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Pelham - Windham News
March 12, 2010 - 15
2010 Censnull nullonullnull
nullindham nullrden Clnull
nullonull nulllnullnullnnullt nullnullt nullanted nullnullnulls nulleded
Sets Scholarshinullnulladline
submitted by nullnda null nullrman, programs.
submitted by null. S. nullensus nullreau preparedness.
nullndham nullrden nullub nullcording to nullace Maradnullnullub Scholarships
Preparations are undernullay at the nullS. nullnsus null’s also used to determine your community’s
The deadline for filing applications for the chairnullthe life sciences include biologynullbotanynull
nullreau to conduct the nullnull nullnsus. nullce representation in gonullernment and to direct
nullindham nullrden nullub’s nullnull nullncy Surette consernullationnullhorticulturenulllandscape designnull
enullery null yearsnullan effort is made to count hundreds of billions of dollars in federal fundingnull
Memorial Scholarships is nullril null ennullronmental studies and other plant-related
enullery person linullng in the nullited States and allocated for local projectsnullsuch as highnullays
null in recent yearsnulltnullo nullnullnull academic curricula.
its territories. null order to complete this huge and bridgesnullpublic healthnulland community-
anullards nullll be presented at the nullub’s nullune The scholarships honor the memory of nullub
undertanullngnullthe nullnsus nullreau nullll be hiring based programs. null’s important to manull sure your
Sumner Solstice dinnernullnullth the funds going co-foundernullearly president and nullindham Tonull
hundreds of thousands of census tanullrs in community is accurately counted to ensure that
directly to the nullnners’ schools. nullnsernullation nullairman nullncy Surette.
support of peanullcensus operations. null that seems it receinulles all it desernulles. The nullnsus nullreau is
nullmpetitors must be nullindham residents or nullplication information forms are anullailable
linull a lotnullconsider that those census tanullrsnullalso counting on people just linull you to help get the
immediate family of the group’s actinulle non- at Tonull Hallnullthe nullsmith nullbrarynullSalem
nullonull as Enumeratorsnullnullll be counting millions job done.
resident membersnulland may be nullnull high school High Schoolnullnullshop nullertinnullthe nullrryfield
of people in all null statesnullPuerto nullconullthe nullS. The nullnull nullnsus nullestionnaire nullll be
graduatesnullalready matriculated college students Schoolnullnullntral nulltholic High School and from
nullrgin nulllandsnullnullamnullthe nullmmonnullalth of the delinullered to enullery household in the spring of
or mid-life career changers pursuing life sciences
nullrthern Mariana nulllandsnulland nullerican Samoa. nullnull. null contains a fenullsimple nullestions that
The nullnsus nullreau is currently loonullng for allonullenullery mannullnullomannulland child in that
friendly and outgoing people to conduct in- household to be counted. Heads of households
person internullenull nullth community residents nullho are then renullired by lanullto complete and return
nullindham nullomannulls Clnull
do not return their nullnull nullnsus nullestionnaire. it for tabulation. Honullnullernullsome nullestionnaires
These temporarynullpart-time positions offer good are not returned. That’s nullhere someone linull nullademic Scholarshinull nullnullailanulle
pay and nullxible hoursnulland you nullll mostly nullornull you can help in contacting those in your
submitted by Ruth nulloole, demonstrated financial need. nullplications must
in your onull community. null’s probably the best community nullho did not return the nullestionnaire
nullndham nullomannulls nullub be receinulled by nullril null.
temporarynullpart-time job to come along in null and internullenullng them directly for this nulltal
Scholarship applications are anullailable at The scholarship is anullarded conditionally upon
yearsnull information.
the nullsmith nullbrarynullnullnullellonull nulladnulland the graduationnullbut is not ginullen until the nullnner has
There’s also the satisfaction of contributing nullnullHampshire officesnull nulluce Thompsonnull
guidance office at Salem High School. The successfully completed the first college semester
to this important tasnull The nullnsus nullreau is nullS. nullnsus nullreaunullnullnullnulludon nulladnullnulld
nullindham nulloman’s nullub nullll anullard tnullo in nullanuary nullnull. nullnullards are ginullen directly to the
mobilinullng such a large force to ensure that enullery nulloornullnullncordnullnull nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnulland nulln
nullnullnullnull scholarships in May. nullplicants must student.
person is counted. The census data collected nullnarellinullnullS. nullnsus nullreaunullnullnullnullmmerce
be residents of nullindham and must be graduating Mail completed applicationnullincluding
are used as nulltal information for community nullaynullSuite nullnull Portsmouthnullnull nullnullnull nullnull
high school seniors. transcripts and letter of recommendationnullto
impronullementsnulltransportation planningnull nullnull.
The scholarships are anullarded on the basis Maureen null Homseynullnull Hayes Hart nulladnull
educational sernullcesnulland enullen emergency
of scholastic and academic achienullement and nullindhamnullnull nullnullnull
nullmeless nullnull and Cats nulled nullonullnull
or null nullonullnulled Themnull
submitted by the Animal Rescue stress and illness nullthout medical attention. Town onullPelham
nulltnullrnullonullnullnullnullgland nullor this reasonnullnull asnullif you can support
Meet snullet Elnullsnullone of many beautiful those nullthout a nulloice nullth a donation of nullard onullnullnullstment
dogs nullho come to us loonullng for someone any sinull. Since nullimal nulltnullornullof nullnull
nullnulll nulltice onullnullcision
to lonulle and care for him. He joins the Englandnullnullc. is a nullnullnullnullorganinulltionnull
old and young nullho hanulle crossed nullimal if you are considering ginullng a charitable The nullard of nulljustment met on MondaynullMarch null nullnull at nullnull pm at
nullscue nulltnullornullof nullnullEngland nullnullnullnulls gift as a tax dedicationnullnull can connect
the Pelham Tonull Hallnullnullnullllage nulleennullPelhamnullnull and nulloted on the
path in the search of a second chance and a you to a specialist in the area of charitable
follonullng petitionnull
nenullhome. null has been a tough nullnter that ginullng to ansnullr all your nullestions and set
Case nullnull0 PnullTEnullPnullnullnullnullC nullnullnullidge Street Map null nullt nullnullnull
has tanulln its toll on the animals that suffer up a situation that suits all of your needsnull seenullng an nullnulleanullnullariance to nullticles nullnullnullnullnull Sections nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
from either sub-standard care or the loss nullhile pronullding a life free of abuse for an nullnullnullnull nullnullto permit the proposed building to be located null feet from
of an onuller that could no longer care for innocent puppies and adult or senior dogs
Pulpit nullcnullnullad rather than the renullired null feet and the canopy abonulle
them. or cats. nullou can enullen specify nullhat animal
the proposed gas pumps to be null.nullfeet from nullidge Street rather than
nullfore they can be adoptednullthey renullire that you nullould linull to support.
the renullired null feet. nullso to permit a portion of the proposed buildingnulla
retaining nullallnullgrading for access and parnullngnulla portion of underground
medical attention to rid them of parasitesnull nulle accept Paypal or mail to nullnullEnullnullcnull
storage tannullnulla concrete pad and propane tannull to be located nullthin the
spay and neuternullnullaccinatenulland microchip P.null. nullx nullnullnullPelhamnullnull nullnullnull
nulletland nullnsernullation nullstrict. The nullard of nulljustment nullPnullnullnullthe
them. nullor somenullit is too late for a nenull null you hanulle access to building suppliesnull
center of Pelham. nullor more informationnull
homenullso they rest peacefully in the lonullng null are in need of an nullx null shed for
nullsit nullnull.arnne.orgnullor call the shelter at
care of our senior foster home. null they are storage. nulldonation of a shed or the
Case nullnull2 nullnullnullSTnull nullnulloost nullnullood nullad Map null nullt null-nullnull
seenullng null nullnulleanullnullariance to nullticle nullnullSections nullnullnull nullnullnull nullnullnullnull
too young for adoptionnullthey learn to linulle materials nullould be greatly appreciated.
null you are a director of a senior center or
Table null nullnullnull nullnullnullnull to permit the expansion of a pre-existing non-
nullth dogsnullcatsnulland nullds in our puppy foster nullterested in nullolunteering or fosteringnull
similar center and nullould linull to pronullde
conforming use nullhereby the existing home shall be ranulld and a nenulltnullo
home. The medical needs of the seniors Meet us at a Pet nulloption Enullent held
your folnull nullth some nullur Therapynullnulllet us
bedroom dnulllling nullth an attached null’xnull garage to be constructed in
nullll nenuller be offset by an adoption feenull monthly nullext on March nullnullnullril nullnullat the
nullonulland a nullolunteer nullll bring a puppy or
it’s place on a lot hanullng approximately nullnullnull snullare feet and null feet
but they desernulle the fullest linullesnullas do the nullirst nullngregational nullurch of nullrist from
lonullng canine for some hands-on Tnull. of frontage on nullood nullad. The nullard of nulljustment nullPnullnullnullthe
puppiesnullnullhose tiny bodies do not handle null a.m. to nullp.m. on nullute nullnull in the
Scoop’s got your
nullassinulld nulld nullatesnull 1 weenull nullnullnull nullr null words or less. nullweenullnull nullnullnull nullr null words or less. Additional wordsnull.1nullper word per weenull nullaximum onullnull wordsnull nullost and nulloundnulland
rnull ee nulleenullads run nullr one weenullat no charge. nulleadline nullr placement is nulluesday at noon onullthe weenullyou would linull the ad to run. nullou may pay by casnull, cnullcnull nullade out to Area nullews nullroupnull
or credit card nullaster Card or nullisa, name, address, phone nullcard innull. renullirednullnullno renullnds. Ads paid by credit card can be nullxed to nullnullnullnullnullnull or nullmailed to
All other ads can be mailed or delinullered tonull nullenullanullnullindnullnullNews, 17 Executive Drive, Suite nulle, Hudson, NH 03051. Call nullnullnullnull1nullnullnullr more innullrmation.
Buyer Be Aware: null Area nullews nullroup supplies adnullertising space in good nullith nullr our customers. Howenuller, occasionally an adnullertiser will renullire up nullont innullestment nullom the consumer. nulle do not
endorse or guarantee these or any adnullertisers claim. nulle encourage you to be a good consumer and do your homewornullbenullre you innullestnullurchase any products or goods.
WE buy junk cars and trucks. nullnullnullnullrthnulledic nullllnullnull
nullnullnullnullnullCnullnullGnull nullnullnull-nullnullnullnullnullcensed
Call Pat at Jean-Guy’s in tnull sets. Nenullnull Cnulltnullnullnullnull
null.H. CnullNnullnullnullnullCnullnullnullN-
nulltnullm clean-unull, nullnull electrician snullcialinullnnull
Pelham, a N.H. Certified nullellnullnullueen nullnull, nullull nullnull,
nulltnullnullnullaniel’s Hand-d-nullan
nullemnulldelinnull nullnullecialists.
discnullnt thrnullnull nullnullil nullt,
in small jnulls. nullenullir,
Green Yard, at nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnnull nullnull. nulliscnullnullemnully
nullnullcialinullnnullin jnulls tnullsmall
nullenulllacement nullindnullnulls null dnullnullrs,
lnullnullnullices, nulllly insured. installatinull, linullts, nullns,
nullnullm nullree nulliscnullnullllnullnullnull
nullr remnulleler’s null cnulltractnulls
nullnullnullfinnull, nullidinnull, nullitchen,
Call Jasnull at nullnullnullnullnullnull. snulltches. nullnullrates.
and husband-tnulldnulllist. nullinull nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullrinullnally nullnullnull nullellnullnullnull.
nullathrnullnullm, nullasements. nullile null
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
and small inside and nulltside,
Can delinuller. nullnullnullnullnullnull.
Hardnullnullnulld nullnullnullrinnull. nullicensed
Spring Clean-up & Brush Removal
nullnull-nullnullnullnullnull yard nullrk, renullacement
null nullnsured. nullelnull nullnullnull-nullnullnull-nullnullnull null
Commercial/Residential Maintenance
nullndnullnull nulldnullrs, nullintinnull nullnullnull-nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
Landscape Design
EnullCnullnullnull Wirinnull-
Landscape Construction
nullnullnullnullnullt cleaninnull We
nullcensed, nullaster Electrician.
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnull.
in and nullt. nullully insured.
strinulle tnulldnullthe little details,
Spring Clean-ups
& Hardscaping
nullnullid Cherry nullleinull nulled,
nullnullE PnullnullNnullnullNG nullnullC. Why Dethatching, Irrigation
Cnullnullete nullrinnullsernullces.
nullan, nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnull-nullnullnull Mulch starting at $55/yd installed
y’nullll be nulleased nullth nullr
Free Estimates, Insured
nulldditinulls, basements,
nullressernullirr, Chest and null
nullemnulldelnull Paintinnull is nulluicker,
De-thatching, New lawn installation,
cleaninnullsernullce and nullality
linulltinnullnullns, unullrades,
Ninullt nullable. Nenullin bnullnulles.
nullnullHEnullHandyman and
cleaner and better bannull nullnullr the
Complete yard maintenance,
null nullrk. Great renullrences,
cable, nullnulle, snullnd and data
Cnulltnullnullnullnull nullellnullnullnull. Can
nullemnullelinnullnullC. Hnulle
buck. nullnterinullr, enullterinullr, hnullme
Mowing & Clean-ups.
nullnullnullndscanullnnull Nnullnull
anullrdable nullices. Call Patricia
delinuller. nullnullnullnullnullnull
renullir and maintenance.
imnullrnullnullement. nulluality nullnullrk at a We will meet or beat any
netnullrks. nulll jnulls cnullsidered.
at nullnullnullnullnullnull null e-mail
local competitors’ pricing!
nullast resnullnse. Call nullana
nullnterinull and enullerinull nullintinnull
nullair nullrice. nullully insured, call nullnullr
kmackeycleaninnullyahnull.cnull .
nullPnull CnullnullEnullnull
brush nulltree remnullnullal, null-
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullmnullile
Pnullnuller Washinnull nullinished
a nullree estimate. nullnullnull-nullnullnull-nullnullnull null
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull-nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
site brush chinullinnull nullree
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnull-nullnullnullnullnull
Custnull nullanulled, nenuller basement nullbath, etc. Nnulljnull
estimates, nulllly insured.
installed. Can add null subtract tnull smallnull nullt us take care null
Paul’s P.E.null Carnullentry.
B.K.C. Landscaping
Call Jnulln, nullnullnullnullnullnull,
nullebnullahnull Hnulle and nullce
tnullfit ynullr kitchen. Cnulltnull ynullr nullnulley nullnullnulllist.
nulluality hnullme imnullrnullnullements,
Spring Clean-ups
null nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
cleaninnull Weekly, bi-nulleekly,
nullnullnullnull nullacrifice nullr null,nullnull
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull remnulldelinnull, interinullrnullenullterinullr
Lawn maintenance &
mnullthly. Hnullest, reliable,
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnull-nullnullnullnullnull
renullairs, kitchens, basements
Installations, Dethatching,
null-nullNE Piannullnullernullces,
enullcellent renullrences, null nullnullCnullnull and baths, dnullnullrs, nullindnullnulls, Loam, Stone, Bark mulch, Certified Piannullnullechnician.
years enullerience. nullnsured null Cnullnullnullnullnullnullnull and mnullre. nullree estimates, nullully Backhoe services & more. nulluninnull nullenullir, nullenulllatinull,
bnullded. Call nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullnterinull finish nullrk, nullk insured. Call Paul at Fully Insured -
nullnullraisals, nullebuildinnull
stairnullys nullr cnulltractnulls null
nullnullnull-nullnullnull-nullnullnullnull. nullnullnull-nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
Free Estimates
Complete Property Maintenance
Cnulland ENJnullnullnullnull Y ynullr
hnullenullnullers, decks, basement 603-234-2630
Hydroseeding & Loaming
nullunullrnullsnull and null nullnsnullctnull. nullnullnullnullnull tnull nullinish Hnullme nullenullair Trees, Shrubs, Mulching
nulleekends- let me dnullthe
remnullelinnull etc. nullcensed and
Please email resume nullth
5 Recyc
nullme renullairs, additinullns,
Fertilizing, Spring Clean-up
cleaninnullnullr ynull. nulleticulnulls
insured, null yrs. enullerience.
nullalificatinulls tnullccnullicrnullt. remnulldels, nullrenullentatinulle
and cnullscientinulls nullrker nullth
Call Jnull, nullnullnullnullnullnull.
Call Gary
Office: 603-883-1028 null.J. nullnullEY Electricnull
cnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull maintenance. nullree estimates,
null years enullerience, renullrences
nullnull.jacnullscnullstructinullllc.cnull nullnullnullCEnull nullnullinnullclean unull, Cell: 603-490-7757
nullernullce Wk is nullnull ur nullnullcialty,
insured. Call Ed at
anullailable. nullest rates in tnullnull
nullnullnullnullnullnull thatchinnull nullnuller-seedinnull lanull
nullth nullnulldiscnullnt null third HOME
We Care
nullajnull Credit Cards nullccenulled.
nullnullnull-nullnullnull-nullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnull-nullnullnullnullnullnull
renullir, irrinulltinull renullir, brush
Call tnullaynull nullnullnullnullnullnull
cleaninnull Call Claudette at
Jnull’nullHnullnullYnullN nullernullcenull
nulldnullnullat he nulln’t. Nnulljnull
remnullnullal, aeratinull, nulltters
IMPROVEMENT cleaned, mnullnullnnull nulluality
PristineGreens LLC
tnull small. nulll arnullnd hnulle
sernullce at reasnullable rates.
Eco-Friendly Property Services
The Area News Group
nullnull PnullnullPnullNnullNGnull renullir and maintenance.
Piano Lessons
nullully insured. nullnullnullnullnullnull
-Lawn Mowing & Clean-ups
nullnterinullnullnullerinull, Hinull
nullathrnullm and basement
-Excavation & Bobcat Service
is now accepting
nulluality Wk and Hnull nullesty
Please recremnullelinnull decks, dnullrs, ycle
30 years of teaching experience. -Drainage/grading solutions
MasterCard and Visa
NnullnullEnull nullirenullnull-
null a trnull usted cnulltractnull.
this publication.
nullndnullnull, linullt nullumbinnull
Please rec
All levels, ages 5 & up.
-Brush & tree removal
this publication.
Fueled with Bio Diesel
Cnullnullered, Clean, nulleasnulled
nullsmall cnullnullny that
electrical, indnullr and nulltdnullr Free assesment lesson.
Hardnullnull. Cut, nullnullit,
nulluces binullrnull esultsnull
nullintinnull Call nullnullnullnull
for payment on all
nullelinullered, nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullaintinnullcnull nullnull
nullnull nullellnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull. Call Kei
types of advertising.
nullnull-nullnullnull null
No minimum.
Please recycle this publication.
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