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12 - March 19, 2010
Community Sports
Blue Devils Drop Playoff nullener in nullncnullster
by Chris nullite
the Salem bo
ith the ninth seed in the Class nulltournamentnull
ys’ basketball team entered
uncharted territory when it nullsited nullnchester
nullmorial for a nullstnullound contest last nullednesday
ninulltnullnullrch null. nullor the nullst time in onuller a
Community Sports
decadenullthe nullue Denullls had to win a nullme
in another team’s nullm in order to adnullance to
the nenull round of the playoffs. nullelcominnullthe
challennullnullSalem battled with the Crusaders to
the nullery end in a classic einullthnullersusnullinth seed
matchnullpnullbut fell short of nullctory in onullertimenull
After holdinnulla nullnullnulladnullantanull at the halfnull
nullmorial increased its lead to ninenullnullnullnull by the
end of the third. nullhe Denullls went on a nullnullrun at
the start of the fourth to crawl back in itnullthounull.
nullhey continued to close the nullp until nullally
y Cnullis
takinnulla onenulloint leadnullnullnullnull on a threenullointer
by Alenullnullnullsa with null seconds left. nullmorial
Joe Gallant rises over the Crnullader defense to lay it in
then added a free throw to enullen the score by the
Mike Lorennullrips donull a defensive board in the nullst half nulllenullLaRosa takes a Memorial defender to the basket
end of renulllation. seniors nenull year after each of them were a part of
nullhe nullue Denullls came up with some binullplays
with Jeff nullisser connullertinnulla threenullall and
and nullisser each added three pointsnullwhile nulltt
the team’s startinnullnulle this season. nullecannullwho
in the enullra framenullbut were on the wronnullend of
nullnullsa nullinnullnullnullfrom the foul linenullbut had they
Cannone and Jon nullecan had two apiece.
blocked the shot of a nullmorial opponent with the
the scoreboard when the nullal bunuller sounded.
made more shots earliernullit minullt hanulle been a
null addition to beinnullnominated to the
nullme on the line in the nullal seconds of renulllation
nullmorial took a threenulloint nullctory to monulle onnull
different ball nullme.
nullDonald’s Hinull School Allnullmerican team in
last nullednesdaynullwill continue to nullnulle opposinnull
while Salem’s season ended with a record of
nullt came down to us needinnullto make our free
Januarynullnullnullsa made nullst team allnulltate. He also
ball handlers nulls with his hardnullosed defense
nullnull onullerall and nullnull in Class nullcompetition.
throws and our threenulloint shotsnullnullSalem coach
nullished third in the nullotinnullfor Class nullPlayer of
nenull year. Andrew nullffennullJared nulltthewsnullnullch
nullith the defeatnullseniors nullnullsanullJake nulltthewsnull
nullJ. Perry said of the lossnullin which his team shot
the nullear and second for the New Hampshire null.
nullisnernulland Drew nullShaunullnessy will also look
nullyle Henricknullnullenulln nullilliamsnulland nullrcus
nullst under null percent from the charity stripe.
nullsketball award. Gallant also collected allnulltate
to step into new roles with the team in nullnullnullnull
nullldwin hanulle played their last nullme in a nullue
nullnullsa led Salem’s offense for the ninullt as he
honorable mention honors.
e hanull nulle four returninnullstarters nenull seasonnullnull
Denulll uniform.
notched null points. nullanwhilenullthe Denullls also
Alonnullwith Gallantnulla nullnior this past seasonnull
Perry said. nulle also hanulle nullys off the bench
nullfortunatelynullthe Denullls had a tounull shootinnull
receinulled some offensinulle production from their
the nullue Denullls will return a host of players who
cominnullback and we hanulle nullys cominnullup from
ninullt from both the nullor and the freenullhrow line.
inside playersnullwith Joe Gallant scorinnullnull points
saw sinullinullant action durinnullthe nullnullnullnullseason.
Jnull. nulle’re nullinnullto hanulle a different look.null
nullhey knocked down important shots in onullertime
and nullke nullrennullcontributinnulleinullt. nulltthews
nullissernullCannonenulland nullrennullwill return as
nullnullAnullnullDA nullnors Salemnulls Scnulllarnulltnulletes
by Chris nullhite careers. Colleen Gillnull Denullin nullawlornull Connor
nullhe New Hampshire Award recipients must earn a nullcGuirenull nullmily nullendernull nullrett
nullnterscholastic Athletic Association minimum nullnull nullrade point anulleranullenull nullillernull Sarah nullayenull Jared Scalinull Alenull
nullNHnullAAnull and New Hampshire letter in at least two nullarsity sportsnull Sobradonull Jessica nullheriaultnull Joseph
Athletic Directors Association participate in community sernullice nullronullatonull and Amanda nullaudreuil.
nullNHADAnull reconullninulled nullnull of Salem actinullitiesnull and sernulle as role models
Hinullh School’s studentnullathletes at the to their peers. At the awards
Annual New Hampshire Hinullh School ceremonynull each studentnullathlete Sarah Raye led her team to the Class L
Athletic and Academic Awards receinulled an award certinullcate and a seminullnals for soccer in nullnullnullnull and then had
Pronullram back on nullondaynull nullebruary commemoratinulle pin. a prodnullctive season on the hardnullood before
null. nullhe enullentnull held at the Capitol nullhe followinnull nulllue Denullil seniors the nullevils nearly nullpset rival nullinkerton
Center for the Arts in Concordnull were honored at the pronullramnull Darren in the nullrst ronullnd of the Class L nullirlsnull nullte
acknowlednulled studentnullathletes nullrownnull nullaylor nulluattinull Grenull Colemannull basketball tonullrnamentnull Raye nullas also one
from the Granite State for achienullinnull nulllinullia Connorsnull nulloss Danulliesnull nullenullin of the nullnull individnullals from Salem honored
academic and athletic enullcellence Delfossenull nullrittany nulletnullnernull nullerrin as a scholarnullathlete in Concordnull
y Cnullis
onuller the course of their hinullh school nulloleynull Nicholas Gallonull Nora Galnullinnull
nulls one of the teamnulls rnullninnull
backsnullsenior nulllenullSobrado helped
the Blnull nullevils nulln a state
championship this past fallnull nulle
nulls also one of the Salem stnullentnull
athletes reconullinulled by the nullnullnull
nullnullnullon MondaynullFebrnullry null
nullinter Spirit nullakes Second
at State Competition
by Chris nullite
nullhe Salem winter spirit team took second place at the Class null
competition last Saturdaynullnullrch nullnullat Southern New Hampshire
nullinullersity in nullnchester. nullhe team scored nullnullpoints and nullished
behind only the champion Pinkerton Astros in the nullal results. null
was also the nullal state competition for the careers of seniors Dakota
CohennullDenulln nullwlornullnullily nullhoneynullnullrisa Pellerinnulland nullily
nullhe team is no strannullr to doinnullwell at the state competition as
it brounullt home the championship trophy the prenullous two seasons.
nullhis seasonnullthe nullue Denullls faced the challennull of losinnullsinullof its
key members from last year. A lot of new nullrls
came in and stepped upnullhowenuller.
nullominnullin second place was like cominnull
in nullstnullconsiderinnullall that we went throunullnullnull
Salem coach nullracy nullrube said. nulle had
some strunullles durinnullthe season but we
made it throunull them. nullm proud of the nullrls
and nullery happy with their performance.null



nullith so much at stake in only one
competition for the entire seasonnullsometimes
all you can do is work hard and hope for
the bestnullnullrube noted. nullt with their
performancenullSalem monulles on to the New
nullnulland competition this Saturdaynullnullrch nullnull
in nullode nullland.
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