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April 9, 2010 - 13

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to fire pits, chimmineas and

what have you. It may be fun for you to sit around the fire, but those of us downwind are having problems breathing in the fumes! Which by the way, are toxic, not to mention just plain dirty. We suffer all Fall and Winter because some people have to heat with firewood—it fouls our clothes, hair and skin as we leave for work and arrive home again, go out for the paper and walk the dog, rake or plow snow, not to mention enjoy our own property. Heat is a necessity—outdoor pits are not. Please have some compassion on your neighbors and let us enjoy the fresh Spring breezes, have our windows open, hang out laundry, let the kids play outdoors, etc. Thank you.”

“Thumbs down! 2 out of every 3 voters who

voted on this Hudson Fence issue said to drop the lawsuit! The selectmen clearly didn’t like losing to the voters, so they are making a power play and trying to make an example of this family! What can we do about this?? What can we do to be sure our votes count or to donate to the fine? I am putting a donation in an envelope and mailing it to the Radziewicz family and I will be spreading the word!! Vote out the pompous, arrogant Bullies!

“Thumbs up! Bravo, Best show I’ve ever seen,

if you left the show without a smile there is something definitely wrong with you. I have been to many shows but this is one with school kids that takes the book. If I could of I would have seen it more, but they had none to sell. There is nothing I could say needs to be changed; seating lighting, nothing, perfect, perfect, Alvirne High School be proud!”

“Thumbs down to the person that wants yet another coffee shop and ‘organic food store.’ Try going to ANY local grocery store where they sell plenty of organic foods, or here’s one GROW YOUR OWN! And I know it’s tough, there are only a couple hundred coffee shops to choose from throughout the state. Wouldn’t be contradicting yourself talking about organic foods and then wanting yet another store which produces pollution and trash, encourages consumption of products that are anything but healthy, instead of looking for a Nature Park, or how about cleaning the area and giving it back to nature!”

“Thumbs up to the Hudson

Police Department. Thank you for your dedication to our Town. I saw more than one of you helping people in the pouring rain over the last few days when most cops would be hiding behind buildings in their nice, warm cruisers. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say good job and keep up the good work.”

“Thumbs up to two great local businesses, Tate’s Garage & Gold Seal Audiowurks! My car would not start, I placed a call to Tate’s Garage to help me and they took care of me right away. The problem was with my car starter, Tate’s contacted Gold Seal, and the car was taken there, fixed the same day, all with minimum to no cost to me. Thank you both very much for your ongoing great service. MK

“Thumbs down to people who let their dogs out at night unsupervised. I was driving home from a friend’s house the other night around 10 and

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had to stop short for a Golden Retriever sitting in the middle of the road! I would be completely heartbroken if I had hit the poor dog. I felt like walking up to the owner’s house and saying something to them. If you cannot take care of your

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

“We want to be your Mechanic”

animal the proper way, then you should not have one at all. Sincerely, a concerned 16 yr old girl from Hudson.”

“Thumbs up and THANK

YOU to Mr. and Mrs. Ouellette, Chris Landry, Neil Philcrantz, Mr. and Mrs. Guessferd, Russ Magnuson and all the great volunteers who helped with Cabaret.”

“Thumbs down! Correct me if I’m wrong, but when we, the Overwhelming Majority (and it clearly was an overwhelming majority), voted to drop the Fence Lawsuit, it Clearly Stated, “… and All Fines and Fees”! Wake up Selectmen! We were telling you to Eat those fines and fees, not turn around and threaten the family with a $50,000 fine again! Listen to us! We taxpayers don’t want the money “Recouped”! That’s why we voted! Give the Radz family their money back, you thieves! If not, there are more than 2,000 voters ready to vote you Out!

“Thumbs up to Tom at Men’s Cuts in Litchfield for going to the hospital to cut patient’s hair. I think that’s wonderful to go out of your way to do a special service for someone who’s sick. ‘Thumbs up to Tom!”

“Thumbs up to whoever found my keys in the

Hannaford parking lot and put them in the lock in the door, I so appreciate that.”

“Thumbs down to the articles

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for voting. Very, very, very difficult to understand. Several of my neighbors did not vote as I did not as I could not figure out the nature of the articles.”


expires 4/24/10


“Thumbs up to citizens who will not be intimidated by neighbors with loud barking dogs. Help animal control officers to locate them. Call and regain the quiet of our town. The animal could be in need.”

“Thumbs down to the person

“Thumbs up to the express cashier at Hannaford for looking through the pennies in her drawer for a ‘wheat penny’ for my grandson’s coin collection. ‘ Thumbs up’.”

“Thumbs up a big ‘thumbs up’ to the Italian bakery located in Hudson. This is the best Italian bakery I’ve been to in a long time. Way to go, ‘thumbs up’.”

“Thumbs up. Welcome home

private Quigley we are so proud of you. Love, Michelle Norman and Alexis.”

“Thumbs up to all the parents

who teach their little angles to keep their extremities inside the windows of moving vehicles and to act like decent human beings. It can be done... unless of course, the children don’t have decent parents to teach them. “

“Thumbs up to all of the students who participated in

Cabaret. You did an outstanding job at Cabaret. Hudson is very proud of you!”

“Thumbs up to Nancy B., a super fabulous volunteer at GMS. You do so much for our school.

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Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880- 1516 or emailed to us at thumbs@areanewsgroup. com. When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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who wrote a ‘thumbs down’ to redheads. It is ignorance, stereotyping, and prejudice like this that allowed the Holocaust to happen. You should be ashamed of yourself. You obviously don’t know many redheaded women in Hudson. I know several of them and they are all very nice people. You could learn something from them.”

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“Thumbs down. If anyone really feels gambling in New Hampshire, and Hudson in particular, is good think again. I worked in the Norwich area for years and let me tell you will never have the quality of life as you now know it, and I don’t mean this is a positive light. Sure, these are tough times with lots of money and promises being tossed around and looking great right about now, but do you want to lose your way of life as you now know it never to return? I’m moving again and can only wish you the very best.”

“Thumbs down to the parent who complained

about First Student Bus company and the Litchfield School District. These bus drivers are responsible for YOUR children while they are on the bus and you should be thanking them! As soon as a child gets hurt doing something child-like (for lack of a better word ‘stupid’) you’ll be the first one to complain that it was the bus drivers fault. These bus drivers are thinking of the child’s safety first and foremost! So when a ‘bright’ child asks… ‘Gee Bus driver, what do you think would happen if I stuck my head out the window?’ should the bus driver answer with a giggle or the truth? If you’re not happy with the bus drivers, take your kid to school yourself! Oh, and have a nice day!”

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well. ‘Thumbs down’ to the parents for telling their kid to stock our son at the bus stop. Maybe a new neighborhood is what you all need. Leave our son alone....”

“Thumbs down to the Hudson and Litchfield

School Districts for scheduling Winter Break (February 2011) the exact same week as Massachusetts!!! Now we will have to pay more for our vacation, if we can take one, because of the higher prices that are charged that week! Please, re-think this action and get it changed! Parents - contact your school district and urge them to reconsider!!! Parents in Nashua were able to, so can we!!! Let’s keep New Hampshire vacation separate so everyone can enjoy!!!”

“Thumbs down to the teacher of. She has no right to tell students what they can or can’t wear after school. Unless she is the coach of the middle school track and field team, which you are NOT, mind your own business. Not only is it rude, it is really creepy. Pay attention to your own members of your track team. the middle school track and field team does not need your comments about the girl’s shorts. You’re not running. so stop criticizing those who work hard and do run under the burning sun.”

“Thumbs down to the track and field

coach. My child runs every day and doesn’t need you complaining about her shorts. They are RUNNING shorts. and completely appropriate for track. You aren’t the kid’s coach, and their coach has some sense and doesn’t mind the kids wearing them. So keep your comments to yourself.”

“Thumbs down. Please put the spider

back on your roof. We smiled every time we went by until some old crab complained about it.”


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“Thumbs up to YOU Alex - sometimes there is a born a person who is meant to make a difference in this crazy world. That person IS YOU! Congratulations once again for making Deans List first semester at University of New Haven! Your dedication and stick-to- it-iveness makes a difference. There is no doubt you will succeed! Your family stands behind you with gratitude, amazement and pride as we watch you build your dream! With love, M and D & M and D”

“Thumbs down to the HLN for only getting pictures of the bands and none of the chorus at Cabaret.”

“Thumbs up to Tip Top Tree for donating the services of their bucket truck, while the town’s is out of service, to fix the flag on the town common. You have helped us in the past too and it is much appreciated!”

“Thumbs up to Jellybeans!!! JELLYBEEEEEAAAANS!”

“Thumbs down to using junk research to back your claims about the casino. Did you actually read the study you are using? I did. I also read the peer reviews, which were entertaining. The researchers you praise used figures taken from other studies that should never have been included. They also failed to add in the thousands of visitors when looking at a casino area crime rate. Must be nice to dismiss hundreds of thousands of people so your figures look better.”

“Thumbs down to bullying.... How many times does it take for someone to step in and take action against a bully? What happened to “0” tolerance? The child that has stocked my son at the bus stop and threatened him in school is still walking the halls and bullying not only my son but others as



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