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CD’s and because we haven’t been together for very long it just hasn’t happened yet, but watch this space, it’s going to happen very soon”. Wayne added: “We’ll be following the E.P. with an album, we’re booking lots of gigs and constantly working on new material, we have 5 private parties booked for this year and have had lots more enquiries so it looks like it’s going to be busy” I hope so guys, you definitely have what it takes so everything crossed me thinks!

Their musical ambitions as a band are simple, they just want to get a good reaction from the audience, well from what I’ve seen, mission accomplished! They did however add that a Grammy would be nice, perhaps in a few more years, who knows, anything is possible. For me personally it’s always great to hear peoples fondest musical memories, so I asked them all individually;

Nick said: “For me it has to be the first time I really listened to Elvis, something magical just happened, I can’t really explain, it just did!”

onspiracy – e than a ripple

Roy told me: “It was listening to Lonnie Donegan many moons ago (1865) and seeing him perform live”. But Roy, you don’t look a day over 70, I hope he has a sense of humour!

Ian recalls: “I played at Wylliots, Potters Bar, we were sound checking with Rock Around The Clock when suddenly The Comets poked their heads around the corner and applauded my solo”.

It’s instances like this that I love to hear about, a real gem Ian, thanks! Wayne said: “Seeing The Cramps live, 23 years on I still haven’t come down from it!” Andy added: “Buying a drum kit from The Damned”. Roy told me about their favourite places to play and

F.R.C’s best gig to date: “ I can’t really say what our favourite venue is, each place has a different quality and atmosphere, it’s great to play the bigger places to larger crowds but equally the intimate feel of a smaller venue makes us buzz, it’s probably the closer interaction you have with the audience”

Andy added: “We recently played a private party for legendary Chesham Teddy Boy, Jim Abbott at the Jolly Sportsman, Chesham. We played for over 3 hours, it was great fun and we went down an absolute storm, overall it was a great night!” So as you are all no doubt aware by now, Fox River Conspiracy are available to party, big time! Sometimes that old fashioned, foot tapping sound is what it’s all about, getting people up on their feet and screaming for more, that’s what these guys do, but be prepared, you will need the next day to recover as you will undoubtedly “roll” home and wake up the next morning with a head like a “rock”!

As usual I like to let the band have the last word, so

here they are: “We would like to thank Gary at KMD Studios for helping us get off the ground and the guys at Basement Studios, Watford, for their endless support”. Wayne: “I would like to thank Smiling Mike for the early days, Barry at Fretz for playing a big part in making this happen, Dave Clark from Studio 56 Records and my son Mikey for the blood, sweat and tears”. Andy: “I would like to thank my Mum”. Ian: “Many thanks to Pete West (session guitarist)”. Roy: “I would just like to thank my older Brother, Cliff”. Or call Wayne on: 01494783280 or Andy: 07976805023 Website coming soon!

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