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Pelham - Windham News
March 12, 2010 - 3
Commnullity nullnullt 2010
by nullaren Plumley
nullter a nulliet startnullnullmmunity
nullght nullnull ramped up to the lenullel
of attendance that the tonull of
Pelham has come to expect onuller the
years. Tanullng place on the enullening
of ThursdaynullMarch null nullmmunity
nullght nullas not split this year as it had
been in years past. Enullents toonullplace
simultaneously at Pelham Elementary
School nullESnulland Pelham Memorial
This seasonnullthe bulnullof the popular
enullent toonullplace at PES. nullests
nullre greeted nullth display tables and
fascinating exhibitsnullincluding police
and fire departmentsnullnullerican
nullncer Society’s nulllay for nullfenull
information on the proposed nenullhigh
school and senior center additionnull
nullnullnullerican nullgionnulland scouting. null
nullugene Stahl and nulllenn Chase onullthe Pelham Police nullepartment manned one onullthe many
Second graders nullen null, nullyan null, and nullen P. show onulltheir papernullache penguin pronullcts at
There nullas enullen a display by local area
Community nullight display tables, handing out honorary police badges to the children as they passed by
Pelham nulllementary School on nullrsday, March null at this year’s Community nullight
null nullas a challenge to maneunuller
At lenull, nullaryle Hillsgronulle, Sean
around the cronulls of people in the
curious hoards of people
Minuti, and nullleanor nullurton were
hallnullays. nullsitors stopped here and
honullered about and asnulld
asnullng Pelham residents to nullstep up
there to checnullout the challenges
nullr educationnullat Pelham Community
pronullded by nullolunteers at the
null each classroomnull
nullight on nullrsday enullening.
nullstination nullagination tablenullor to
teachers greeted guestsnullnullho
grab a fire hat or police badge for their
got to checnullout the latest
Pictured at right, do you enuller wonder
nullds. Parents stopped to chat nullth one
nullornull of their childrennullsuch
what nulleemasonry isnull nulld you nullow
anothernulland children found friends
as colorful dinosaur projectsnull
that members onullthis mysterious society
to hang out nullth. null the first-nullor
giant penguin modelsnull
linulle right here in Pelhamnull Meet nullb
common areanulla nullrtual tour of the
poemsnullartnullornull nulliting
nullean, Pelham resident and a member
proposed land for the nenullhigh school
journalsnulland more.
onullthe nulleemasons nullr nearly 1nullyears
nullas set up on the big screennulland
nullsistant Snullerintendents to Share School nullstricts
by nullrbara nullnullien nullorinullntalnullsplit of the duties to be assigned to lenullels they hanulle been assigned. nullard member nullphne nullenyon said students in
Starting nullth the nullnull-nullnull school yearnullthere the tnullo assistant superintendentsnullnull. nullss said he nullith tnullo assistant superintendents nullornullng for each gradenullin each of the tnullo tonullsnullstill hanulle
nullll be tnullo assistant superintendents employed by sponull nullth the principals at each of the schools Snullnullnullnullnullss nullll hanulle more time to deal nullth to learn the same thingsnullregardless of nullhere
Snullnullnullnullan entity that includes both Pelham and in nullindham and Pelhamnullas nullll as other staff nullhat he referred to as largernulllong-term issues. they attend school. Much of the curriculum
nullindham. members. He said he also communicated nullth nullo null don’t get lost in the nulledsnullnullhe saidnull instruction is mandated by the State nullpartment
nullen members of the joint Snullnullnullard colleagues from other parts of nullnullHampshire referring to nullhat could happen if the planning of Educationnullnullenyon saidnullnot the local school
appronulled the concept of hiring an additional to assess the best nullay to dinullde up the duties of process is neglected. board.
assistant superintendent last yearnullthe idea nullas assistant superintendent. nully goal is to nullep it as Prior to the non-public sessionnullnullindham Prior to the non-public sessionnullPelham School
for one of these indinullduals to be responsible for simple and straightfornullard as possiblenullnullnullss said. School nullard member Ednullard nullllagher nullard member Eleanor nullrton said she felt as
schools in nullindhamnullnullhile the other’s duties null nullant to do nullhat’s best for both Pelham and expressed concern about hanullng tnullo assistant if she’d nulleen led astraynullin honullthe dinullsion of
nullould innullolnulle schools in Pelham. Presentlynull nullindham.null superintendents conullering only certain grade duties betnullen the tnullo assistant superintendents
nullsistant Superintendent nullxanne nullilson conullers nullnullorinullntalnulldinullsion innullolnulles separating lenullels in each tonullnullespecially nullth the nenull nullas going to nullornull nullhey can sharenullanynullaynull
both school districts. grade lenullels nullhen assigning dutiesnullnullhile a high school in nullindham. nullllagher said he had enullen if they are responsible for separate school
nullcentlynullhonullnullernullon the recommendation erticalnulldinull nullsion nullould innullolnulle separating concerns about effectinulle curriculum integration in districtsnullnullnullrton said.
of Superintendent nullrannullnullssnullschool board school districtsnullnullss explained. nulloth are nullery grades nullndergarten through null if there nullre tnullo Pelham School nullard member nullb nullan
members from both tonulls nulloted unanimously good possibilitiesnullnullhe told board members. nullss different assistantsnullone at the high-school lenullelnull toonullthe opposite tacnull honullnullernullsaying that
to hanulle nullilson and the nenully hired assistant said he recommended the nullorinullntalnullapproach and the other at the elementary-school lenullel. nullss she thought it nullas nullealthynullfor board members
superintendentnullnullanda nullcaronull each nullornullin because it allonulld him to assign duties to each said there are nullig initiatinullesnullbeing undertanulln to renullsit issues and manull adjustments nullhere
both school districts. nullder the nenullplannullnullilson of the assistant superintendents based on their at both nullindham and Pelham High Schoolsnulland deemed appropriate. nulle should consider the
nullll be responsible for nullndergarten through indinulldual areas of strengthnullrather than just that by hanullng just one assistant superintendent horinullntal stylenullan saidnullprior to the non-nullnull
fifth grade in both Pelham and nullindhamnullnullhile dinullding them up by school districtnullnullth one responsible for both high schools nullould manull it public session.
nullcaronullnullll be tanullng on the duties of assistant nullornullng in Pelhamnulland the other in nullindham. easier nullo share and cross-fertilinullnullideas betnullen nullfore going into non-public sessionnullMahoney
superintendent for grades six through null in both Should the horinullntal method not nullornulloutnull the tnullo high schools. saidnullnullelham and nullindham are different tonulls.
Pelham and nullindham. The decision to go nullth nullss explainednullthe decision could alnullays be Pelham School nullard nullairman nullnda Mahoney nullounull nenuller get a laptop program through in
this approach nullas made follonullng a non-public renullsited at the end of the nullnull-nullnull school year. saidnullprior to the non-public sessionnullthat she Pelhamnullnullll tell you that.null
session on March null Prior to the non-public nullss said he nullas considering this coming year as fanullored the nullertical method of dinullding up the ust because the tnullnull o tonulls are differentnull
sessionnullhonullnullernullopinions nullre nullite dinullerse. a nullilot program.null nullcording to nullssnullthe use of duties of the tnullo assistant superintendents nullne for doesn’t preclude a person’s ability to handle
nullcaronullnullas hired by joint school board the horinullntal approach to assign duties is rather each tonullnulland that she nullanted to stay nullth the bothnullan saidnullthen encournullnull aged other board
members during a Snullnullnull meeting last month. rare in the State of nullnullHampshire. nullhe nullertical original concept agreed upon last year. She said members to be nullpen-minded.null nulling the
nullrrentlynullshe is employed in nulltchfieldnullnullornullng approach is definitely the most common methodnullnull she felt the horinullntal concept nullould nullornullbetter horinullntal approachnullnulle’ll hanulle a specialist
as curriculum director under former nullindhamnull he said. if only one school district nullas innullolnullednullnot tnullo in grades six through nullnulland a specialist in
Pelham Superintendent Elaine nulltler. nullcaronull nullilson and nullcaronullnullll each be responsible as in Snullnullnull. nullndergarten through fifth gradenullnullshe added.
does hanulle prenullous experience in nullindhamnull for such duties as curriculumnullnstruction nullfore the non-public sessionnullnullindham nullindham School nullard nullce nullairman Minull
as she nullas hired a fenullyears ago to nullornullas a assessmentnullbudgetingnullstaffingnullnullsibilitynullfollonull School nullard member nulleff nullstic said he felt the Hatem said he had come in nullpen-mindednullnullbutnull
consultant on the nenullhigh schoolnulla facility that throughnulland studentnulleacher issues for the horinullntal method nullould nullornullbetter if both after listening to nullss’ presentationnullhe preferred
opened to students this past September. She nullll grade lenullels that they are being assigned in both tonulls hanulle the same objectinulles. The nullertical using the horinullntal approach in assigning all
tanull on her nenulljob for Snullnullnull the middle of nulluly. tonulls. null additionnullnullss saidnullthey nullll each hanulle method nullould nullornullbetter if the tnullo tonulls hanulle duties to nullilson and nullcaronull nullter the non-
Prior to recommending nullhat he terms a separate responsibilities that are germane to the different objectinullesnullhe added. nullindham School public sessionnullthat opinion nullas unanimous.
nullSenulls nullnull y at Pelham
Memorial School
submitted by Pam Durnulln
Pelham Memorial School nullas bunulling nullth excitement this past
nullenull The school nullas celebrating null. Seuss’ birthday in conjunction
nullth nullnull’s nullad nullross nullerica Program. The bulletin boards and
glass shonullases in the building nullre brimming nullth null. Seuss
artnullornull postersnulland null. Seuss memorabilia. The nullenullnullas full of
trinulla nullestionsnullspecial readings of fanullorite null. Seuss storiesnulland a
special stripe dessert banulld in our onull nulltchen. null nullridaynullPMS’
fanullorite Tiger Mascot and nullt in the Hat made a surprise nullsit to our
studentsnullnullho nullre participating in a school-nullde reading enullent. The
nullenullculminated nullth students and staff nullaring stripes on nullriday
and participating in the null. Seuss scanullenger hunt and tongue tnullster
contest in the library. nullgood time nullas had by allnull
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