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Pelham - Windham News
12 - March 12, 2010
nullds nullceinulled on Salt Shed Pronullct
by nullrbara nullnullien raise and appropriate a total of nullnullnullnull for the the other proposals nullre for metal buildings. nullnullnulltons of road treatment materials under
null the majority of nullindham nulloters decide to projectnullnullnullnullnull of nullhich is already set aside here manull y be sanullngs on the site nullornullnull conuller. The estimated cost of such a building
appronulle the nullarrant article asnullng for the money in a capital resernulle fund designated specifically Highnullay nullent nullacnullMcnullrtney said. nullnullnullnullnull ranges from nullnullnullnull to nullnullnullnull nullthout site
to construct a nenullcombination salt shed and for that purpose. The rest of the money nullould be is the nullorst-case scenario.null The proposed site nullornull The highnullay maintenance garage portion
highnullay maintenance facilitynulltonull officials are raised through taxes. The project is included in nullornullcurrently includes the estimated cost of the project calls for an null x null foot steel frame
poised to monulle fornullard nullth the project. nullindham’s nullpital nullpronullement Program nullnullnull of remonullng ledge from the areanullas nullll as a building nullth metal siding and roof and includes
nulloters nullll hanulle their say on this and all other null the four final bids being considerednullSullinullan retaining nullall. null the amount of ledge to be four baysnullplus office and storage space. The cost
proposed tonull and school district nullarrant articles said three nullre judged to nulle nullable.null These bids remonulled is less than anticipatednullor if it turns of the proposed garage runs from nullnullnullnull to
on TuesdaynullMarch null The pollsnullnullhich nullll be include nullenn nullnstructionnulla nullindham-based out that the retaining nullall is not necessarynullthere nullnullnullnull nullthout site nullornullbeing included.
located in the gymnasium at nullindham High companynullnullth a price tag of nullnullnullnull for the could be a significant sanullngsnullMcnullrtney said. Estimated site nullornullfor the entire project
Schoolnullnullll be open from nulla.m. until nullp.m. proposed building nullotal of nullnullnullnullnullincluding There are three main reasons nullhy the nenullsalt is expected to cost betnullen nullnullnullnull and
nullring the selectmen’s meeting on March null estimated site nullornullnullnullcci nullnstructionnullnullth a shed is necessarynullSullinullan explainednulla current nullnullnullnullnullhalf of nullhich is for anticipated ledge
Tonull nullministrator nullnulld Sullinullan said tonull bid of nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull including estimated lacnullof spacenullthe need to replace the existing remonullal and a retaining nullall. Engineering costs
officials had receinulled a total of null bids for the site nullornullnulland nullild Horse nullnstructionnullnullth a deteriorating buildingnulland a lacnullof appropriate for the project are not to exceed nullnullnullnull Sullinullan
buildingnullranging from a lonullof nullnullnullnull to a bid of nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnull including estimated ennullronmental controls for the materials that said.
high of just onuller nullnullnullnullnull. These bids do not site nullornull. The one bid that nullas slightly higher are stored at the site nulload salt and sandnull nullsonull Tonull officials repeatedly emphasinulld the need
include the cost of site nullornull than tonull officials feel could be managed nullthin as a part of its issuance of a nenullstorm nullater for nullticle nullto pass nulloter scrutiny and encouraged
Sullinullan saidnullafter renullenullng the bids that nullre the proposed budget nullas from nullan nullnstructionnull permitnullthe nullpartment of Ennullronmental Sernullces residents to support the construction project. null
submittednullfour nullre judged as possibly fitting the nullhich came in nullth a cost of nullnullnullnull nullESnullis mandating that the existing facilitynullnear similar proposal failed to garner enough support
parameters of the specifications that nullre set for nullnullnullnullnullnullnullth estimated site nullornull. nullindham’s historic nullpotnullbe nullacated by the end last March.
the project. nulll four of those bids nullre submitted nullild Horse nullnstruction is the only firm that of nullnull.
by firms nullhich are located in nullnullHampshire. submitted a bid for a nullood structurenullan option The proposed salt shed is an null x null foot
The proposed nullarrant article nullnullasnull nulloters to that Sullinullan said could be adnullantageous. nulll of galnullaninulld steel buildingnullnullhich can hold up to
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Goundrey & D
Pelham Pnulllic nullnullary nullws
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Family Funeral Care
submitted by Pelham Public nullbrary
fiction nullornull. So bring a friend and join this third stronull and nullas ready to ginulle up on life.
Send your stories and photos
Shamrocnull and leprechaunsnulllegends and fun after-school group. There’s still time to Thannullullynullhe decided to ginulle it another gonull
lore nullll be the topics of discussion at the
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participatenullso please call Miss nullbbie at and toonullup the hobby of nullood burning.null
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library on Tuesday and null
to new
ednesday of this
the libr
ary at nullnullnullnullnullor checnullthe library He found that his hand nullas nullery steady and
nullenullas nullorgan nullHanlonnullcomes to nullsit. nullebsite for more details. he nullas able to channel his energy and his
Morgan nullll entertain the children nullth nulloonullTime for nullbiesnullnullll be held on talents into nullricelessnullpieces of art.
stories of St Patrics nullnull y and the nulle folnull nullridaynullMarch nullnullat null a.m. nullfants and He ginulles them to his familynullhis
there nullll be music and dancing andnullof their families and careginullers are innullted friendsnullnullaitressesnulland baggers at the
coursenulla search for the illusinulle goldnull nullte to come to the library for a simple boonull supermarnulltnullnyone nullho appreciates nullhat
Talk to the times belonullfor the times of these story sharingnullsongsnulland finger plays. This he has to offer.
hours and plan to join in the funnull
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gathering is also designed to ginulle families nullnumber of his pieces nullll be on
The nulleat Stone nullace nullonullnullub nullll an opportunity for social interaction and display this monthnullincluding a tribute to
meet in the Molly Hobbs nullom on Tuesdaynull to share experiences about the nullges and the null nullnullnullsney Princessesnulland mannull y
March nullnullat nullnull p.m. nullildren and their
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es and photos
stagesnullof their babies. other familiarnullpopular faces. He has also
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families come to the libr
to new
to news@areanew
ary once a month to
This monthnullthe Pelham Public nullbrary generously pronullded his hand-carnulled chess
enjoy a snacnull discuss the boonull they hanulle nullll be shonullasing the nulloodnullornullng talents board and pieces for display.
readnullplay trinulla and nullord gamesnulland create of local artisan nullarles nullcnull Stop by the library in March and checnull
some artnullornullbased on null popular junullenile Senulleral years agonullnullarles suffered his out his nullornull
Pelham Election nullsnullts
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nullticle null nullticle 10anull
nulln-nullion Salary nullcrease 2nullnull nullnull PHS English Teacher nullnull 2nullnull
nullticle 8anull nullticle 10null
Visit us on line at
PES nullan of Students nullnull 329null PHS SPEnullTeacher nullnull 2null1
nullticle 8null nullticle 11null
PES Physical Education Teacher nullnull 2null8 nullpital nullsernulle nullnd - nullnd nullnull 33null
Albert A. Abdallah stories
Richard C. Dewhirst, CPC, CFSP
nullticle 8cnull nullticle 12null

Sarah A. Stopyra
PES Speech nullsistant nullnull 23null Memorial School Parnullng nullt

photos to

Panullng 2599 nullnull
nullticle 8dnull • 42 Main St., Salem, NH
PES Half-time nullerical nullsistant nullnull 2null8
nullticle 13null
nullpital nullsernulle nullnd -
nullticle 8enull
Maintenance 2null3 nullnull
PES Half-time nullrse nullnull 2351
nullticle 1null
nullticle 9null
St. PatricnullSchool nullnefit nully
nullstrict-nullde nullhletic nullrector nullnull 310null
Petitionnull nullnull 2null9
• Business Programs
null Charlotte nullallnullPackard
• Dental
null nullarlotte nullallnullPacnullrdnull of nullindhamnulland nullyan Pacnullrd and his nullfe
nullnullof nullindhamnulldied March null nullerry of nullrrynullsiblingsnullnullucnullHallnullnulleff Hallnull
• Short/Long Term Disability
nullnullnullafter a short illness. nullcnully Huddleston and nulloan Hallnullall of nullegonnulla
• Voluntary Products
nullarlotte nullas born and grandsonnullnullllas Mcnullathnulla brother-in-lanullnullnullames
educated in nullegonnullthe Pacnullrd and his nullfe nullendy of Merrimacnull sisters-
• Property & Liability daughter of the late Mary nullane in-lanullnullnullenda and her husband nulleffrey nullMarie
• Business Auto & Fleet Coverage
nullessnulland Melnulln Hall. She of nullconianullnullthy and her husband nullchard
linulled in nullindham for finulle years nullareing of nulltchfieldnullnullbbie and her husband
• Worker's Compensation
and had prenullously linulled Salem. nulln nullells of Salemnulland Elinullbeth nullannullppenolle
• Commercial Umbrella
nullarlotte nullas a collector nullth of nullnullencenullMnull dear friendsnullPam and nullcnull
nullicnullr and nullsociates in nulldonullernullMnull She had nullssell of Salemnulland senulleral auntsnullunclesnullnieces
• Homeowner
prenullously nullornulld for nullisy nulleaners and the and nephenull.
State nullnullor Store. nullneral sernullces and burial nullll be in nullegon.
• Automobile
nullarlotte lonulled spending time nullth her family nullnations may be made in her sister nulloan’s
• Umbrella Coverage
and she enjoyed entertaining. memory to the nulltional nullnter for Missing and
Her brothernullnullrannullHallnullpredeceased her. Exploited nullildrennullnullnullPrince St.nullnullexandrianullnullnull
• Mobile Home She is surnullnulled by her husbandnullnullohn nullacnull nullnullnullnullnull.
• Boat/RV/Snomobile/ATV
Pacnullrd of nullindhamnullsonsnullnullniel Mcnullath and nullrangements nullre under the care of the
his nullfe Merindanulland nulldrenullMcnullath and his nulluglas and nullohnson nullneral Homenullnullnull
• Motorcycle
companion nullacnulleline Mcnullightnullall of Pe Ellnull Main StreetnullSalem. nullor online condolencesnull
nullnull and nullohn nullmase of nullappanullnullnullstepsonsnull please nullenullthe obituary at
Santo Insurance Agency is an organization of customer-driven professionals,
nullristopher Pacnullrd of ManchesternullnullrenullPacnullrd
committed to bringing security, comfort and peace of mind to each customer
through well-conceived insurance solutions.
Panull null nullanullt
Paul null nullaustnullnullnullof Salemnull Michelle of HanullerhillnullMnull nullyan nullaust and his
Highly recognized and well regarded throughout New England as a leading
died March null nullnullnullat Holy nullfe nulloanne of nullshuanulland nullegory nullaust and his
provider of integrated insurance services, Santo offers a complete line of nullamily Hospital in Methuennull nullfe nullennifer of nullymondnulldaughternullnullista and her
personal and commercial products and services.
Mnull husband nullohn nullte of nullnullencenullbrothernullnullbert
Paul grenullup in nullnullencenull nullaustnullnull.nulland his nullfe nullncy of nullindhamnullsisters-
Mnull the son of the late nullth in-lanullnullnullthy and her husband Stenulle nullherty of
Licensed in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut, nullecottenulland nullbert nullaust. MaynardnullMnull and Sheri and her husband nullll
they are one of New England’s fastest growing agencies, serving the communi-
He linulled in Salem for null years. nullstian of nullest nullxburynullMnull eight grandchildrennull
Paul nullornulld for Solo nullp nullohn null.nullSamanthanullnullmberlynullnullchaelnullMinullailanull
ties in and around Windham, NH; Manchester, NH; Londonderry, NH; Raymond,
in nullrth nulldonullernullMnull and prenullously nullornulld for nulltherinenullMatthenulland nullrinanulland senulleral
NH; Portsmouth, NH; and Portland, Maine. nullnobie nullnull Parnullin Salem and nullang nullbs in niecesnullnephenull and cousins.
TenullsburynullMnull He nullas a member of St. Patricnull nullfuneral sernullce nullas held March null at the
James A. Santo, Agent
nullurch in nullnullence. nulluglas and nullohnson nullneral Home in Salem.
Paul enjoyed bonulling and playing poolnull Memorial contributions may be made to the
224 Main Street, Suite 2A, Salem NH
camping and fishing. He lonulled spending time nullerican nullncer Societynullnullnullmmerce null.nullSuite
nullth his grandchildren especially geocaching and nullnull nulldfordnull null nullnullnull
lonulled hanullng coonulluts nullth his family and friends. nullor online condolencesnullplease nullenullthe
He is surnullnulled by his nullfenullnullnda nullmartnullnullaust obituary at
Fax: 603-890-6521 of Salemnullsonsnullnullnulld Maginnis and his nullfe

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