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Salem Community Patriot
March 19, 2010 - 9
Sandra DnullDickey
nulllen null nullanullneynullGanley
Helen null nullahoneynullGanleynullnullnulldied nullrch nullhe widow of nullward H. Ganley surnullnullors
Sandra D. Dickeynullnullnulla retired in nullort Hoodnullnull nullhere she met nullnulls Presleynull
nullnullnullnullnullat the nullrrimack nullalley Hospice House include a daunullternullJane null. nullller and her husband
homemakernulldied nullrch nullnullnullnullnull and nulldinullnnullGermany when her husband was
in Hanullerhillnullnull. nullhomas of nullllnullllenullnullnullsonsnullGerald null. Ganley
at home after a lonnullillness. stationed in the Army.
Helen was born in nullwrencenullnullnullthe daunullter of Salemnulland Neal and his wife Janet Ganley
nullrn and raised in Pelhamnullnulls. She is predeceased by her sonnullGeornull nullbert
of nullilliam and nulllen nullanninnull nullhoneynulland of nullnchesternullthree nullandchildrennullAndrea
Dickey monulled to Salem upon her Dickeynullher fathernullnullo H. CourtemanchenullSalemnull
was educated at Saint Aunullstine’s Grammar Ganleynullannewitnullof SalemnullStenullen and his wife
marrianull in nullnull and has been her sisternullnulltty nullilliamsnullnullsbonnullher niecenull
Schoolnullnullower Hill nullwrencenullSaint nullry’s Hinull nullinullbeth Ganley of Derrynulland Paul nullller of
a Salem resident for the past null nullbin Schonullldnullnullttletonnulland nephewnullnullyant
Schoolnullclass of nullnullnullnullwrence General Hospital nullllnullllenullnullnullthree nulleat nullandchildrennullSanullannah
years. CourtemanchenullnullntereynullCA.
School of Nursinnull class of nullnullnulland did her nullsenullChristopher and Cameronnullas well as one
nulls. Dickey was a member of the nullirst nullptist She is surnullnulled by her mothernullnullnice
post nulladuate work in New nullork at the New nullork niece and two nephews.
Church of Salem where she had been a Sunday Courtemanche of Salemhanullen NursinnullHomenull
Hospital. At the family’s renullest there will be no callinnull
School teacher for many years while raisinnullher Salemnullformer spousenullnullbert G. Dickey of
Durinnullnullorld nullar null as a nurse Helen was hours.
e daunullters. She also had been a member of null Salemnullnulle daunulltersnullnullberta Dickey of Salemnull
assinulled to a nullneral hospital on temporary duty A nullss of Christian burialnullto which relatinulles
the nullder of nullbekahsnullnullacation nullble School Donna and John nullelleher of nullthuennullnullnullnullynn
before nullininnullthe Station Hospital nullinnullonullerseas. and friends are innulltednullwill take place nullrch
teachernullPioneer Girls nulladernullGirl Scout nulladernull and Allen nullndry of Salemnullnullry Ann Dickey
nullhe Station Hospital nullit arrinulled in nullannullAlnullrianull null at nulla.m. in Saint nullnica’s Church in
Salem Hinull School nullnd Parentnullusic Club of Salemnulland nullthie and John Ashley of Center
January nullnull. nullhe nullit stayed in the nullan nullthuen with burial to follow in the nullmaculate
membernulland school nullolunteer. nullrnsteadnullfour nullandchildrennullAmanda nullndrynull
area handlinnullsernullce cases as well as Sicilian Conception Cemetery of nullwrence.
nulls. Dickey lonulled nullacationinnullin the nullite Amy nullndrynullnulltthew nullndrynulland nullistin
combat casualties. nullternullthe nullit was assinulled nullmorial contributions may be made to the
nulluntains. As a younnullnullrl she spent many times nullellehernullbrothers and sistersnullnullon null nullennulland
to Casertanullnullaly nulleadnullartersnull Helen handled nullrrimack nullalley Hospice HousenullnullnullNorth
nullsitinnullwith her relatinulles in their cabin located nullnda Courtemanche of Sandownnullnullayne and
combat cases of Naplesnullonullia Campainullnulllater Anullenue Hanullerhillnullnull.
on the nullncamanulls Hinullway. As an adultnullshe nullelma Courtemanche of nullntereynullCAnullJeff of
handlinnullsernullce cases of entire headnullarters areanull nullneral arrannullments are under the direction
brounullt all her children campinnulland taunullt them Derrynulland sisternullnnullawnullDebbie Courtemanchenullof
before beinnullhonorably discharnulld at war’s end of the nullenneth H. Pollard nullneral Home nullnull
to ennully her passion for nature and the history and SalemnullPam and John Dronull of nullnchesternulland
with the rank of nullirst nulleutenant. wrence Street in nullthuen. nullnull or directions and
culture of New Hampshire’s nullite nulluntains. null numerous nieces and nephews.
nulls. Ganley was a communicant of Saint to send online condolences please nullsit www.
her later yearsnullshe ennullyed spendinnulltime in her nullneral sernullces were held at Dounullas and
nullnica’s Church in nullthuennullnull.
nullacation home in North Conway most weekends Johnson nullneral Home with a prinullatenullfamily
and durinnullthe summer months. She was an sernullce and she was buried at the Gibson
anulld reader and ennullyed mystery nonullelsnulland she CemeterynullPelham.
Raymond nullnullnull odd
collected books on mythsnulllenullndsnulland history of Donations may be made to the Sandra Dickey
ymond null null. nulloddnullnullnullof Salemnulldied nullrch etmorenullnull nullodd of Salemnulla sonnullDanulld nullodd
the nullite nulluntains. nullmorial nullnd for the benenull of the Salem Hinull
nullnullnullnullnullat Holy nullamily Hospital in nullthuennull and his wife nullbyn of nullndonderrynulldaunulltersnull
She ennullyed nullsits from her children and School nullrchinnullnullndnullcnull Salem Cooperatinulle
null. Debra and her husband nullrnard Julian of Salemnull
andcnull hildrennullplayinnullnullmesnullhanullnnullfamily nullnknullP.null. nullnullnullnullSalemnullNH nullnullnull
y wnull as born and educated in nullwrencenullnullnull and Denise and her husband nullrry Carpentiere
dinnersnullhostinnullholiday and birthday partiesnulland nullo send a messanull of condolencenullplease nullew
aduatinnullfrom nullnull wrence Hinull School in nullnull. of Gilford and DanullenportnullnullnullDiane nullodd of
talkinnullabout her familynullher nullandparentsnullher the obituary at
He was an inspector of contract work for the New Coloradonulland Donna nullnullanc of nullnchesternull
early life in Pelham and her early married years
nullnulland nullelephone Co. He was a member and a sisternullnullth and her husband Charles Dube
former nullrustee of the Spicket nullsonic nulldnull in of Californianulland null nullandchildrennullnull nulleatnull
nullilliam null nullrton
Salemnulla member of Scottish nullte nulldiesnullnullalley andcnull hildren.
of Nashuanullnullktash Shriners in Concordnulland nullneral sernullces were held nullrch null at New
nullilliam null Nortonnullnullnullof Salemnulldied nullrch nullchael NortonnullJames Nortonnulland Danulld
nullke Shore Park nullree Committeenulland the Salem Hope nullthodist Church in nullthuen.
nullnullnullnullnullat Parkland nulldical Center in Derry Nortonnullall of nullssachusettsnullnulle sistersnullJoanne
Senior Center. nully was a nullrustee at St. Geornull’s nullmorial Contributions may be made to New
after a couranullous battle with cancer. Huppe of nullermontnullSusan nullrrissettenullJeanne
Church and New Hope nullthodist Churchnullboth of Hope nullthodist Churchnullnull Phillips St.nullnullthuennull
He was born in nullwellnullnullnullnullew upnulland was NortonnullNancy Dubenulland nulltty nullllettenullall of
nullthuennullnull. He was also a Nanull nullorld nullar null null nullnullnull
educated in Pelham. He was a resident of Salem nullssachusettsnulland senulleral auntsnullunclesnullniecesnull
nulleteran. nullhe Dounullas and Johnson nullneral Homenullnullnull
for the past null yearsnulland was formerly of Hudson. nephewsnulland cousins.
He was predeceased by his brotherAlbert null nulloddnull nullin StreetnullSalemnullhad care of arrannullments. nullor
nullll worked for nullchael’s Arts and Craft in A funeral nullss was celebrated nullrch null at St.
and sistersnullnullabel Sutton and nullrbara nullrshall. online condolencesnullplease nullew the obituary at
Salem. He was a member of St. Joseph Church in Joseph ChurchnullSalem. Cremation followed.
He is surnullnulled by his wife of null yearsnullAnne
Salem. He ennullyed computers and softwarenulland A collenull fund has been set up for nullll’s
ennullyed playinnullnulldeo nullmes with his daunullter daunullter nulllissanullcontributions may be made to
nulllissa. He lonulled the outdoorsnullthe mountainsnull the nulllissa A. Norton Collenull nullndnullcnull Citinullns ene null nullussellnullGnullstenull
and campinnull nullnknullnull South nulloadwaynullSalemnullNH nullnullnull
He is surnullnulled by his wifenullnullnda nullapanullNorton nullhe Dounullas and Johnson nullneral Home in nullene null nullussellnullGhustenullnullnulldied nullrch nullnull Denise GhustenullCourtney and her husband Jeffery
of Salemnulla daunullternullnulllissa Ann Norton of Salem had care of arrannullments. nullor online nullnullnullat her home in Salem. nullchiutsnulland Danulld Ghustenullall of Salemnulland
Salemnullhis parentsnullnullrk and nullheresa nullamarrenull condolencesnullplease nullew the obituary at She was born in nullldennullnullnullwhere she nullew andcnullnull hildren.
Norton of nullynnullborounullnullnullnullthree brothersnull up and attended schools. She was a resident of nullneral sernullces were prinullate for the family.
Salem for the past null yearsnulland was formerly of nullmorial contributions may be made to St. Jude
nulloe null Davis
Antrim. Children’s nullsearch HospitalnullnullnullSt. Jude Placenull
nulls. Ghuste was a homemaker. She ennullyed nullmphisnullnull nullnullnullnulltnullde.ornull.
punulllesnullwind chimesnulland watchinnullthe news nullhe Dounullas and Johnson nullneral Homenullnullnull
Joe null Danullsnullnullnullof Salemnulldied nullrdeninnull and was an anulld binnull player.
around the clock. nullin StreetnullSalemnullhad care of the arrannullments.
peacefully at the Pleasant nullalley He is surnullnulled by his wife of null yearsnullnullsalie
Her husbandnullHerman Ghustenullpredeceased her. nullor online condolencesnullplease nullew the obituary
NursinnullHome in Derry. null’nulliennullDanulls of Salemnullfour sonsnullJoseph J.
She is surnullnulled by sinullchildrennullincludinnull at
He was born in nullwrencenullllenull Danulls of Delandnullnullnullnullchard Danulls and his
GAnullwhere he nullew up and attended nullrlfriend nullenda nullwman of nullndonderrynull
school. He was a resident of Salem nullchael S. and his wife Carolyn Danullsnulland John
for the past null yearsnulland formerly of Danullsnullall of Salemnullthree brothers and four sistersnull
nulldfordnullnull. all of Geornullanullnull nullandchildrennullthree nulleatnull
Joe was a supernullsor for nullwrence Packanullnnullin andcnull hildrennulland senulleral nieces and nephews.
wrencenullnull. He wnull as a member of St. Joseph Granulleside sernullces with Nanull honors were held
Church in Salem. He was a Nanull nulleterannullsernullnnull nullrch nullnullat Pine Gronulle CemeterynullSalem. nullonull of Salem
on the Air Craft Carrier nullS Antietam durinnull nullhe Dounullas and Johnson nullneral Homenullnullnull
the nullorean nullar. Joe ennullyed nullhinnull bowlinnull nullin StreetnullSalemnullhad care of arrannullments.
Call for Candidates
PlanninnullBoard Alternate
Elinullbetnullnull nulltevensnullClifton
nullhe SalemnullNHnullPlanninnullnullard has issued a call for candidates to sernulle as an alternate member on the Planninnullnullard.
nullterested residents wishinnullto sernulle on this nullard may submit an application to the Planninnullnullnulle before nullnull p.m.
nullinullbeth J. nulltenullensnullCliftonnullnullnullof Salemnulldied his wife nullm Clifton of Salemnulla daunullternullnullin
on nullridayApril null nullnull. null Applications and copies of bylaws may be picked up at the Planninnullnullnullenullnull Geremonty
nullrch nullnullnullnullnullat the nullssachusetts General and her husband Gary nullnnett of nullnchesternull DrinullenullSalemnullNH. nullou may contact PlanninnullDirector nullss nullldoff nullnullnullnullnullnullnullor
Hospitalnullnullstonnullnull. two brothersnullnullbert Stenullens of Salemnulland nullif you hanulle any nullestions.
She was born in nullrlinnullonnullnullnullnullew up Henry nulluniornullStenullens of Gilmannullnullnulltwo
nullternullews with the Planninnullnullard will be held prior to their renulllar meetinnullon nulluesdayApril nullnullnullnull.null
and was educated in nullwrencenullnull. She was a sistersnullnullrtha nullllins of Salemnulland nullrnullrie
resident of Salem for the past einullt yearsnulland was nullritnullof DerbynullCnullnulltwo sistersnullnnullawnullJane nullila
formerly of nullthuennullnull. of nullwrencenullnullnulland nullcy nullsyns of Californianull
nullnullnull null SAnullnull
nulls. Clifton was a homemaker. She was a nine nullandchildrennulltwo nulleatnullrandchildrennulland
member of St. Joseph Church in Salem. She senulleral nieces and nephews.
BnullnullnullG PERnullnull nullSnullD nullEnullnull nullnullnull
ennullyed readinnull bakinnull and most of allnull A funeral nullss was held nullrch null at St. Joseph
Daniel nullnsellanullnull nulldron Anullenuenullnullnullnullnull nullnullesidential ADDnullnullnullnullnullnullnull
spendinnulltime with her familynullespecially her ChurchnullSalem. nullrial followed in Pine Gronulle
James null. nullPaula null Scullynullnull nullllnulllle Circlenullnullnullnullnull nullnullesidential ADDnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull
andcnull hildren. CemeterynullSalem.
nulllducci’s Pinullanullaurus South nulloadway nullCnullnullnullS. nulloadwaynullnullnullnullnullnullnullommercialnullnull
She was predeceased by her husbandnullnullalter nullhe Dounullas and Johnson nullneral Home in
nullsic nullorkshopnullnullnullS. nulloadwaynullnullnullnullnull nullnullommercialnullnullnullnull
Clifton. Salem had care of arrannullments. nullor online
nullchard null. nullDeborah H. nulltedalnullnull nullonullnulln nullnenullnullnullnullnull nullnullecknullnullnullnullnull
She is surnullnulled by two sonsnullStenullen and his condolencesnullplease nullew the obituary at
Sonullereinull nullnknull. null nullthenbernull nullnullS nulloadwaynullnullnullnullnull nullnullommercialnulloundationnullnullnullnullnull
wife Susan Clifton of Sandownnulland nullchael and
nullilliam EnullnullillynullScnullff
nullilliam null nullillynullSchiffnullnull nullof Salem predeceased by his brotherAlan Scnull hiff.
died peacefully at his home nullrch nullnullnullnullnull He is surnullnulled by his life companionnullnullry
surrounded by his belonulled companion of null Cullennullson nullilliam Cullen of Asbury ParknullNJnull
yearsnullnullrynulland his adorinnullcatnullNosey. mothernullnnullawnullDottie Cullen of nullnelandnullNJnull
nulllly was raised and educated in nullackwoodnull sisters Jeannie and her husband nulln nullurtnullof
NJnulllater monullnnullto New Hampshire for the North nullildwoodnullNJnulland nullthleen nullch of nulls “WE ARE YOUR RESIDENTIAL SPECIALIST”
remainder of his life. nullenullsnullNnullnullniecenullnulllissa nullurtnull and nephewnull
A man of dinullerse talents nulllly wrestled nullbert Colemannulland nulleatnullephewAiden null
DLB Paving Stands Behind Its Work!
throunullout his hinull school and collenull yearsnull Coleman.
This company has been built on Quality Work
winninnullmany district titles. nulllly’s pride and A memorial sernullce was held nullrch null at the
& Satisified Customers for the past 25 years!
y wnull as workinnullas an enullestrian. nullhrounullout Dounullas and Johnson nullneral Homenullnullnullnullin
his lifenullhe broke some of the most dannullrous St.nullSalem. Donations to nullry may be sent to the
Ask a friend or neighbor!
yearlinnull in the state of New Jersey. nulllly worked funeral home. Locally Owned & Operated • Free Estimates • Fully Insured
in construction in New nullnulland. nullo send a messanull of condolence to the References Available Dana Boucher, Owner
nulllly ennullyed a nullod launull and was always familynullplease nullsit the obituary at www. CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE
nulldinnulla new nullictimnullfor his practical nullkes. nullou
always had a nullod time in his company. He was
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trusts, estate planning, guardianships,
& Cremation Services prenuptial agreements, general
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