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organization that has represented the trucking community for more than 70
years, we have signifi cantly more political presence than that of individual
members. By joining MCM, it enables you to tap into the groups’ political
infl uence and resources as well as giving you a seat at the table when
decisions are made.
Civic leadership
As an individual, you may not have the time or resources to sponsor
a charitable event, partner with an educational institution or otherwise
participate in community activities. Through MCM, you can become involved
we’ve got a new name! as of
in many worthwhile projects. We contribute to our communities in a variety
of ways, from providing educational scholarships, to hosting No Zone safety
october 2009, Montana Motor
events, encouraging educational partnerships and supporting candidates for
carriers association is now called
political offi ce who understand the business of trucking.
Motor carriers of Montana. Please
take note and tell your friends.
We ask you to strengthen MCM by recruiting new members and to join us in
Motor carriers of Montana board of directors
achieving our common goal, to engage members in dynamic conversations
and provide timely information about important subjects and issues
chaiRMaN oF The boaRd
concerning our businesses.
davis Transport, inc.
During these diffi cult economic times, the pressures on business and
industry increase and it is more important than ever to remember; the world
PResideNT oF The boaRd
is run by those who show up.
Quality Transportation
Get involved today.
boaRd oF diRecToRs
daN aNKRuM MiKe odoRe
ankrum Trucking, inc. diversifi ed Transfer
& storage
Barry “Spook” Stang
waLT aiNswoRTh
Executive Vice President, Motor Carriers of Montana watkins & shepard JeRRy PeRKiNs
Trucking, inc. Karst stage
MaRK coLe RoGeR RadeR
dick irvin, inc. Roger Rader, inc.
JiM doaNe KeN Rauch
Others just add superficial features to
Roscoe steel & K.R. Rauch
culvert company
produce the
appearance of
Jay FoLey bRiaN sMiTh
diversifi ed Transfer Garlington, Lohn
& storage & Robinson, PLLP
sTeVe haNsoN sTeN sohLbeRG
hanson Trucking, inc. Jones brothers
Trucking, inc.
doNNa hasseLL
Pacifi c steel & KeN sTabLeR
Recycling Ken stabler Trucking
beN iVes waLT sTieG
Goes More
industrial Transfer stieg & associates
& storage, inc. insurance, inc.
KiMbeRLy JohNsoN bRiaN suNwaLL
united Parcel service Motor Power
cuRT LaiNGeN
curt Laingen Trucking R.J. TaTaRKa
With Wilson you get: R.J. Tatarka
• Expert engineering, precision manufacturing, and the use of the finest materials.
PauL LecLaiRe Logging
Trans Lease, inc.
• Innovative and original features designed to make the trailer more functional, longer
beau ThoMPsoN
lasting and easier to maintain. MiKe MaRXeR warren Transport, inc.
• Persistent durability, amazing performance, and very low maintenance costs.
Mergenthaler Transfer
• Your best value!
& storage MacoN TuRNeR
watkins & shepard
See This Authorized Wilson Dealer for More Information
JiM McKiNNy Trucking, inc.
davis Transport, inc.
Call 800-513-6922
duaNe ViNceNT
MiKe MoLiToR duane Vincent
watkins & shepard Trucking
1705-1709 Old Hardin Road Trucking, inc.
Billings, Montana 59101 MiKe wiLsoN
406-259-2053 • Fax 406-259-4587 daVe MoRRisoN whitewood
E-mail: krrauch@krrauch,com corvallis school district Transport, inc.
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