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Pelham - Windham News
March 12, 2010 - 7
Their nullarts e nullr the nullmelessnull
Main Street nullimal nullsnulltal nulllds nullndraiser to Snullnullrt nullimal nullscnull
submitted by Donna nullarnull Animal Rescue
nulltnullrnullonullnullnullnullgland, nullc.
animals left homeless.
nullund raising to support the animals in the care
nullt the launching enullent in nullecembernull
Celenullate the 100th
of nullnimal nullescue nulletnullornull of nullenull Englandnull nullnc.
pictures of their client’s pets nullere tanullen by
nullnullnullnullnullEnull started on Sundaynull nullecember nullnull nullhen
Teal Photography of nulltnullinson nullho graciously
y onullScnull hool
Main Street nullnimal Hospital held their nullinth
donated their time for the enullent. There nullas also
nullnnual Santa Sunday and culminated on nullridaynull
a huge list of nullonderful rafnulle items that nullere
nullebruary nullnullnull nullhen they presented nullnullnullnullE
donated by many businessesnull and citinullensnull in
nullith a nullnullnullnullnullnull donation. This money nullill help
the local area. nulltems nullere sold through the
submitted by nullnullnullnullE continue to sanulle the many dogs and
follonulling nulleenulls until this heartfelt nullalentine’s
Presentation onullMary cats in neednull and nullill also allonull them to manulle
gift to the dogs nullas presented on nullriday. Please
Academy much needed repairs to the shelter that the tonulln
nullatch for this enullent next year and your heart
null Presentation of of Pelham is generously letting them use in
also nullill be nullarmed nullnonulling you helped one
Mary nullademy in exchange for the feedingnull care and placement of
nullithout a nulloice.
Hudson nullMnullnullthe
nullndergarten students
celebrated their nullnullh
y of Scnull hool in many
nullaysnullfrom counting
and sorting their
nullnullh nully nullllections
to nullornullng hard to
perform nullnullacts
of nullndness. They
practiced nulliting their
numerals to nullnull
nullote about nullhat
they nullould do if they
had nullnull dollarsnulland
drenullnullhat they nullould
loonulllinull in nullnullyearsnull
There nullre special
nullnullh nully snacnullnull
art projectsnulland nullnull
courtesy photos
nullonna Clarnull Hailey nullngtin, nullanessa nullddy, nullobin Colburne, and nullonna Pirolli
Maintenance nullrector nullesnnullt nullanullor Comnullned nullnullrtments SHATTUCK
by nullrbara nullnullien employeesnulltnullo of nullhose jobs consist containers nullre placed at nulliffin Parnull nullnull operating budget to buy some of
Stating that each tonull department mainly of cleaning duties at the tonull’s last summernullnullrlonullreportednullsomething this enullipmentnullools nullhich he buys on
is null uninulle entitynullnull indham public buildings. nullhich nullornulld nullery nullll. nullrlonull sale nullhenenuller possible. 48 Bridge St., Nashua
Maintenance nullrector null nullrlonulltold null order to better sernullce other tonull nullants to expand that program to all nullrlonullalso reported that the nenullfire Since 1911
selectmen that he doesn’t support departmentsnullnullrlonullis suggesting other tonull recreational facilities as alarm system at tonull hallnullan installation Tile • Wood • Carpet
pulling three of those departments that nullommunicationsnullnullth other soon as possible. He said he nullould be that nullas appronulled last yearnullis nonullnullp Laminates • Vinyl
together into onenullat least not at the department heads be expanded by speanullng to Poulson about honullto best and running.null He said he also plans to
Braided Rugs
present time. nullaybe sometime donull meeting nullarterly and discussing their accomplish this goal. coordinate the implementation of other
the roadnullnullnullrlonullsaidnullbut not nonull. facility needs and expectations. nullrlonull nullmajor dilemma nullrlonullhopes to security upgradesnullnullth the same nullendor
12' X 12' ROOM
The discussion betnullen nullrlonull said he plans to establish these meetings solnulle in the not-too-distant future is nullho installed the fire alarm systemnull SALE
and tonull officials came up follonullng during nullnull. nullsonullin order to impronulle phasing in more tonull-onulled tools to sometime later this year.
nullindham Transfer Station nullrector nullnulle communicationnullnullrlonullhas already be used for maintenance and repairs.
$999.00 Inst.
Poulson’s suggestion that the highnullay started conducting monthly meetings nullrlonullsaidnullcurrentlynulland
departmentnullmaintenancenulland transfer nullth custodial and maintenance for years pastnullmaintenance
$299.00 Inst. w/pad
station nullornulltonullard combiningnullnot employeesnullso that they can share their department employees hanulle
Don’t Forget to VINYL
necessarily at this point in timenullbut concernsnullgoalsnulland expectations. nullxt been using their onull personal
Similar $399.00 Inst.
perhaps nullthin a fenullyears. Poulson had yearnullduring nullnullnullnullrlonullsaid he hopes tools and enullipment on the job. savings for
said the idea behind forming a single to establish a non-supernullsory leader his is too mucnull h nullar and tear
areas. $999.00 Inst.
department is financialnullone intended to positionnullsomeone nullho can tanull onuller on our onull toolsnullnullnullrlonullsaid.
sanulle taxpayers money. Studies nullould nullhen he is not anullailable. e need to reduce the tonull null’s M-T-W-F 10-5; Thurs 10-7
need to be done to determine honullmuch nullsonullduring nullnullnullnullrlonullplans to reliance on staff-onulled tools.null
Sat 10-3; Closed Sunday
money could be sanullednullthoughnullPoulson establish dailynullnullenullynulland monthly nullrlonullsaid he has included a
saidnulladding that perhaps only tnullo of custodial tasnullnullas nullll as to denullelop small amount of money in the
this weekend
On Facebook: shattuckrug&flooring
the departments could be combined a computer-based
enullentuallynullot all three of them. prenullentatinulle maintenance
Poulson nullas not at the meeting program. null nullnullnull
nullhen the issue nullas brought up by nullrlonullsaid he hopes to
nullrlonull. nullrlonulldid saynullhonullnullernullthat hanulle the capability to
he agreed nullth the concept of each of tracnullall buildingnullacility
these three departments sharing staff and enullipmentnullrepairsnulland
resources to assist one another during their associated costs.
emergencies. Employees are already nullen asnulld honullmuch
nulle cannot know when
In less than 15 months’ time, New Hampshire was hit
helping one another out nullhenenuller time he has to denullote
by two massive storms that caused power outages on
needednullnullrlonullexplained. to administratinulle dutiesnull
nullw nullmpshire will
a scale our state has never experienced before.
null for the suggestion that tonull nullrlonullsaid that his desnull
departments buy supplies in bulnullas time is nullery limitednullas he
a groupnullnullrlonullsaid that nullould be is generally out dealing
enullerience its nenull big
During the December 2008 ice storm, we discovered just how
difficult for the maintenance department nullth maintenance and
much our state could accomplish working together in the spirit
to donulldue to a serious lacnullof storage repair issues throughout
storm, but we can
space at the current time. The idea of the tonull.
of service and collaboration. Over the last several days, we put
buying in bulnullnullas made as another nullrlonullsaid he
cost-cutting suggestion. also nullants to expand predict how our
those lessons to use once again to clear hundreds of roadways and
null presenting his strategic plannull recycling efforts in
restore service to 26null000 nullnull customers in record time.
designed to conuller a three-year periodnull the tonull and plans to
nullrlonullsaidnullnullur customers are all nullornullin conjunction
state will respondnull
nulle did not accomplish this remarkable feat alone.
the other departments. nulle really don’t nullth transfer station
deal nullth the public.null The maintenance employees in meeting
with resiliency,
nullnullnullnull employees were joined by more than null00 line and treenull
department currently includes four this goal. nullcycling
trimming crews from as far away as nullennsylvania, nullaryland,
teamwork, and heart.
and nullichigan. nulle were inspired by the resiliency of nullnullnullnull
Frank McAndrew, CPA
customers, and supported by donullens of local businesses that
Accounting & Tax Services
went above and beyond to provide food, lodging, and materials
Individual & Small Business to workers across the state.
Faster Refund with E-File
nullhanks to the tireless efforts of these peoplenullas well as the
(603) 508-0171
state and local officials, emergency responders, and hundreds of nullnullnullnull employees and retirees working behind the scenes
to coordinate restoration effortsnullnullnullnullnull was able to restore
America Counts on CPAs
service to almost all of its customers affected by the wind
Grand Opening
storm within four daysnull time.
nullo all of these people, null offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks.
March 20th from 12-4pm
nulle are proud to be part of nullew nullampshire, and we stand
ready to serve, come snow, wind, or ice.
Join us for refreshments, baked
goods & a bounce house for kids! nullincerely,
Dancewear, Tights
Dance Shoes: Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Acro
127 North Lowell Road Windham, NH 437-5055
nullary null. nullong
PSNH President and COO

sses f
oys &
Girls 6+
April Vacation Cooking Camp
Visit today to learn what
you can do to prepare for winter storms.
classes: 4/26-4/28 1pm-4pm
Everthing you ever wanted to know about pizza!
Also offering weekly cooking classes, birthday parties, and summer camps,
full and half day options, a different theme every week
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