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Patented 40:1 Direct-Drive Double-Ball Bridge TranScale Integrated Capo
• Tune it up once and don't tune it again until you change strings. Providing micrometer • Another first from Steinberger. With the patented TranScale Capo in the "resting" position,
precision and stability, this revolutionary advance over traditional tuning methods allows string the Synapse is a 28.5" scale guitar with thundering bass and complex baritone voicings. Roll
changes in seconds with no winding or cutting. Just insert the ball ends and tune it up. the Capo up and you can change scale length "on the fly" creating completely new and
CybroSonic Technology™ unique voicings and tonal qualities. Experiment with different string gauges for even more
• Steinberger combines a patented graphite U-channel with embedded truss rod and Phenolic possibilities.
fingerboard, to create an ultra-stable yet adjustable "hybrid" neck with the same definition, Custom Active Electronics
clarity and focus you've come to expect from Steinberger but with the added "warmth" of a • Developed in cooperation with EMG, the Synapse combines EMG-81 and EMG-85 Low-Z pick-
1-piece hard maple neck. ups with an active EQ system available only on Synapse guitars. The results are clean, warm
Refined Ergonomics and powerful sound with full band frequency response that compliments the natural brilliance
• Since the original XL and GL instruments, Steinberger has set the standard by designing and clarity of the Synapse. High signal-to-noise ratio (-85dB) makes them hum-free which is
instruments with ultimate comfort, balance and playability in mind. The new Synapse line is no especially important in today's recording environment.
exception and includes refinements such as a belly scarf, an arched top and a slightly larger Combo Headpiece
body with even more elegant curves while still maintaining perfect balance and position. • The functional advantage of Steinberger's headless concept dramatically improves balance,
Strap Extension Hook ease of tuning and tuning stability. All Steinberger guitars feature the patented Double-Ball™
• At Steinberger, we believe that the instrument should never get in the way of your musical tuning system that allows string changes in seconds. The Combo Headpiece accommodates
expression. The patented strap hook allows the Synapse to hang in the optimum position on both Double-Ball and single-ball strings.
your body while maintaining perfect balance.
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