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The cash register in this photo
belonged to Bill’s grandfather, an
immigrant from Wales, who owned a
Photography by David Overturf
moving company.
here is really organized? Everyone is and nationally with products we correct decisions, case in point: CARB
cross-trained and pretty passionate represent. If they are successful, we regulations.
about being nothing short of the best are successful!
with customer service. Accolades
Where do you see growth
run high in the customer service
Nancy: It’s all in our mission
statement: Our customers want to be
coming from in the future?
happy, productive, efficient leaders in
Bill: Dealers and companies are
How many employees?
their industry. We want to be their first
source. Nothing less. When they are
feeling the pressure to account for the
Bill: We fluctuate between about 12-16
the best, so are we.
profitability side of their businesses
employees. I have resisted being any
down to the dime and creating plans
larger than what I am today based
What are the challenges
to support this is key. For example:
on a piece of advice from my father
Thermo King offers a program called
who said the size of his business
facing your business today?
Platinum Plus, which is a guaranteed
was a direct reflection on the amount
Bill: There is nothing more satisfying
maintenance plan that provides exact
of time he had to spend there. I like
than when our customers can tell me
costing at a time when we all want a
to spend time with my wife, kids,
value. These are programs without
grandkids, fishing, camping, skiing,
how well they are doing, because
“surprises” on your refrigerated
golfing, traveling, doing carpentry, and
of the products we offer them. The
maintenance cost and it is uniform
watching the sprinklers come on in my
challenge is to constantly gear up parts
back yard for entertainment.
inventory and equipment availability to
throughout North America. It is the
customers so they can be productive
growth of the future for
What assets set your
and profitable. Also, I have to keep
my employees up to the educational
What is the most important
company apart from your
standards required by the companies I service your company
provides to fill a need in
Bill: Even with our size, we have
Nancy: Keeping up with the multitude
been able to keep the focus on
of innovations that we would like to
our customers, never forgetting test market before we pass them on
Bill: Successful solutions by qualified
their names, equipment, parts and to the customers. It’s like taking a pill
people in quick time! My guys are
territories, as well as, the products that isn’t regulated by the FDAw— e
young enough to be a part of the
they transport. For nearly 40 years, we don’t always what the outcome will
“gratification generation” and they have
have had long, healthy relationships be, so there has to be a fair amount of
exceeded my expectations in getting
with people who have established
trust in the dealership to be informed
answers in record time to customers
great reputations locally, statewide
and guide the customers into the
who need solutions now.
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