May 2, will include feature, documentary and short film screenings; workshops about filmmaking and new media involving the internet, social networking and gaming; and guest speakers, business networking and community receptions.

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