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Guests Share Firsthand Experiences in Haiti


7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked southern Haiti on Jan. 12. With a death toll in the thousands, millions of Haitians were left homeless, injured and struggling to survive.

MAC welcomes a panel of aid organiza- tion representatives Wednesday, April 21 from 7-8:30 p.m. These representatives speak on the relief efforts and stories from their valiant teams as well as the aftermath and less media-covered situations world- wide. Each describes their experience and organization’s responsibilities. A question- and-answer session follows. The evening’s emcee is MAC member

Katherine B. McCoy, PT MTC, medical volunteer for Medical Team International. As a member with first-hand experience, McCoy describes the working partnerships with other organizations, the disaster relief aid through medicines, supplies and medical services, and transition from initial impact to the future infrastructure needs. Representing Doctors Without Borders,

Field Logistician Jordan Wiley was on the ground in Haiti when the earthquake hit. He shares his stories and experiences working with the Haitian people and inter- national disaster relief efforts. A local representative from Mercy

Corps, headquartered in Portland, describes the experienced, crisis-tested emergency team in Port-au-Prince, focusing on basic needs of water, food and temporary shelter supplies. Mercy Corps’ response team

Katherine McCoy, a volunteer for Medical Team International, describes her experiences in Haiti at an event Wednesday, April 21.

eventually transitions from relief to long- term rebuilding and recovery efforts. Also of interest is the Portland Action Center, which provides hands-on volunteer oppor- tunities for the non-medically trained. The Red Cross’ Maree Wacker, CEO

and regional executive at American Red Cross Oregon Trail Chapter, speaks about disaster preparedness, shares facts and statistics, and describes how volunteers for U.S. disasters are deployed or working/ communicating with international chapters. The cost is $5.50 per person. For more information or to register, call Member Services at 503-223-8744 or go to

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The next MACNet meeting is Wednesday, April 14 at 7:30 a.m.

Business Professionals Converge at MACNet


Tuesdays at Ten Explores Genealogy

he popular television show Faces of America has created a new wave of interest in genealogy and family trees. Tracing history and family roots is fascinating but possibly intimidating. Ever wonder where to begin the process or need to get restarted? Join Tuesdays at Ten for Genealogy 101 Tuesday, May 11 at 10 a.m. for an infor- mative hour of methods to discovering roots. Leslie Lawson of Lawson Research Services, LLC shows members how to begin the process, and offers guidance to jumpstart their genealogy. Lawson has 15-plus years of research experience and eight years as a professional genealogical researcher.


The cost is $5.50 per person. For more information or to register, call Member Services at 503-223-8744 or go to

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ACNet, MAC’s business networking group, continues to build its base of connected business professionals. These sessions enable members to make many contacts and acquire tips on how to promote their business or find job leads. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to commune with other MAC professionals. The goal is to offer an informal setting for MAC members to network with fellow MAC professionals. A moderator keeps discussion moving and the focus on the entire group. The cost includes a conti- nental breakfast with fruit, breakfast breads, coffee and tea. The next MACNet is Wednesday, April 14 at 7:30 a.m. Formal conversation ends at 9 a.m. but many stay afterward to make specific contacts. Meetings occur monthly on every second Wednesday. The format includes short introduc- tions from members, optimally as an elevator introduction: one that is impactful yet concise. Members enjoy discussions about current work issues, the economy and marketing. After 1½ hours everyone is heard and all have received suggestions or dispensed advice to others. The benefit for all is the additional advantage of congregating with other members who are pursuing similar endeavors. For more information, contact Member Events Manager Lori Martin at 503-517-7269 or go

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