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Dear Editor

I hope you will print this time, at least in your letter page “Yours Sincerely”, my concern. I have been watching how your team has helped and developed the image of our curry industry to the highest level. I never imagined this would be possible in our lifetime. Last year I took some of my restaurant customers to the British Curry Awards 2010. Now every time they come to my restaurant for dinner they are talking about the Oscars of our industry. We are particularly lucky to have been introduced to Rt David Cameron MP by you. We all are very proud of you that we could listen to his speech. Unfortunately, some so called leaders and pundits etc from our commu- nity are trying to copy your idea, including your magazine and British Curry Awards, and make a fool of themselves and the curry industry at the cost of embarrass- ment to our wider community.

I have been running restaurant for the last 37 years. I have never seen any one who has ever done anything for us other than create recipes for disunity among us and waste time with Bangladeshi politics.

You don’t have to go far to know Spice Business Magazine and British Curry Awards, you can visualise their contribu- tion over the years and how we have been benefited directly and indirectly.

My strong message to the impostors will be they will be name shamed by the media.

I have great respect for the genuine and honest intention to help our industry with- out any hidden agenda.

Please keep up your fantastic work, we all are behind you

Regards S Chowdhury Middlesex

Dear Editor

I am a restaurateur. I did not attend the British Curry Awards 2009. Then I heard that David Cameron, leader of the Conservatives had addressed the occa- sion as its Chief Guest. I regretted that I had missed such a historic occasion.

Thanks to the editor of Spice Business Magazine for publishing the full speech in the February/March edition. And thanks to British Curry Awards for enlisting the support of David Cameron for the curry industry. His words of appreciation and inspiration for our industry are immensely gratifying. As the greatest ever inventor Benjamin Frankly observed ‘Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration’. We have been, from the time of our forefathers who started this curry industry centuries ago, giving every drop of our perspiration to it. Now we have got the much needed inspiration and that too from a prime minister in the waiting!

The data on the turnover of the curry industry David Cameron has put forward in comparison to premier league soccer, the biggest passion in this country, and cinema is an eye opener. Then his trib- ute to our family values, which are falling apart as he said in this country, and the strong dynamic and vibrant communi- ties that we make is an apt reward for our industry and community. He closed his speech with congratulation to us and our forefathers who have made this country a richer, a stronger, a more interesting and a better fed country. And above all it is our values that the English in Britain need more today.

David Cameron has won our hearts! I will really appreciate if you will share my views with your readers.

Yours sincerely Kaiser Hamid Burnley

Spice Business Magazine 49

Dear Editor,

I am a restaurateur and I employed an overseas student as a part time waiter in my restaurant. I had checked his passport, NI card and identity card, photocopied them and kept them in my file duly signed and dated.

One day, inspectors from the UKBA came to my restaurant with a notice from the college he was registered with saying he was not attending his classes. I was shocked; because he always told me he was going to attend college on his days off. But the UKBA people would not listen to my pleas. They slapped a fine of £5000 on me and arrested my student employee for deportation.

UKBA is getting tougher by the day after the ban on the immigration of students from the Indian subcontinent this year. It seems they plan to flush out those who are not really students, after a lot of bogus colleges have been asked to close.

I would like to share my concern with your readers that employers should check with the colleges about their student employees’ attendance there.

Yours sincerely Sayeed Baksh London

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