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Google Maps

Google Maps can be used for more than just Social Studies lessons.

Math Maps

Math Maps are Google Maps on which Tom Barrett and others have created placemarks which when clicked reveal mathematics questions for students to answer based on the maps. There are questions available for every elementary school grade level. The placemarks are color-coded to indicate the level of the questions. Blue = Kindergarten, Red = 1st grade, Green = 2nd grade, Light Blue = 3rd grade, Yellow = 4th grade, Purple = 5th grade. Visit Tom Barrett's Math Maps page to view the existing Math Maps and read about how to contribute to the existing Math Maps.

Learn more about math maps here maps/


Placeopedia is a website that provides additional context for Wikipedia entries through Google Maps. Placeopedia connects Wikipedia articles with their locations. Click on any placemark on Placeopedia's map and you will be linked to a Wikipedia article about that place.

Placeopedia can be a good tool for students to use to do some quick, general research about a city, state, or country. Placeopedia is also useful for providing geographical context for other Wikipedia articles that references locations.

Visit Placeopedia at

Climate Change Data Solutions has created a fairly in-depth mapped display of global climate data. The map is a Google Map containing placemarks that when opened reveal current weather data as well as historical weather data. In some cases there is data dating back three hundred years. The data is recorded from more than 1,500 weather stations around the globe. You can browse through the data sets by clicking on placemarks on the map or you can enter a search for a specific location.

Explore this Google Maps mash- up at

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