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Volume 7 Number 35 March 12, 2010 16 Pages
Have You Ever Seen
Town Elections
Pelham Town Elections
a Boxasaurus?
Town Elections
nullindham Town Elections
Selectmen - Three-year term
Selectman - Three-year term
nullbert Hanullerty 3098
nulluce nulleton 11null
Harold nullalnullnullynde 2921
Margaret nullisler nullnull
Town Moderator
Moderator - Two-year term
Philip null nullrrier 3588
Peter nulliffin 18null
Town Clerk/TanullCollector - Three-year
Trnulltee onullCemetery - Three year term
nullendi nullnullin 1809
nullrothy Marsden 3null2
Trnulltee onullthe nullnullary - Three-year term
nulldnullt Committee - Three-year term
Marylee nullderhill 1558
nullenneth nullnne 2null0
nullrman nullutillette 1251
nullegory nullarris 288null
Planninnullnullard - Three-year term
nullence null Hallnull 2833
nullth-Ellen Post 12null
Cemetery Trnulltee
nullisti St. nullurent 13null
nullalter null nullosinull Sr. 3535
nullalter nullolodnullej nullnull
arnullnull y Trnulltee - Three year term
Mrs. Henderson’s class with their boxasaurus nullninnullnullard onullnullnullstment - Three-year
nullane M. nullubb 3099
nullborah nullunulll 2958
by Anne Pacheco Heath Partington 998
Planninnullnullard - Three-year term
Mrs. Henderson’s
nullames Tierney nullnull
first-grade class at
Patricnullnulllbert 2null8
Pelham Elementary nullohn nullosso nullnull
Peter null Mcnullmara 29null
School brought in large
boxes for a boxasaurus
Elinullbeth nullnn 139null
Town nullarrant nullticles nulles null
project. This goes along Town nullarrant nullticles nulles null
nullticle 2null
nullth their studies of
nullticle null
dinosaurs. The children
Small nullind Energy Systems 3null9 nullnull
built this and conullered it
Salt Shednullighnullay nullrage 133null nullnull
nullticle 3null
nullth construction paper
nullticle null
Protect nullality of nullound nullater 3551 nullnull
shapes. nullxasaurus nullas
on display for nullmmunity
Property Maintenance Trust 12null nullnull
nullticle null nullghtnullnullhich nullas held
nullticle null
nullire Station 2538 nullnull
March null along nullth each
child’s dinosaur project.
Police nullion nullntract 1550 nullnull
nullticle 5null
Joshua Surprenant and Candace Pacheco putting the tongue
nullticle null
nullerating nulldget 2nullnull nullnull
in the boxasaurus’ mouth
Municipal nullion contract 151null nullnull
nullticle null
nullticle null
nullllectinulle nullrgaining nullreement -
Windham’s Daddy
Searles Special nullnullenuenullarnullting null
Professional nullire nullighters of Pelham 25null nullnull
Maintenance 1null5 nullnull
nullticle null
Daughter Dance
nullticle null
nullllectinulle nullrgaining nullreement - Pelham
Searles Special nullnullenuenullrincipal nullnullterest 185null nullnull
Policenullnullire nullSupernullsors nullsociation nullnull 2858
nulliticle nullnull
nullticle 8null
Creates Memories for Life
nullnsernullation nullmmission 1null9 nullnull
nullgrading Tonull nullads 39null nullnull
nullticle nullnull
nullticle 9null
by Doug Robinson
Permit nullbrary to nulltain nulll nullcome
School nullsource nullficer nullnull 2303
nullddies and
nullnerated nullnds 20null nullnull
nullticle 10null
daughters shared the
enullening togethernull
nullticle nullnull
Senior nullnter Extension 258null nullnull
holding handsnullhuggingnull Modify Elderly Exemption nullnullirements 193null nullnull
nullticle 11null
laughingnulleating pinullanull
dancingnulland creating
nullticle nullnull
nullorest Maintenance nullnd 2999 nullnull
memories. Thannull Petitionnulliscontinue nullyman nullad 185null nullnull
nullticle 12null
to the nullindham
nullcreation nullpartmentnull
nullticle nullnull
nullarter nullmmission nullnull 258null
another dream date
Petitionnullesolution renullnullfinition of
nullticle 13null
full of memories nullas
Marriage 1null8 nullnull
created for the sold-out
nullote on nullendment to null nullnstitution nullticle nullnull
cronull of nullnulldaddies
that nullfines nullarriagenullnully Petitionnull 2nullnull nullnull
and daughters.
nullerating nulldget 2008 nullnull
Pelham School nullstrict nullessed in beautiful
nulloing doublenulluty with twin daughters nullilly and nullsabelle, nullch
nullindham School nullstrict nulles null
dresses of redsnullnullhitesnull
nullloughlin tanulls the time to create a memory nullr linull
School nullard - Three year term
yellonullnulland bluesnullthe
by hanullng their picture tanulln
School nullard - Three-year term
Madeline nulladdienullnullrrier nullnull
young ladies nullalnulld
nulluce nullderson 13null
arm-in-arm nullth their nulliff nullanullereau. nullather to nullahnullnulliff
nulldrenullnullndynullnullcharme 2nullnull
dads into the beautiful reception area of commented that he got the opportunity
nullrbara nullish nullnull
nullb Hardy 2null8
the nullstleton nullnnullet and nullnference to attend this year’s nullddy nullughter
School nullard - nulle year term
nullnter. nullne local nullrist sold onuller nullnull nullnce due to a cancellation. nulleah is
nullarrant nullticles nulles null
corsages for this nightnullnullcommented my pride and my joy. nulllonulle nullahnulland
nullnnis Senibaldi nullnull
nullticle 2null
nulleryl Haasnullenullent organinullr and it is great to spend this enullening nullth
Michelle nullarrell 10null
nullindham nullcreation nullrector. her.null
nullnd for nullnullPHS 2null0 nullnull
nullor the past finulle yearsnullnullindham’s Sheldon Pierce and his daughternull nullchard nullorde nullnull
nullticle 3null
nullcreation nullpartment has hosted the nullyssanullnullnullarrinulled at the nullddy
nullddy-nullughter nullncenullnullhich has nullughter nullnce by nullnahan nullmousine.
School nullstrict nullticles
nullnullPHS nullilding 2null1 nullnull
continued to get bigger and bigger e entered a rnull afnull nullhen null
nullticle 2null
nullticle null enullery year. The menu for the daddies purchased ticnullts for tonightnulland null
Engineer nullees 1253 nullnull
Memorial nullnonullation 2393 nullnull
and daughters at nullstleton included nullon the rafnullnullnullstated Sheldon. nullyssa
pinullanullchicnulln fingersnullchipsnullcoonullesnull commentednullnullhis is my first limo ridenull nullticle 3null
nullticle 5null
and drinnull. nullund tables draped nullth and it nullas fun.null
nullpital nullsernulle nullnd nullnull 12null
nullerating nulldget 31null nullnull
nullhite linen tablecloths nullth balloons nulluce nulletonnullTonull of nullindham
for centerpieces surrounded the large Selectmannullstatednullnullhis is a most nullticle null
nullticle null
dance nullor. anullsome enullent in tonull. null gets bigger
nullstructional nullsistant nullntract 1310 nullnull
nulln-nullion Salary nullcrease-nullmin. 2359 nullnull
null tried to come last yearnullbut this and bigger enullery year.null
enullent nullas sold outnullnullcommented
nullticle 5null
See more election results on page null
nullerating nulldget nullnull 132null
Sheldon Pierce and his daughter Alyssa, 11,
Clinulland nullah nullanullereau tanull time
arrinulled at the nulladdy nullaughter nullance by nullinahan
out nullom their busy night to ennully each
A new nulloter registers in Pelham on March null
other’s company during their nullst nulladdy
nulleaching the next generation the nullalue onullnulloting in nullindham
nullaughter nullance
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