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Member Spotlight:
Bill and Nancy Davies
D&D Transport Refrigeration Service, Inc. • Big Sky
R Utility Trailer Sales, Inc. • ThermoKing • Club Car
By Rw Staff Nancy: Human Resources there has never been a time I can
remember when both Utility and
Why did you go into trucking? Thermo-King have paid so much
attention to detail, such as analyzing
Bill: My father, brother and I devised a
my customers, their equipment, parts,
way that we could help our dad while
service contracts and technology. Both
he was managing a fleet of refrigerated
of these companies are making pro-
Bill: Billings, Montana for the past
trucks going in and out of California for
active decisions to legislation such as
50+ years
SuperValu. He needed mechanical and
CARB, EPA, and Side Skirt regulations
managing partners. I was fresh out of
Nancy: Colome, South Dakota
while keeping a good handle on
college in 1974 and my brother returned
from a stint in the service. The hours
College: were long, pay was moderate and,
What are the greatest benefits
Bill: Montana State University with
looking back now, the lessons from my
of membership in Motor
degrees in physics and mathematics
father were invaluable.
Carriers of Montana?
What’s the best part about
working together?
Bill: Without a doubt, it has been
Four children: Tracie, Bill Jr., Erica, and
networking. Networking is critical when
Jon; and five grandchildren
Nancy: Bill wanted a better-working and
you have a state the size of Montana
customer-friendly environment. That
in actual miles, as well as, population.
How did you two meet?
uniqueness and welcoming atmosphere
It seems there is a constantly evolving
was fun to create together. We are
practice of making driver safety, drug
Nancy: We met 20 years ago at a constantly visiting other dealerships,
testing, regulations and seat belt
Holiday Inn in Billings, Mont. I was reading, and researching ways to be
monitoring a priority. MCM in the past
waiting for a Guinness, which Bill paid better than the day before. I enjoy the
few years been more active keeping us
the bartender not to find for half an Club Car side of businessI— like to
informed with technology. I am proud
hour. be hands-on, getting out and seeing
to be a member and contribute when
customers. We have great relationships
the occasion presents itself. We have
What was your first car? with our customers and that makes
definitely moved into the 21st century.
coming to work fun.
Bill: In 1966, my dad surprised me
Nancy: The MCM has structured itself
with a 1960, two-tone gray and white
What’s the worst part about
to be a gathering resource. If there is
Chevy Belair. It was a dream come
a question on the horizon that needs
working together? to be addressed, MCM already knows
about it and has feedback ready for its
Nancy: I shared a 1964 cherry red
Nancy: Getting Bill away from the
constituent. It helps us to be pro-active
and white Ford, five-speed pickup with
business long enough to have some
and open-minded with solutions.
several other siblings.
fun isn’t easy. He can really be pretty
funny when he’s not on the information
If you could only eat one
thing for the rest of your life,
What is the biggest challenge
When was it started? How
what would it be?
currently facing the trucking
long has it been in operation?
Bill: Eggs—anytime, anywhere, anyway industry?
Bill: 1974, when I was fresh out of
college, but formally with the current
Nancy: Anything that comes off the
Bill: Tightening our belts and loosening
dealerships in 1976/1981 respectively
grillv— egetables, fruit, meat, bread, etc.
our technology: Everyone is watching
the bottom-line just like when I started
(long enough to know my customers,
35 years ago, only now it’s with an their families, and vendors through a
iPhone and laptop. couple of generations)
Current Title:
What improvements have you How do you manage so
Bill: President of Big Sky Utility
Trailer Sales, Inc., D&D Transport
seen in the industry? many brands?
Refrigeration Service, Inc., Thermo- Bill: From the standpoint of a vendor to Nancy: Organization, organization,
King (Billings) and Club Car (Billings) many of those reading this publication, organizationd… id I mention everyone
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