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Pelham - Windham News
10 - March 12, 2010
Colnullnulls nullntalnullnullinnullnullonulle and nullyond nullonull nullnulll nullntistnull
Abonulle, bacnullrownullSusan Stone, Jenninullr Marr, Heidi nullsnullland, nullracey nullearin, Pamela nullite, Stacie Sullinullan, null. Joseph
Columbus, null. nullori nullng Columbus. nullront rownullHeather nullampino, nullobin Metinuller, nullami Cocciardi
y null
nulls. Joseph and nullori Columbus show null images that are used to design treatments nullr enullen the most complex implant case
nullnullnullJenninullr Marr, nullami Cocciardi, Susan Stone, and Stacie Sullinullan.
All onullour hygienists are licensed to ginulle local anesthesia to manull cleanings more comnullrtable
nulllcoming practicenullshe nullas nullarmly greeted high-tech dentistry and the constant pursuit of
by assistant nullbin and escorted to the treatment education come into play. null. nulloe has completed
area. nullearful and embarrassed that she had let adnullanced training specifically for the general
her mouth deteriorate to such an anullul statenullnull. dentists placing and restoring dental implants.
nulloe toonullthe time to listennullreally listennullto her past He is nonullusing the nenullnull nullne nullam
history and present concerns. He explained about technology for more precise treatment planning
the many nenulland exciting options anullailable to and implant placement nullthin the janullonesnull
replace missing or infected teeth. nulltter stillnullall pronullding exceptional patient care. Soonnullthis
procedures that she needed nullxtractionsnullbone null technology nullll be linnulld to the nullrec nullnullnull
graftingnulland immediate implant and denture nullnullnullto pronullde enullen more incredible options for
placementnullcould be completed connulleniently in patients and their implant needs.
one office. She nullould not need referrals to other . nullri nulllumbus has also been busy tanullng null
clinics and nullould not hanulle to repeat her story continuing educationnullaimed at pronullding more
and again experience the fear. nullryn and Tracey affordable and more connullenient orthodontic
explained her dental benefits and the financing care. Early orthodontic null.e. headgearnullretainersnull
options offered by nullre nulledit. Soonnullnullta nullas internullention can address early cronulling problemsnull
smiling againnullpain- and infection-freenullnullth her nullhich can manull future braces nullicnullr and easier.
nenullimplant-supported denture. She loonull and nullnnullentional braces are also nonullanullailable at
feels linull a nenullperson. nulllumbus nullntal nullrenullas nullll as nullnullsalignnullTeen
This story is not unfamiliar to the staff at nullsalignnulland nullear nullrrect innull nullsible braces to
nulllumbus nullntal nullre. Since opening their meet our patients’ indinulldual needs.
doors in May nullnullnullnullctors nullri and nulloseph nullother benefit being offered to the sports
nulllumbus hanulle seen hundred of patientsnullall enthusiast is the nullder nullmour Mouthguard. nullust
nullth nullery different concerns. To better address released this yearnullthis nenullsports guard has been
their patients’ indinulldual needsnullboth doctors shonull to impronulle athletic performance. Patients
Abonullenullnullobin Metinuller and Heidi nullsnullland. nullot picturednullnullebecca Marnullis, assistant.
hanulle completed hundreds of hours of continuing using this nenulltechnology hanulle reported that they
nullur assistants hanulle been trained in CAnullCAM design and procedures, simplinulling the process onullthe onenullisit crown
education courses to be able to pronullde incredible are much less nullnded and hanulle increased stamina
nullta null had put off the call for years. nullinallynull nullas obnullousnullenullen to her. She called nulllumbus
state-of-the-art dental care. The office itself has and energy.
she got the courage to manull the decision that nullntal nullre and sponull to Heathernullnullho both
incorporated just about enullery nenulltechnologynull null coursenullnulllumbus nullntal nullre still offers the
nullould change her life forenuller. nullta nullas terrified allayed her fears and made it connullenient for
linull digital nullraysnulllasers for teeth and gumsnullnull connullenience of same-day cronulls using the nullrec
of going to the dentist and had neglected her teeth her to see null. nulloe nulllumbus to discuss her
janullscansnulland nullnull imaging.nullnull technology. nullrecnullfor nullramic nullconstructionnull
and gums to the point that a serious infection dental concerns. null arrinullng to the modernnullyet
nullplant nullntistry is one example of nullhere uses nullnull tecnullnull hnology to create a custom-fit
fillingnullcronullnullor nulleneer. null image is tanulln of
your tooth and used to create a three-dimensional
nullrtual model. nullrestoration is then designed and
Using the latest dental technology for your comfort!
milled in as little as null minutesnulland then inserted
the same day. This means that for most cronullsnull
there is only one appointmentnullless nullnullocainnull
no temporary cronullnulland no goopy impression
How do your dentures feel?
material. Soonnullthe technology and materials nullll
be anullailable for multiple teeth needed in bridge
Many adults are looking for relief from shifting,
ill fitting, or loose dentures. There
There are many issues facing families in today’s
financial climate. Prenullentatinulle dentistry is nonull
are alternatives. Call and ask about more important than enullernull nullgular nullsits can spot
our Denture Implants .
little problems before they become costly and
There are many options available
time-consuming. Tanull care of your teethnulland you
nullll sanulle time and money in the long run.
for a better fit, customized
The staff at nulllumbus nullntal nullre truly cares
to your personal situation.
about you and the community as nullll. They
hanulle sponsored many local sports teams in both
Please call our office to Hudson and nullshua. null. nullri has a strong
schedule an implant consultation
connection nullth Home Health and Hospice
because of the help ginullen to her family in their
with Dr. Joseph Columbus
time of need. She feels that sponsoring this
organinulltion is nulltal for the community at large.
High Tech Dentistry
Dr. Dori Columbus is now accepting patients The staff has rallied to raise money for breast
cancer research and participates annually in nullalnull
at It’s Best!
for phase I (early treatment) and phase II
orthodontics. We also offer the clear
nullor nullnullre. null. nullri nulllumbus is a breast-cancer
• Laser Tooth Preparation
• One Visit Crowns
alternative to braces, Invisalign where your nullctors nulloe and nullri nulllumbus met at
• Digital X-Rays
new smile is created with the most innovative
nullinullersity of Maryland School of nullntal Surgery
and hanulle been happily married for almost null
• New 3D Digital
technology –
years. They hanulle three childrennullges nullnullnullnulland
Panoramic X-Ray
a series of clear
null They began nullornullng together in nullncasternullPnull
but in nullnullnulldecided to monulle closer to family in
Little Extras:
aligners that are
• DVD/CD Players in Treatment Rooms
custom-fit to
nulllumbus nullntal nullre in Hudson first opened
• Headphones • Refreshments your teeth. its doors in May nullnull and has gronull incredibly
• Outside Financing Information Avail. fastnulllargely due to the hundreds of referrals from
• Courtesy Insurance Processing

all now for patients nullho hanulle receinulled care beyond their
expectations. They nonullhanulle a dedicated team
Dr. Joseph V. Columbus
your orthodontic
Combined O
of null nullll-trained staff members that are as nullarm
Dr. Dori Lang Columbus
30 Y
ears of Experienc
and nulllcoming as the beautiful office itself.
nullite simplynullnulllumbus nullntal nullre is a
pleasant place to be. The staff nullould linull to innullte
you to call the office or nullsit their nullebsite at
null null. nulloseph nulllumbus saysnullnull am excited
DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF DENTAL CARING about all the nenulltechnology and options that
e ac
people nonullhanulle to fix their teeth. nullnullant people
edit as
to nullonullthat they really can get the high-nullalitynull
a payment
comfortable dental care they nullant.null
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