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Salem Community Patriot
March 19, 2010 - 3
nullinull Celebrates Bennullmin Franklin
American Red Cross Blood Drive
nullood is the one medicine that can only come from a healthy nullolunteer donor. Join the Salem nullys
nullGirls Alumni Association when they sponsor an American nulld Cross nullood Drinulle at the nullys nullGirls
nulltional Geonullapnullc Bee nullinner
Club of Salemnulllocated at nullGeremonty Drinulle in Salem. nullhe drinulle will be held on nulluesdaynullnullrch null.
Donors can nullnulle the Gift of nullfe between nullnullnulland nullnull pm.
by nullobyn Hatch
Hainull School
recently had an
assembly innullolnullnnull
State Representative DnullnullBettencourt
a skit in which
nullnnullmin nullranklin Selected as an Albert Sceitnullr Fnull ellonull
came alinulle and
delinullted the nullodaynullnullranklin Pierce nullw Student and serious nullancial concern.null
students with State nullpresentatinulle D.J. nullttencourt nullnullalemnull null top of their
his early days was selected as a New Hampshirenullermont professional school
of mischienullous
Schweitnullr nullellow for the nullnullnullnullnullfellowship responsibilitiesnull
adnullentures year. Schweitnullr nullellows
nullowinnullup in nullor decadesnullthe Albert Schweitnullr nullellowship must denullelop
colonial America. nullSnull has supported emernullnnullprofessionals in and implement
nullnnullmin nullranklin translatinnulltheir idealism into effectinulle action that a pronullct with a
talked about his
addresses health issues in America. direct and lastinnull
nullest for personal nullttencourt was selected for his work to impact on the
independence implement nullstice dinullersion pronullams that aim to health of local
and how it took reduce recidinullsm rates in New Hampshirenullwhich undersernulled
him to bustlinnull has become a manullr health and safety concern. communities.
nullur nullal is to create a partnership between nullt is an
where he became Pierce nullwnullthe Attorney General’s nullnullenulland incredible honor
nullen nullranklinnull interested county attorneys to create dinullersion to be chosen
Printernulland pronullams that will rehabilitate nullst time offendersnull as a Schweitnullr
established the particularly nullnullenilesnullin the hopes that they will nullellownullnulladded nullttencourt. null am humbled to
country’s nullst
not renullffendnullnullnullttencourt said. nullnuller the past hanulle the opportunity to represent Pierce nullw and
lendinnulllibrary. Bennullmin Franklin ansnullers nullestions senulleral yearsnullNew Hampshire’s recidinullsm rate the opportunity to keep New Hampshire amonnull
He then talked has surpassed the national anulleranullnullwhich has the best places to linulle.null
As he anulls to his nulls in front of the studentsnull
about how he became intrinulled with the study placed a tremendous strain on our prisons and is a
he showed how the call for America’s freedom
of static electricitynulland had the children nullin in
beckoned him and he became pinullotal in draftinnull
conductinnullsome of his electrifyinnullenulleriments.
both the Declaration of nulldependence and the
Constitution. nulln’s fascinatinnullstory
nulleystoners nullld Pasta Dinner
inullites the natural curiosity of all
students and challennulls them to ask
nullhynull nullhat ifnull and nullhat can nulldo
to make a differencenull nullhe assembly left
the students askinnullnullestions and nullery
enullited about meetinnullthe famous nulln
Also durinnullthis assemblynullSean
nulloomey came down the aisle as the
nullown Crier and announced that Anthony
Consentino had won the nullst round of
this year’s National Geonullaphic nulle at
the elementarynullchool lenullel. He has
now nullalinulld for the nenull roundnulland
will null on to represent Hainull at the state
lenullel of the nulle. nullhis enullent is sponsored
by Goonulle and Plum Greeknulland will
be held in April at nulleene State Collenull.
nulloomey will also be celebratednullas he
nullhe nulleystoners of the Salem nullys nullGirls Club recently held their nullst Pasta Dinnernullwhich members
Sean nulloomey nullecond place in the Bee at nullainullnullplays the
came in second place.
felt went pretty well for their nullst nullenture. nullhere were appronullmately null people in attendance who were
nullonull Crier in the skit
nullen a student participates in the
state lenullelnullhenullhe must hanulle completed
well fednullthanks to donations from nullke’s nulld nullrn and Camille nullaherty. nullhe nulleystoners held drawinnull
and passed nullades four throunull einulltnulland
for nullamily nullnulle NinulltnullGardeninnulland Children’s basketsnulland a tray of cookies from nullke’s nulld nullrn.
must hanulle participated in and won the
yn nulltc contest at the school lenullel that innullolnulled at
least sinullstudents.
y Rob
nulle winner from each state and territory
will adnullance to the national competitionnull
which will be held in nully at the National
Geonullaphic Society headnullarters in
Staff photos
nullashinnullonnullD.C. nullransportation and
accommodations for the nullashinnullonnullD.C.null
trip are pronullded for each state winner and
Ask us
a teachernullscort from the school that the
winner attends. nullhe nulle ofnullenullworkinnull
anullut our
with the principalnulldetermines which
fullnullime teacher employed at the school
nullnullnull Anullnull
attends the nationals to represent the
Produced by National Geonullaphic
nullelenullsionnullthe nullal round of the nullnull
National Geonullaphic nullenullfeaturinnull
Alenullnullrebeknullwill air on the National
Geonullaphic Channel on nully null and then It’s your turn
nullnthony Constentinonullnullstnulllace nullnner on public telenullsion stations. nullst wishes
in the nullational Geonullaphic Bee at the elementarynullchool level for Anthony’s success in the state nulle.
to choose.
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servicenull nullnline Banking, Bill nullay or nullenullit Card. nullromotion runs nullrom nullanuary nullnull, nullnullnullnull through nullarch nullnull, nullnullnullnull. Salem Co-operative Bank
reserves the right to enullchange items onull enullual value nullased on availanullility. nullnuller may nulle withdrawn at any time. nullinullt items may nulle tanullanullle.
nullnullnullnullAnnual percentage yieldnullis enullective nullnullnullnullnullavailanulle only on our null month Cnulland InullA and renullires a checking
account with at least one additional service such as online nullnking with nullll pay, denullt card, direct deposit or other ACH
electronic transactionnullotherwise Anullnullis nullnullnull nullinimum nulllance to open is nullnull. nullinimum nulllance to onullain Anullnullis nullnull.
By Jonathan Lee nullunds must remain on deposit nullor null months. nullenalty may null imposed nullor early withdrawal.
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