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Salem Community
Salem Community
Postal Customer
Volume 3 Number 35
March 12, 2010 16 Pages
Town Elections
Gaming Bill Hearing Draws Crowd in Favor
by Robyn Hatch of nullransportationnulland the
Salem Town Elections
Salem people requested gaming operatornull
a huge presence at the null the bill passesnullmany
Selectmen - Three-year term
State House in Concord nullbs will be anullailable—
Nanci Carney nullnull
for the hearing on Senator sernullce nullbsnullconstruction
D’Allesandro’s bill to nullbsnulland connullention
nullatricatnullHargreanullnull nulles 2099
expand gaming in the centernullype wornull Salem
Bnullnullt nullmmittee - Three-year term
State of New Hampshire— hasn’t seen this type of
especially for Rocnullngham progress for many yearsnull
Diana Seifert
Salem Community
nullnull nullarnull A bus left Rocnullngham At the State Housenullas
nullarnulland returned a few the bus arrinullednullclose to
Stephen Campbell 220null
hours later with people nullery nullnullunion people and
nullilliam nullnullCarter nullnull excited about the prospect Salem stragglers were on
of a better Roc
nulleffrey Hatch nullnull
nullbrary Trnulltee - Three-year term
nullrtha nulleen nullnull
Trnulltee of Trnullt nullnds - Three-year term
nullnghamnull site with signsnullbannersnull
Senator D’Allesandro’s and speeches in fanullor of
billnullSnullnullnull will allow gamingnull nullhere was little
slot machines at the three opposingnullbut the whole
racetracnullnulltwo facilities group monulled inside to
in the North Countrynulla the more formal room
facility in Hudsonnulland Salem workers voice their views for discussionsnullnullhis bill
Harley nulleatherston nullnull
will be required to hanulle hasn’t passed yetnullbut it is
nullanninnullBoard - Three-year term
charitable nullames of Chancenullnull nullhis bill
enforcement unit in the Dinullsion of State
monullng further along in the longnulldrawnnullut
would allow for the construction of one
nullolicenull nullportantlynullthis bill distributes
process of gonullernment riffnullaffnull
nullnda Harnulley 2nullnull destination gold resort and connullention
proceeds of nulldeo lottery machines to the
nullD’Allesandro realinulls that this bill null
center in the southern tier of the statenulland
state’s general fundnullmunicipalities where
needs to be put into actionnulland he and
nullames nulleller 220null
two gaming facilities in the North Countrynull
the facilities are locatednullthe Alcohol and
many others will ginulle it nullnullpercent to get it
nullohn null nullnning nullnull
Abuse nullreatment nullogramnullthe nullire
nullanninnullBoard - Two-year term
also allo
wing table gaming and nulldeo
passed for Salemnull
lottery machines at the destination gold
Standards and nullraining and nullergency
nullease contact Deputy nullnority nullader
resort and con
nullention center and North
nulldical Sernullces nullndnullthe nullolice Standards
nullchael Downing at nullnullnullnull with any
wnull ard DeClercq nullnull
Country facilitiesnull null establishes a gaming
em Com
and nullraining Council nullndnullthe Department
questions or concernsnull
nulleffrey nullay
nullninnullBoard of Adnullstment - Three-year term
Robert nulltley nullnull
nullatricnullnullDougall null9null
Town nullderator - Two-year term
Christopher nullodnow null9null
yn Hatc
Snullernullsor of the nullecnullist - Sinullyear term
y Rob
Sheila nullrray null9null b
Articles Yes null
Article 2null
staff photos
nullemption for the Disabled 2nullnull nullnull
Salem Seniors and Salem construction workers D’Allesandro looks at the crowd in disbelief
Article null
Adopt Reorganinulld nullning nulldinance 2nullnull nullnull
Article null
And They Voted Yes for Article 2!
Renullse Affordable Housing nulldinance 2nullnull nullnull
by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz
Article null
nullhe Salem School District has seen their
in the district’s master plannullwhich will and why the renonullations were proposed
hardnullornulld effort nullally pay offnull nullhe
include renonullations to all six of the Salem and needednull null belienulle the nullA’s put in a
Adopt Small nullind nullergy Systems nulldinance null20 nullnull
people of Salem hanulle sponulln—they want
elementary schoolsnullas well as nulloodbury superlatinulle effortnull null’s a proud moment in
Article null
better schools and to see their school
nullddle Schoolnull nullhe renonullations for the Salemnull nulle are monullng forwardnullnullnullyant
nulldify Requirement for nullblication of nullilding
district hanulle better assets and a safe
elementary schools are geared towards saidnull
nullermits nullnull 2null2
schooling ennullronment for their childrennull
manullng space for nullndergarten and null addition to the school renonullations
Due to the Snull form of gonullernmentnull
bringing each and enullery school up to codenull passingnullnulloters also appronulled union
Article null enullerything for the school district went
Sprinnuller systems and dedicated space contracts for nulle groups that include raises
Amend Setbacnullto High nullater nullrnull 2null0 nullnull
on the ballotnullincluding Article null a nullnull
for special education and occupational or benenull increases for teachersnullnursesnull
million bond to renonullate three elementary
therapynullwhich are currently being operated food program employeesnulland custodiansnull
Article null schools—the North Salemnullnullrronnulland out of former storage spacenullwill also be nullst nullrchnullfour of the nulle contracts were
nulldify Denullition of Story 2null2 nullnull
nullncaster schoolsnull nullhis is the nullst phase
included in the plan so that adequate renullcted by the town’s nullotersnull nullchael
in a districtnullide renonullation pronullctnull nullith
space is pronullded for enullery type of studentnull Delahanty thinnull there has been a shift
Article 9null
null percent of the nullote needed to passnullit
regardless of their needsnull null addition to in the way of thinnullng of the residents of
Amend Conditional nulle nullermit for nullarnullng 22null nullnull
passed with null percentnull A total of nullnullnull
these renonullations will also be space for allnull Salemnull He feels this weenull elections marnull
residents nulloted in fanullor of the bondnullwhile
purpose rooms and a space for music and a change in Salemnull nullhere’s been a shift
Article nullnull
nullnullnullnulloted nonull According to school
the artsnull of attitude from a woeful outloonullto an
nullidge Reconstruction nullnullnd nullsue 2nullnull nullnull
district ofnullialsnullthey are hoping to breanull
Had the bond not passednullDelahanty had optimistic and positinulle outloonull nullhis is
ground this summernullaccording to nullchael
said prenullously that the wornullneeds to be going to hanulle a dramatic impact on the
Article nullnull
DelahantynullSuperintendent of Salem
done and the nullard would simply go bacnull regard people hanulle for the communitynullnull
nullater nullter Replacementnullixed NetwornullSRnull Schoolsnull
to the drawing table to create a new plan of Delahanty saidnull
nullan nullnull 2nullnull nullnullials of the Salem School District
actionnull nullhat is now not needednull nullth School nullard members up for renull
will begin the process of seenullng out bond
School nullard member Robert nullyant election nullpt their seatsnull nullatricia Corbettnull
Article nullnull
rates and wornullng with architects to cross
credits the local nullA organinulltions and current chairwoman of the Salem School
nullnull nullerating nulldget 20null nullnull
the null and dot the nullnullnullalinullng the plans
how they grouped together to manull a nullardnullreceinulled nullnullnullnullotesnulland nulleter
See page nullfor School Results
within the coming weenullnull Delahanty
collaboratinulle effort to educate the public nullrgan had nullnullnullnullotesnull nullhe challengernull
notes that this bond is nullst the nullst phase
in regards to the conditions of the schools Dane Hoonullernullhad nullnullnullnullotesnull
Community Remembers Woody Chmieleski
by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz
null all of his null yearsnullnulloody Chmielesnull ganulle
actinullely supported other nulleteransnull nulloody was a simply a caring nulleople personnullnull He was nullery Clubnull Nobody
so much of himself and enulleryone around him member of Amnullets NH nullost Nonullnulland sernulled as actinulle with his churchnullSaint nulloseph’s Church will forget how
not only nullew itnullbut could also feel itnull nullhe Commander for null yearsnull He also was a membernull on nullin Streetnulland he was also a nullcharistic much he ganulle to
community lost a great man and is celebrating the nullast Commandernullnull reasurernulland Adnulltant of the nullnister there as wellnull His faith renullcted in all of organinulltions and
life of such a super guy after nulloody’s passing onuller American nullgion nullost Nonullnullnulla membernullnull outh him as a person and all he did for others and all his communitynull
the weenullndnull nulloody passed away at Salemhanullen
nullsay Chairmannulland Color nullard nullmber of organinulltions that were not only lucnullynullbut proud His spirit will
on Saturdaynullnullrch null nullnullnullost Nonullnullnullnulla member of nullp nullent Nonull to hanulle him with themnull He was a member of certainly linulle
nullrn in nullwrencenullnullnulland raised right here in null nulllitary nullder of the Cooties and nullast Seam the Salem nullights of Columbus Nonullnullnull and a onnullnot nullst
Salemnullnulloody graduated proudly from nulloodbury Squirrel and Chaplinnulland a member of the Salem member of the nullh Degree of the nullshop nulleterson with his familynull
High School in nullnullnull nulloody sernulled his country nulleterans Councilnullwhere he sernulled as nullreasurer for Assemblynull but the sernullce
in the armed forces during nullorld nullar nullnullsernullng many yearsnull nulloody lonulled the Salem community and the organinulltions that
with the Army Air nullorcenull nullen he retired from nullsem nullacnullngnullhe community has always lonulled him bacnull nullhat nullst touched his lifenull
nullen nulloody came home from nullorld nullar wornulld for many more years at Douglas and won’t stopnull nulloody belonged to many community nulloody is
nullnullhe toonulla nullb as a nullet mechanic with nullsem nullohnson nullneral Homenull sernullce organinulltionsnullincluding the Derrynullalem surnullnulled by his
nullacnullng Company of nullwrencenull nulloody was nulloody spent much of his free time with peoplenull nullnullnullSalem nullwanis Clubnullthe nullard nullClub of belonulled wifenull
so proud of his sernullce to his country and not nullst his familynullbut with all peoplenull He was wrencenullnullnullnullnull ulian Stopyra nullost in nullwrencenull Helennullwith whom
nullnullthe he shared null years
Salem Senior of marriagenull He
Centernull is also surnullnulled by his daughternullnullrynulland her
Crimeline of husbandnullRalph nulldinanullof nullnchesternulla brothernull
Southern New Raymond Chmielesnullnullof Salemnullsistersnullnulltilda
Winner Best of NH 2008!
Hampshirenull nullrtineau of nullthuennullnullnullnullllian nullnullsinullof
the nulllden Nashuanulland nullrbara nulldina of Salemnull nulloody is
From Napoli, Italy to Salem, NH
Agersnullthe also surnullnulled by senulleral nieces and nephewsnull
nulleater Salem nullneral sernullces for nulloody were held
How Italian Food Should Be!!
Chamber of nullednesday at Saint nulloseph’s Church and burial
Commercenull was at nullne nullonulle Cemetery in Salemnull A
Gift Certificates Available
and the scholarship fund has been set up in nulloody’s
Piano Bar Tues. & Weds. Evenings Breckenridge Plaza 264 NO. Broadway, Salem, NH 603-898-1190
name for Dollars for Scholarsnullnull nullx nullnull
nullranullelers SalemnullNH nullnullnull
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