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Salem Community Patriot

April 16, 2010 - 5

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

Government Control

The U.S. government has truly embarked on a campaign of total government control of almost all services that private enterprise has been capable of handling as a free people.

Among these are the social control of welfare, Medicaid, and now the healthcare industry by mandates and intimidation. The U.S. military complex is under the control of the president. Now we get overkill and entirely too many regulations in the stock market and control over the banks. The Obama Democrats talk about more control over IRA savings and pension accounts and health savings accounts. Social Security’s hard-earned payments by individuals that earned them are put at danger by this government’s out-of-control high spending and accumulating national debt. The total takeover by the federal government of the student loan program recently means no more private lending. Future takeovers include the immigration program, where as many as 18 million people could be granted as amnesty, with most never having earned the right to be an American citizen. An attempt to federalize gun control puts the guns in the hands of the criminals. The Democrats will give us an expensive Global Warming Bill when the timing is right. Elected democratic, progressive socialists will try to make you dependent on the government, just like in Europe. Why don’t they stop the fraud and waste in government programs like Medicare—$50 billion last year! Hire 16,000 honest college grads to root out the fraud! That would pay for itself 1,000 times over! A returning of money to Medicare! This reminds us of the takeover from pony express days to grow to a huge government control of the U.S. postal department. Now, a stamp is 44 cents and there is serious talk about stopping Saturday deliveries as this government program continues to go bankrupt (too much government). One must ask themselves: what will happen when all the above controls imposed on the above programs take effect? As bad as the debit we owe to countries like China is the possible loss of our freedom! Changes need to be made to these programs to reverse the trend to progressive socialism. We all need to protect freedom every day or lose! “Live Free or Die.”

Ed Brooks - Salem

Is ‘Nuclear Zero’ Right for America?

In the past, Republican and Democratic administrations have maintained a delicate balance between parallel goals of modernizing nuclear programs for deterrence and pursuing nuclear arms reductions. Recently, the Obama Administration has made modernization for deterrence subordinate to its top foreign policy objective of complete nuclear disarmament, termed “nuclear zero.” While a nuclear arms-free world is a desirable bipartisan goal, it would be folly to pursue that ideal at all costs. The rapid succession of two world wars during the first half of the 20th Century, and the absence of a third world war during the subsequent nuclear era, dramatically demonstrates the

deterrent value of nuclear weapons. Moreover, the percentage of the world’s population lost to war each year has dropped dramatically since the presence of nuclear deterrence. Following World War II, the heroic statesman,

Winston Churchill, warned America, “Be careful above all things not to let go of the atomic weapon until you are sure, and more than sure, that other means of preserving peace are in your hands.” The current administration’s new nuclear policy is troubling because “nuclear zero” cannot be achieved unilaterally, or even bilaterally. Rather, it will require many countries to make the strategic decision that nuclear weapons are unnecessary for their own security. This is to say nothing of the desire of our enemies to develop or otherwise gain possession of nuclear arms technology. Until commitments with accompanying enforcement mechanisms have been secured with all applicable nations, we would be wise to maintain our traditional nuclear balance. In the next few months, President Obama will be putting forward several proposals, including a new nuclear reduction treaty with Russia for ratification by the Senate, which will drastically change our nuclear posture. These proposals should be examined very carefully by New Hampshire’s congressional delegation. To disarm America of its most potent deterrent in a dangerous world runs counter to our security interests and demonstrates no appreciation of Churchill’s warning.

Representative D.J. Bettencourt - Salem

Spending Policies We Don’t Need

The recent letter from Mr. Klessens shows he reads the text of Rahm Emmanuels’s weekly propaganda conference call with Democrats, activists, and the press. He uses the same catch words and descriptive fictional phrases like “creating two million jobs in the last nine months.” Joblessness stands officially at 9.7 percent after one month where 162,000 jobs were added—48,000 of which were temporary Census jobs. However, if you are self-employed, have been looking for work past 29 weeks, and several other categories, you are not counted in the statistics. Real joblessness is around 16-plus percent when these factors are taken into account. The Department of Labor lists 2,787,770 jobs lost since the beginning of 2008. The heaviest losses actually occurred in 2009 after the stimulus package. So where are these net new jobs created? Oh, I know, I’m sorry—those are what our Ruler calls “saved jobs?” As to “exponential growth,” according to the White House’s Website, an $890 shoe order for the Army Corps of Engineers courtesy of the stimulus package supposedly created nine new jobs at Moore’s Shoes and Services in Campbellsville, KY. At that rate, you’re right—two million jobs isn’t hard. ‘Course it also isn’t true!

Since 1974, budgets are written by Congressional Budget Committees. Republican Congressional 2001-2006 deficits went over $400 billion twice in eight years, the largest being the

years of Katrina and 9/11, each of which added $250 billion in cost. However, after the Bush tax cuts, deficit spending was reduced by over half in three years, 2003-2006, due to the surge in tax revenue from the economic activity created when more money is available to private enterprise versus the government. That said, the deficits after the Democrats took control of Congressional Budgets in 2006 resulted in a 2008 increase of over 50 percent and, since 2008, have tripled ($1.5T and $1.8T) per year. These projections, prior to the $2 trillion in debt for Obamacare, add $10 trillion in debt over the next 10 years for a total debt of $26 trillion. That’s without unfunded liabilities of over $100 trillion for entitlements. Since imposing the unsustainable, cradle-to-

grave government entitlements, the large European Social Democracies have been forced to add huge income taxes now up over 50 percent. They also have created the Value Added Tax, which adds 15- to 25-percent tax at every level of development of a product. This means a product with a cost of $100, which goes through three levels of development costs—net cost is $152. Before profit. Cost to the consumer of all goods and services rises 50 percent under this plan. Since implemented in Europe, unemployment has been consistently around 10 percent and GDP growth half of the U.S. or less. There are articles detailing the unsustainable policies of their welfare state in Germany, France, England, and Canada, all of which have populations 10-20 percent of the U.S. Europe is trying to throw this yoke off while Obama is trying to implement it. Did you know that around the turn of the

century, Argentina was the largest economy on the planet? Then they elected Peron, who implemented these same policies and bankrupted the country. It has never been the same since. They have also suffered through the same hyperinflation we are about to experience as Obama prints money with no value. Cap and Trade adds another 50 percent growth in costs for energy. Think about it – $5.50 for milk alone – pick a product and double it, and that’s the result of Obama’s

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fiscal policy. And that is before hyperinflation hits. What is the benefit to U.S. citizens of these spending policies? Vote out all politicians in November who favor these plans – in either party – or suffer the consequences.

Bill Weimar - Salem

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Catherine Panciocco - Salem

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