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Pelham - Windham News
4 - March 12, 2010
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
Thannullyou to all of you nullho toonullthe time ansnullred the call to be an actinulle member of
to nullote on Tuesdaynullit is one of the most the community. nulloopi nullldberg said it bestnull
important things that you can do to support your ou’null nulle got to nullote for someone. null’s a shamenull
community. but it’s got to be done.null nulld pleasenulldon’t turn
nullto those of ynull ou nullho did not nullotenull anullay from gonullernment as you still can hanulle
remember nullhat nullbert Hutchinsnull Great Books: inputnulltay innullolnulled.
The Foundation of a Liberal Education nullnullnullnull null closingnullfor the second nullenull nullam asnullng
saidnullnullhe death of democracy is not linullly to enulleryone to go to httpnullnullorums.e-democracy.orgnull
be an assassination from ambush. null nullll be a groupsnullh and get innullolnulled on the debate about
slonullextinction from apathynullindifferencenulland legalinulld gambling in nullnullHampshire.
undernourishment.null nulld as innullolnulled people
nullll saynullif you did not nullotenullyou hanulle no right to
nullngratulations to all those nullho stepped
up to sernulle their tonull and the school district.
Elected or notnullyour effortsnullideasnulland energy
are commended. nullin or losenullyou hanulle
nullddy nullnullhter
for the excellent conullerage they continue nullth in
cablecasting this enullentnullnull greatly appreciate this.
nullnce a Snullcess
nullndham nullomannulls nullub nullnullndham
null nullridaynullMarch null the nullindham nullcreation
nullpartment hosted the nullifth nullnual nullddy
nullughter nullnce. null nullas a nullonderful night full
Thank nullonull Patronsnull
Policy nullinnullnullanulled nullr nullnulltinnullat Park
of dancingnullgood timesnulland special memories. null
nullring the month of nullebruarynullthe Pelham
by nullrbara nullnullien interface. The nullindham nullseballnulloftball nullague
nullould linull to thannullthe many businesses for their
Public nullbrary held a nullood for nullinesnullenullent. This
null spring dranull enuller nearernulland nullth baseball and the nullcreation nullordinator nullll each hanulle
generous donationsnullas nullll as the nullolunteers nullho
program is designed to help all the members of
and softball season tagging close behindnulla nenull independent passnullords. Each of these tnullo
helped out.
our community. nullr patrons nullth onullerdue fines
lighting policy is being proposed for nullindham’s entities nullll be responsible for their onull security
Thannullyou to nullstleton for hosting the
hanulle them forginullen by donating non-perishable
nulliffin Parnull and accessibility. Passnullords nullll be changed
enullentnull The sernullce and the personal touch nullre
food itemsnullnullhich are then donated to the food
nullring the nullebruary null nullard of Selectmennull at least annually or at any such time as may be
incredible. nullsonullthannullyou tonullnullnahan nullmonull
pantry in tonull. This is the perfect nulln-nulln
meetingnullnullcreation nullordinator nulleryl Haas deemed necessary to ensure the integrity of these
nulllla nullaggionullnullindham nullauty Shopnullnullindham
situation for our community.
met nullth tonull officials to present a draft proposal regulations.
nullrber ShopnullT-nullnes of nullrryTnull he nullindham
The library also nullns because items that hanulle
of the policy. The nenullpolicy is intended to To ensure that games nullll be finished by null
nullstaurantnullnulllahunty’snullnullystal nullllroom of
been long onullerdue find their nullay bacnullduring
be added to the existing nullield and nullacility nulle p.m.nullno inning nullll begin later than nullnull p.m.
Salemnulland the nullffee nullasters nullfe. nullsonullthannull
these enullents. nulle nullre able to forginulle the fines
nullgulations. Practices are to end no later than nullnull p.m. The
you tonullnullrbara nullishnullnullcole Merrillnullnullnnis
for null patrons and donate nullnullitems to the nullod
The proposal includes lighting for the baseball lights nullll be on only nullhen the field is actually in
Senibaldinullnulllph nullalentinenullnullura Scottnullnulluce
nullighbor nullood Pantry.
fieldsnullnullalnullaysnulland parnullng lot at nulliffin Parnull use. nullield lights nullll be controlled nullth a timer
nulletonnullnullnull Portrait Studios of Salemnulland null
Thannullyou to all those nullho returned materials
Haas explained that the nullindham nullseball and responsibility for setting the onnullff times nullll
and donated food. null nullornullng togethernullnull can
and Softball nullague is paying for the lighting be shared betnullen the nullindham nullseballnulloftball
Thannullyou to all nullho attendednulland null loonull
all manull a difference in our communitynull
fixturesnullas nullll as their installation. The league nullague and the nullcreation nullordinator.
fornullard to another successful enullent next yearnull is also assuming responsibility for paying the null a game is canceled due to inclement
Pelham Public nullbrary nullPelham
cost of insurance for the fixtures. The nullindham nullather or other unforeseen circumstancesnulla
nulleryl S. Haas, Recreation nulloordinator null
nullcreation nullmmittee participated in formulating representatinulle of the baseballnulloftball league
Thank nullonull
the proposed policy and is unanimously in fanullor nullll be responsible for turning off the lights. The
of its acceptance by tonull officials. nullindham nullseballnulloftball nullague shall hanulle
nullte onullThanks
Thannullyou to nullbbie nullannullnullndy nullynullrnulland nullcording to the draft proposalnullall lightsnull three members nullho hanulle access to the lighting
Eleanor nullrton on the School nullard for bringing including those on the fieldsnullnullalnullaysnulland controlsnullso as to ensure adenullate conullerage. The
The nullindham nulloman’s nullub nullould linull to
fornullard a reasonable solution that nullould best parnullng lot must be turned off no later than null baseball field lights nullll only be on nullhen a field
thannullall of the people nullho helped manull this
solnulle the tonull’s school issues. p.m. nullghts nullll not be left on onullernightnullnor nullll is in use.
year’s nullndidates’ nullght a success.
Thannullyou for all those that nullornulld tirelessly as they be used during the morning. null lights are nullsed on current draft policynulllights nullll be
Thannullyou to all the candidates nullho attended
part of the nullacilities nullmmittee. nullour efforts nullre left on past nullp.m.nullHaas saidnullresidents should programmed on a daily basis from dusnullto nullp.m.
and presented their positions on the issuesnulland
tremendous and much appreciated. contact the nullindham Police nullpartmentnullnullho from May nullthrough nullnullember null. nullcording to
ansnullred nullestions from the audience.
Thannullyou to nullb Hardy and nulldy nullcharme. nullll then notify the nullcreation nullordinator or her statistics discussed during the meetingnullthe cost of
Thannullyou to nullncy Tullonullnullho sernulled as
Thannullyou for running for School nullardnullnullam designeenullnullho is Maintenance nullrector null nullrlonullnull lighting the field nullll be approximately nullnull for
moderator. Thannullyou to co-chairs Pat Snullnner
pleased that you nullll pronullde focus on the School of the problem. Signs nullth the necessary phone the baseballnulloftball season. This figure is based
and Mary nulliffin for organinullng this enullent. Thannull
nullard by doing nullhat’s best to meet the needs of numbers are to be posted at nulliffin Parnull on an estimated cost of null.null per hour.
you to our club members nullho nullolunteered their
the children in Pelham. Haas explained that the lighting softnullare y misuse of the policnull y may result in actions
time to help. Thannullyou to all the people nullho
Thannullyou to enulleryone that nullornulld to nullet program contains a nullard-stopnulltimenullnullhich up to and including the termination of prinullleges
attended in personnulland to those nullho nullatched at
the nullord outnullnullincluding nullnullS. nullour efforts to cannot be alterednullchangednullor re-programmed. to use the lights. Haas said that the proposed
educate the nulloters in Pelham really did manull a big his hard-stop nullll guarnull antee that the lights policy does hanulle the support of nullindham Police
This is our nullth year sponsoring this enullentnulland
difference. cannot be programmed to be on after nullp.m.nullnullshe nullief nullrald nullnulls.
null thannullthe nullonderful nullolunteers of nullTnull-null
nullinallynullthannullyou to said. Selectman nullger Hohenberger said he belienulles
enulleryone nullho toonullthe time to null automaticnullanual nully snulltch is located in lights at the parnullare getting out of control.
get educated and nullote. the main electrical controllernullnullhich nullould allonull e might as nullll sanull ynullnullet’s light the parnull’null
the lights to be turned on independently of nullhat Hohenberger said. nullefore longnullbasnulltball nullll
Tom Hillson nullPelham
is pre-programmed. The nully shall be nullpt only by nullant lights out therenulltoonullnull he said. Selectman
the nullcreation nullordinator. nullcess for setting the nullss Mcnullod said that pronullding additional
light timer lights at the parnullis not necessarily a bad thing.
nullll be null additional recreational facilities are anullailable
• Senior Citizen Discount
Specializing in Skin Rejuvenation managed for residents in the enulleningnullit might prenullent
Fuel Oil
Physician-Strength Skin Care
nulla a issues such as nullandalism or other problems
passnullord- resulting from nullds nullho are bored and loonullng for
• Automatic Delivery
Laser Hair Removal
protected something to donullMcnullod stated.
• Will Call Customers Welcome
online null is expected that a final proposal for the
Intense Pulse Light Treatments lighting policy nullll be brought
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
Injectables-Botox, Restylane, Juvederm
bacnullto selectmen prior to
the baseballnulloftball season
Speak to one of our own local beginning this spring. y null
Maureen Robidoux, RN nullestions regarding this
Employees... 24 Hours a day, Everyday
Pelham, NH
Laser and Skin Care Specialist
issue should be addressed
Over 50 Deliverery Trucks to Service You
Cell: 603-860-3893
George P. Chaston, MD- Plastic Surgeon
to nullcreation nullordinator
nulleryl Haas.
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