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2010 Will Be a CARB Year for
Truckers Serving California
up to $500 fi ne for diesel-powered reefer units
By Rw Staff Starting with the new-year, a non- by the end of July.
compliant diesel-powered reefer unit
Jan. 1, 2010 not only ushered in a will draw a fi ne of $500, CARB offi cials
For interstate operators, one way to
new year, but the date also marked
said. Those who were late to order
ease the burden of the state rule would
the beginning of serious enforcement
replacement equipment and missed
be to dedicate certain trailers in a fl eet to
of diesel particulate fi lters (DPF) on
the deadline won’t get any breaks, they
California service rather than attempt to
trailer refrigeration units in California.
bring their entire fl eets into compliance.
Just as diesel engines in trucks have
The state agency, which adopted the
The new year also will put another set of
been equipped with DPFs since the
regulation in 2004, estimated that as
CARB equipment regulations into play,
2007 model year, the small diesels
many as 75,000 trailers are affected.
these having to do with cutting carbon-
that power refrigeration units on truck
dioxide emissions by reducing big-truck
Compliance for post-2002 reefer units fuel burn, with the aid of aerodynamic
vans, shipping containers and railcars
does not kick in until 2017. components and low-rolling resistance
in addition to semi-trailers- must be
fi tted with similar soot fi lters if the The cost of adding a diesel particulate
equipment is to run in California, fi lter in retrofi t runs from $3,500 to The main focus is on box (van) trailers
regardless of where it is based. $4,500, according to suppliers, while a 53-feet in length or longer operating
new CARB-compliant engine may cost within California boundaries. Starting
And this includes retrofi tting older
$7,000 or more, with additional charges in 2010, new trailers – 2011 model
model reefers.
for installation—and perhaps additional year and thereafter – must be outfi tted
Indeed, the fi rst enforcement deadline
parts, such as a new compressor with low-rolling resistance tires and
applies to 2002 and earlier units.
battery, plus software. aerodynamics (side skirts, etc.) certifi ed
by the federal government’s SmartWay
The California Air Resources
The CARB rule – drawn up to curb air
Board (CARB) twice postponed
pollution where reefer units congregate:
enforcement, originally set for 2009,
around food distribution centers, trucks Similarly, 2011 and new day-cab tractors
noting the scramble reefer operators
stops and the like – also required must roll on certifi ed low-resistance tires,
replacement of reefer power every effective Jan. 1.
were going through to replace older
seven years.
power or add soot fi lters to existing The same rules for pre-2011 53-foot
engines (these are generally rated 35 California-based carriers should have trailers, and all tractors pulling them will
horsepower or less). registered their reefer units with CARB take affect in 2012.
cAlenDAR of events
February 27- March 3 May 3-6 June 6-8
Distribution & LTL Carriers American Trucking Associations’ ATA Executive Committee Meeting
Association (ATA) Information Technology Park hyatt washington
2010 Annual Management Logistics Council (ITLC) and washington, dc
Conference & Exhibition National Accounting & Finance
saddlebrook Resort Tampa, Council (NAFC) Combined 2010
June 11
5700 saddlebrook way Annual Conference and Exhibition
MCM Board of Directors Meeting
wesley chapel, Fla. amelia island Plantation
holiday inn Grand Montana
Jacksonville, Fla.
billings, Mont.
May 31
June 12
MCM Offi ce Closed for Memorial
2010 Montana Truck Driving
holiday inn Grand Montana
billings, Mont.
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