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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, April 22, 2010


by Mal Fuller

Contributing Writer

When we last went Ram-

bling, I promised a look at Wolfeboro’s Unsolved Murder case, the mur- der of Stacey Burns on Mother’s Day, last year. Unbeknownst to me when I made that vow, Thomas Beeler, the editor of Wolfe-

boro’s Granite State News

was also thinking about the dearth of information about the State’s apparent- ly top secret investigation into the murder. The next week, in the April 1st


tion of his newspaper, Mr. Beeler wrote an excellent editorial entitled: Overdue

For An Update.

Mr. Beeler pointed out

that the Attorney General’s office has released zero information regarding the allegedly “on-going” inves- tigation. He says, in fact: “We have followed up peri- odically, asking for a status report, and have been told that the investigation is ongoing, period, with abso- lutely no elaboration.” Mr. Beeler also pointed out that the New Hampshire State Police Major Crimes Unit has issued multiple reas- surances that “Wolfeboro residents have nothing to fear”. Well, I’m a Wolfeboro resident and I fear that the Major Crimes Unit isn’t do- ing its job! A poster on the Winnipe-

leads to the image that they have done nothing.” New Hampshire news- casters have been harp- ing of late about how New Hampshire can cover its 25-million dollar budget deficit. I don’t know all the answers here, but it seems to me that a good place to start trimming would be in the Major Crimes Unit of the New Hampshire State Police since they’ve no re- spect for the Wolfeboro

See RAMBLING on 18

I found myself caught up in an Edsel debate this week. In the accompanying article you can read about it and judge for yourself as to how I did! I think that this photo of an Edsel hood ornament is an especially beautiful piece of color photography.


saukee Forum summed up the situation hand- ily as follows: “The police should be ashamed, and also Strezlin [one of many New Hampshire Assistant Attorneys General]. They could at least have given us the facade that they care. They could give an occa- sional update in the paper or news. They could have told the truth about what happened in October. They could have stopped much of the rumors circulating in

town by eliminating people that they are positive were not involved and by dispel-

ling much of the ridiculous gossip. Instead, they have told us nothing, which


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