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Custom Electronics Combo Headpiece
• Electronically, the new ZT3 is the most versatile guitar ever produced by Steinberger. Custom- • The functional advantage of Steinberger's headless concept dramatically improves balance,
made by Gibson USA, the neck pickup is a 90R humbucker and the bridge pickup is a 91T ease of tuning and tuning stability. All Steinberger guitars feature the patented Double-Ball™
humbucker. A push/pull potentiometer on both the master volume and tone control combined tuning system that allows string changes in seconds. The Combo Headpiece accommodates
with the 3-position pickup selector lets the musician individually activate each of the hum- both Double-Ball and single-ball strings.
buckers coils resulting in 9 possible combinations. The results are a guitar capable of use in a Recessed Output Jack
wide variety of styles from rock to blues, country to jazz. • The rear output jack conveniently tucks your guitar cable out of the way of your performance
Zero-Fret and out of sight of your audience.
• By using a "zero-fret" instead of a traditional nut, intonation is improved. It also allows for use Fold-Down Leg Rest
of varied string gauges because there is no nut slot to widen. And, action at the1st fret and • Another patented Steinberger innovation! Only 1/4" thick when folded, the permanently
beyond is more consistent and improved as well. attached leg rest snaps out instantly to provide exceptional comfort and balance when
Recessed Tool Holder playing your ZT3 in the seated position.
• Conveniently located on the rim of the guitar, this innovation keeps the necessary tools with
your ZT3 and always within reach. Use the tools to adjust intonation and string height.
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