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Definitely not par for the course... Modern in every detail.
Patent Applied For TransTrem-3 Tremolo CybroSonic Technology™
• At the heart of the ZT3 guitar is the latest version of the TransTrem transposing tremolo • Steinberger combines a patented graphite U-channel with embedded truss rod and Phenolic
system. Like the original TransTrem, this newest version (known as the TransTrem-3 or TT3) fingerboard, to create an ultra-stable yet adjustable "hybrid" neck with the same definition,
allows the guitarist to change keys “on the fly” by simply moving the tremolo arm. However, clarity and focus you've come to expect from Steinberger but with the added "warmth" of a
that’s where most of the similarities stop. With the new TT3, guitarists can now transpose to 5 1-piece hard maple neck.
different keys in half-step increments. When locked, the TT3 acts similar to a fixed bridge with Refined Ergonomics
advantages such as increased sustain and tuning stability. For example, if you break a string • Since the original XL and GL instruments, Steinberger has set the standard by designing
the other strings will remain in pitch. Conversely like a traditional tremolo, when the TT3 is in instruments with ultimate comfort, balance and playability in mind. The new ZT3 guitar is no
the unlocked position it allows the user to also perform extreme pitch bending both down and exception and includes refinements such as a belly scarf, an arched top and a new, double-cut
up. But unlike all other tremolos, the TT3 bends each string in perfect relative pitch to each away body with elegant curves that still maintains perfect balance and position.
other. Therefore, chords can be raised or lowered in perfect pitch using the tremolo arm Patented 40:1 Direct-Drive Double-Ball Bridge
allowing for pedal steel or slide guitar type effects. • Tune it up once and don't tune it again until you change strings. Integrated into the new
TransTrem-3 and providing micrometer precision and stability, this revolutionary advance
over traditional tuning methods allows string changes in seconds with no winding or cutting.
Just insert the ball ends and tune it up.
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