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any years ago, just how many years I honestly can’t remember, or perhaps it is just that I choose not to, Wayne Page asked me if I would be interested in managing his

band “The Thumpers”.

They had a truly great sound, original, fresh and foot stomping, exactly what I would expect from a Rockabilly outfit! Now here we are many moons later and what is Wayne doing now, yes you guessed it, he is in a Rock-n- Roll / Rockabilly band, but instead of taking the lead as the vocalist he is now performing his magic on double bass.

I have seen “Fox River Conspiracy” grow from its early days and they have performed on more than one occasion at the KMD Jam Nights, so I have had the privilege of seeing the changes as they have taken place. They are now looking set to throw themselves into the public eye with their energy driven, just absolutely have to get up and move to, music! So let me tell you a bit more about them. They are a five piece, taking lead vocals and the occasional strum is Nick Ashman. Originally from West London, Nick’s musical interests began when his father purchased a record player from a work colleague, he told me; “It came with a stack of records, the majority of which

were Rock-n-Roll and after much listening I joined my first band called Memphis2Vegas performing Elvis covers”.

On lead guitar and backing vocals is Roy Knott from Luton: “My interests in music began when I had piano lessons as a young child, I also played the Bugle in Boys Brigade”.

Playing rhythm guitar for F.R.C. is Ian Graham from

Borehamwood: “I purchased ‘The Beatles – For Sale’ album when I was 11 years old and that was it, I was hooked!” As already mentioned, playing double bass for the band is Wayne Page from Chesham: “My interest began when I was 14, I came downstairs late one night to a Jerry Lee Lewis concert live on the T.V. Ever since then I have been totally hooked on Rock-n- Roll, I’ve played with a few bands through the years,

The Thumpers, Psychotic Reaction and The Huw Oddy Trio”.

And finally the drummer from Hemel Hempstead, Andy Stuff: “Well I’m guessing it’s like most drummers start out, raiding the kitchen cupboards for as many pots and pans as I could find and then proceeding to make as much noise as humanly possible, I know my Mum used to really enjoy my performances”. Yes I’m sure she did Andy!

26 yourChesham • April, 2010

creating more

Fox River Conspiracy was formed as they are today a year or so ago, brought together by a combination of old friendships, working colleagues and some advertising, they are now the tight sounding outfit one would expect from such broad musical backgrounds and they have gone out of their way to put in the necessary hard work which makes them the tight sounding unit that they most certainly are!

I asked them what their musical influences as a band are: “Anything Rock-n-Roll, from the early Sun recordings to Neo Rockabilly. We choose to play the styles of music that appeal to a wide audience and we all have our favourites, songs like Long Blonde Hair, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, 20 Flight Rock and Shoppin’ Around, anything that makes us and the crowd move”. They have spent the last few months performing in and around the home counties at various pubs and clubs and as a relatively new band they are concentrating

on building their client list and opening up as many opportunities musically as possible. The band were thrilled when they were asked to perform at the Prince Of Wales in Chelsea at the end of the football season, especially as both Andy and Nick are huge Chelsea fans. Well, we can’t all be perfect! Nick gave me a quick run down of what they have planned for 2010: “We are planning to record an E.P. in the very near future, we are constantly being asked for

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