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Reduce Our Oil Consumption

To The Editor: During the past few

years Russian oil revenues have generated a surplus of $500 billion, and Rus- sia is using this money to rebuild and expand its military after many years of neglect. The refurbishment of

the Russian military has been accompanied by a revival of the cold war, and we are in the midst of a resurgence of Russia and its totalitarian machi- nations. The foray into Georgia is


The Weirs Times was first published in 1883 by Mathew H. Calvert. The newspaper, then named Calvert’s Weirs Times and Tourists’ Gazette, was published until Mr. Calvert’s death in 1902.

One of the most remarkable features of the publication was a map of Lake Winnipesaukee which occupied the center spread of the paper. Readers will find the same map reprinted on the center pages of this, and every issue.

The new Weirs Times was re-established in 1992 and strives to maintain the patriotic spirit of its predecessor as well as his devotion to the interests of Lake Winnipesaukee and vicinity.


Locally owned for over 17 years, this publication is devoted to printing the stories of the people and places that make New Hampshire the best place in the world to live. No, none of the daily grind news will be found in these pages, just the good stuff.

30,000 copies are distributed every week in the Lakes Region/Concord area. 15,000 delivered to

Advertise with confidence. Circulation Verified by

Audit Completed 09/30/09

communities along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and another 15,000 to neighboring cities and towns. An independent circulation audit estimates that over 60,000 people read the Weirs Times every week.

To advertise your business or service call 1-888-308-8463.

Published year round on Thursdays by The Weirs Publishing Company, Inc. PO Box 5458, Weirs, NH 03247 603-366-8463 Fax 603-366-7301




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an example of the mental- ity of the Russian leader- ship, and Russia might be rekindling a close relation- ship with Cuba, including the reopening of a sophis- ticated electronic intelli- gence gathering operation in Lourdes, Cuba. Russia has conducted talks with Cuba, Syria and Vietnam on the use of naval bases, has sent naval forces to visit Venezuelan ports, and has promised to help Chavez develop a nuclear “energy”(???) program. As the largest consumer

of oil in the world we have to continue to reduce our oil consumption, which

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e mountains!

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will help our economy and the environment, exert downward pressure on oil prices, and decrease the revenue going to Russia and other foreign coun- tries. We need fuel ef- ficient vehicles, more al- ternative energy sources, increased domestic oil and natural gas produc- tion, and more nuclear power plants.

Donald A. Moskowitz Londonderry, NH

Stay Tuned

To The Editor: Since January, 2009,

the liberal progressive democrats and the Obama administration have taken control of just about 51% of all the private economy in the U.S. Several large banks, a

large insurance company, (AIG), General Motors, Chrysler, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (mort- gages) Student loans, and the health care industry. This isn’t just a differ-

ent point of view on the part of the usurpers. It is an outright attempt to destroy the foundation of our country’s strength; private industry conduct- ed by our citizens. Want more? They are increasing tax-

es and causing insur- ance premiums to rise for health insurance cov- erage such as Medicare and Blue Cross. They are planning to let the Bush tax cuts expire which will represent a massive tax increase on our citizens. They are planning a car- bon tax on the private energy industry which will drive our household heat- ing and electrical costs out of sight. They are planning a national sales tax (VAT) in the order of 20-25% on top of all the horrendous taxes we already pay. Obama supposedly la- ments the size of the na- tional debt. What has he done to decrease it? Ev-

erything he does adds to the debt which tells me he wants to drive the middle class out of existence and the U.S.A. into oblivion. Take a look at the unem- ployment rate. We the people are the

last line of defense against an imposter and his lib- eral progressive democrat accomplices in the Con- gress. I say throw them ignominiously out of office in November and throw him out in 2012 like a pair of old shoes. Want more? Will the

take- over of the coal min- ing industry be next be- cause there was an ac- cident in West Virginia? Want more? Stay tuned. Our retirement savings are in their sights.

John Sangenario Hampton, NH

Thanks From Remick Museum

To The Editor: The staff at the Remick

Country Doctor Muse- um & Farm would like to thank visitors for coming to our annual Maple Sug- aring Event. It was the best Maple Sugaring event yet, with a record break- ing 620 visitors! We first want to thank

our special event spon- sors: Troy Boynton from On the Wall Painting and Remodeling Co., in Tam- worth, Steven Cote from Ossipee Insurance Agen- cy in Ossipee and Tim Robinson from Turkey Street Maples in Choc- orua. Thank you for your support of this event and believing in our mission. We also want to thank

our wonderful dedicat- ed volunteers: Sharon Nothnagle, David Pomer- leau, Isabelle Pomerleau, Miranda Cottrell, Ryan Cottrell, Andrew Lavoie, Ann Albrecht, Claire Can- field, Bill Jones, Gates In- gram, Laurie LaBrecque, George Fryburg, Alice Bar-

See MAIL BOAT on 26

THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, April 22, 2010








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